‘Arlo the Alligator Boy’ Review – Embrace The Weirdness!

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Arlo the Alligator Boy, directed by Ryan Crego, is an animated musical feature portraying the journey of human-alligator hybrid Arlo who goes to New York City to find his long-lost father from the swamp where he grew up. 

Arlo, an alligator-human hybrid, was abandoned by his family while he was very young and was found by a lady, Edmee who lives in a swamp. Growing up, Arlo always dreamt of going beyond his home where humans live. 

Soon he finds out that he is actually from New York City, and was left behind by his father, Ansel Beauregard. Arlo sets off on a quest to find his father in New York, getting into trouble along the way and making lots of friends along the journey. He was first saved by a gentle, giant girl Bertie from a pair of kidnappers. He then befriends a gang of misfits, a part human, part rodent Italian Teeny Tiny Tony, an uptight pink hairball Furlecia, a tiger-girl Alia, and a walking, talking fish Marcellus. 

The group set out to find Arlo’s father and safely drop him at his house. But will his father accept him after all these years? 

The highlight of the movie, Arlo the Alligator Boy, is its songs. The music is given by Alex Geringas and it perfectly highlights the feelings of each of the characters. The setting and visuals align with the warm, magical songs. 

The movie is backed by a great star cast. Arlo is played by Michael J. Woodard, a finalist of American Idol, and has done an excellent job in bringing out the innocence and true soul of Arlo. Bertie is played by Mary Lambert giving a commendable performance. Other supporting casts include Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Jennifer Coolidge, Haley Tju, Jonathan Van Ness, Brett Gelman.

The message that Arlo the Alligator Boy conveys through its characters, who are a bunch of misfits in a world of humans, is being true to ourselves and embracing all the different elements that we have. The movie will be succeeded by a Netflix Series I Love Arlo, giving us a detailed journey of Arlo. 

Arlo the Alligator Boy is streaming on Netflix.

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