Artemis In ‘Through My Window: Looking At You,’ Explained: Is He a Good Person? 


One of the more complicated plotlines in the popular Spanish-language film series Through My Window was that of Artemis. It’s a classic first-born-rich-boy story where he’s got to take responsibility for the family, but he also wants to follow his own heart. I haven’t read the books that these films are based on, but after a little bit of research, I’ve learned that the films combine the three Hidalgo brothers’ stories and mainly focus on Raquel and Ares’ tale. Artemis is the oldest of the lot; of course, we’re going to ignore him the most. He’s only made interesting by his love interest, in all honesty. Claudia is the housekeeper. She grew up with the Hidalgos as the daughter of the housekeeper. As adults, Artemis and Claudia ended up falling for each other. Their secret relationship is not really that secret with the brothers; however, the parents probably don’t know about it. Artemis thinks he’s doing Claudia a favor by keeping it secret, but in reality, he’s making a terrible decision for the both of them. We don’t really see much of them in the first film; however, in Through My Window: Looking At You, we catch a glimpse of the complications in their relationship. 

When Claudia tells Artemis that she can’t stay secret anymore, he decides to share the news with his brothers and friends first, but that’s when their parents arrive, and immediately Artemis shuts off. I understand the parental trauma (being the oldest is hard; don’t come at me). He’s got fear written all over his face. But an opportunity does present itself in that moment. The dad tells Artemis that it was smart of him to bring the house help along on vacation. This is when Artemis could’ve told them that she isn’t there to help; she’s there as his girlfriend. Claudia is really hurt by Artemis’ stoic reaction. To make things worse, he thinks being mean to her and expecting her to work for him will help in this situation. Despite being the oldest, I’d say Artemis might be the most immature Hidalgo. He sees Claudia partying out with someone else, showing off her singing talent to strangers, which makes him act like a total piece of trash. Then, when his mother tells Claudia not to keep her natural ginger hair because they can’t both be ginger, Claudia refuses to do it because she’s natural, whereas Artemis’ mother dyes her hair. Artemis immediately fires her for acting out, despite the problem being his mother, who tells Claudia that the reason for this is so she doesn’t look like she’s part of the family. 

In Looking At You, it seems Artemis finally realizes he has to put himself first. At the end of the second film, he promises to do better and be a better boyfriend to Claudia. However, this doesn’t include looking out for her in front of his family. It seems that even though Claudia is pregnant with Artemis’ child, his parents are completely against their relationship. So much so that they insult Claudia in front of their business partners too. Claudia endures, though, because she trusts in Artemis. However, when he goes and buys a new flat for their family without discussing it with her, she feels completely let down. Artemis does something stupid again. Claudia takes it as an insult to her parenting skills. This could mean a few things. He’s embarrassed to have Claudia live with his family and doesn’t want to defend her. He doesn’t want her and the child to live with her own family because he doesn’t like their living conditions. Or that he simply wants to provide for his own family and be a “good dad.” I think Artemis just doesn’t know any better. Like I said, he’s quite immature and probably thinks Claudia would be over the moon when he got them a new flat in a rich neighborhood, making them feel all rich, but all she wants is the warmth of family, which Artemis lacks. 

After this fight, Claudia doesn’t return from her family home, and Artemis gets a call from her mother during an important New Year’s Eve dinner with Vera’s family. Fortunately, this is when Artemis finally grows up, stands up to his dad, telling his father that he hopes to be a better parent than he ever was, and leaves (he totally deserved that). Artemis was always so worried about making his family proud that he never realized that they were not worth the effort. When Artemis reaches the hospital, he’s stunned to see all of Claudia’s family there, whereas he’s all alone. This is when it strikes him that he was never worth anything to his family. Just an heir to carry the family name. When he hugs Claudia’s mother, he feels the warmth of family. He finally lets go of all of the pent-up emotion. 

Despite his father being furious with him, Artemis stays at the hospital and then informs Ares that his goddaughter Hera has been born and Claudia is a fighter. Immediately, we see Artemis coming into his own and being a better father than his own, despite being taught that marriage is a lie and business is the most important (oops). In the end, Artemis may have lived up to the family name and taken over as president of the company because he proved that he was a better person than his father and could do both things well. We know that Vera’s family did ultimately sign a deal with the Hidalgos, so everyone would’ve been happy. We also see Artemis’ mother finally treat Claudia right and give her a present (at least some of them learn). So, to answer my question, I suppose Artemis was never bad; he was simply ignorant and a little bit stupid. At least he learned to be a decent person by the end of the films and became the family man he dreamed of being. 

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Ruchika Bhat
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