365 DNI (2020) Review – Netflix’s Response to Fifty Shades of Grey


“I’m gonna f— you so hard they’ll hear you scream in Warsaw.” and this is why we don’t doubt that any and every Fan of the literature of E.L James is definitely in for the treat of their lives and We’ve never said this before but we swear that this is true cause you shall find your inner Goddesses doing the Mazurka for Barbara Bialowąs and Tomasz Mandes who have created this one of a kind beautifully erotic thriller, 365 DNI that wonderfully manages to romanticize a movie that is fully packed up with steamy scenes and BDSM to such an extent that it even gives the kinky classic 50 Shades a solid run for its money.

Even though the similarities between these two films are quite a few, such as – Just like the “50 Shades” franchise 365 DNI too is based on a book trilogy by the Polish author Blanka Lipinska – So yes for those of us who require a google translate for every word of the source material let us just agree to not compare the two and just move on!

While 365 DNI was also unable to perform the way it should have when it released in early 2020 until our dear Netflix made it available to us on the 7th of June 2020 and the next thing we know that this Polish version of 50 Shades of Grey began to officially trend globally as the Netflix softcore porn film that has its audience busy bingeing on every seductively romantic scene of this Polish, Italian and slightly English film.

As the story travels ahead, the audience also gets well involved in Laura(Anna-Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo`s(Michele Morrone) love journey that begins with our handsome Mafia gangster catching a glimpse of Laura on a beach and then Massimo being the true lover of obsession that he is – spends years searching the world for her thus displaying how love, at first sight, can go to unimagined levels.

When he finally finds her because once again he spots her but this time at the airport of Sicily where she has landed because she decides to come on a vacation with her very lovable bestie and boorish boyfriend to celebrate her birthday where she is gifted with the

“Are You Lost, Baby Girl?” catchphrase as well as a kidnap by Massimo who then locks her away in his massive mansion and then offers her 365 Days to fall in love with him, after which it is all about lots of lustful looks and touches that eventually leads to all-out sex before which let’s not forget to mention that scene in which Massimo tries to seduce Laura into giving her heart to him by chaining this Beauty to a bed while a very sexy side actress comes in gives our dear Beast a very vigorous oral and happily walks out after she’s done with that job! – All this and a lot more is fantastically portrayed in each and every scene thanks to the unbreakable bond, intense acting, and mouth-watering chemistry between the two lead actors that were so rightly chosen by Barbara Bialowąs who happens to be the Wonder Woman who directed this addictive weekend watcher.

Bialowąs and her creative crew gang make sure that No genitals are shown, it doesn’t stop them from offering up a buffet of graphic sex scenes with bared breasts, taut bottoms, and a number of positions from the Kama Sutra and many other sexual how-tos, all of which seriously takes an entirely talented bunch of crew members who are obviously massively skilled to be able to create this kind of a wonderful film which clearly excites the audience’s emotions to levels that they would have definitely never felt before!

While all that excitement definitely gives you quite a lot to enjoy here, let us not forget to also highlight the fact that there are a few murders that are thrown in on the side, and the language usage includes words like “fuck,” “shit,” “ass,” “dick,” “piss,” “hell,” “damn” and yes the characters are shown to be excessively smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol – therefore also tagging this captivating, must-watch movie as an Explicit, Intense and definitely 18+ Adult Thriller!

Another reason why Netflix audiences are giving 365 DNI the love it deserves is due to its outstanding appeal which isn’t just about the usual romance or the all-out BDSM but also because of these eye-catching pointers such as :

  • How the film is spread across some really great locations.

  • The use of amazing music.

  • All that strong acting by the entire cast.

These are some sole reasons which are definitely why we’re being so pushy to give it a good one time watch for these are sufficient factors to support our push cause yes, it’s titled as 365 Days but all it takes is our dearest Laura aka actress Anna-Maria two months or so to fall in love with the ever so loving Mafia man Massimo, played by that delicious actor Michele Morone…. And just two hours for us to fall for the perfect pair of performers.

Written bySiddhi C.Shekhar

365 DNI is streaming on Netflix.

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