Will There Be A Season 3 Of ‘Arthdal Chronicles’? What Can We Expect Next?


Arthdal Chronicles has not yet been renewed for season 3, and unlike season 1, season 2 doesn’t make it obvious that there will be a continuation of the story. First of all, this is a time-consuming series to make, so we are not sure that we want to wait years and years for a third season, the way we waited for a second one. Additionally, Tagon is dead, and the prophecy has been fulfilled, so there isn’t much to expect from season 3. If it does happen, it cannot be 12 or 10 episodes long, and it will be more prudent to have only 6-7 episodes in its runtime, where they show Saya and Taelha’s arcs resolved. Also, it would be in very bad taste if the actors were changed again. We are not saying that will happen, but if there’s even a possibility of it, we don’t want it. Lee Joon Gi was surprisingly easy to accept as Saya and Eunseom, but we don’t think we can take that leap of faith with anybody else. Either way, there are still things we want to know about the story.

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What Is Saya Going To Do?

Our last glimpse of Saya was on the ship around the time Tanya woke up from her coma, which was a year after the war. We are assuming that Saya knows that she is alive. Saya is connected to Eumseom, and there is no way he wouldn’t have probed his memories to see what is happening with Tanya in Arthdal and whether she is indeed dead or alive. Saya is simply not the type to accept defeat lying down, and if he were whisked away on the ship, he would have manipulated his way back to Arthdal if he wanted to. Till the last minute, he does not stop loving Tanya, but he tells Neanthal that Tanya is dead, even though the former asks him not to jump to the conclusion so easily. The Neanthal says something about Saya resenting him at the beginning, and we absolutely don’t believe that it is time that has eased Saya’s feelings. Something else has happened. Perhaps he now knows that since Eunseom is back in the picture, Tanya will never be his. Saya had never believed in the picture of Arthdal that Tanya kept fighting for. He was only with her because he wanted her. His other ambition was Arthdal, because it was his way of justifying the years he had spent feeling lonely and inadequate.

Now that Tanya was out of the question, and we don’t think he got any friendship or affection from the Neathals, his sights are set on Arthdal. But all that may change. Saya is the embodiment of setting a village on fire since it doesn’t show him any warmth. He is not the villain, and neither is he an anti-hero. He has not always made noble choices, but he certainly deserves love and peace. Maybe he will find that as part of the Ikomahis. We have no idea what the quest is about or what the Neanthals want from him. They want to take over Arthdal for themselves, and under Saya’s current ambition, it might all align with each other. But there just might be something more. Perhaps, since Igutus have been accepted in Arthdal, there is a way for Neanthals to also gain that acceptance. That would make any war redundant, and only Saya can convince them of that if he himself falls in love and has something new to fight for.

We have said it once or twice before that we would like to see Saya fall in love and be successful with it. While it is a thing that she should love herself and not constantly seek external validation, it doesn’t hurt to have a partner around, especially when you are someone who people have always had trouble even liking. Let Saya have some peace, and goodness will follow. That is all we want from him. A reunion won’t hurt, but happiness for Saya should be the priority of Arthdal Chronicles season 3.

Will Taelha Try To Conquer Arthdal?

Taelha is one of the strongest characters in Arthdal Chronicles. She has always been one step ahead of everyone, and if she wants something, she gets it. Taelha believes that to survive in the world, one needs power, and that is the driving force of her character. When we see her last in the show, many years have passed, and she is building her own kingdom. We don’t see Arok going to war with her, and that cannot be because he is not good at fighting. Either Taelha is concerned for his safety, or she is in some place where Igutus are still regarded with suspicion, so she is protecting him. Either way, it seems awkward that Taelha is the writer of Arthdal Chronicles since stories are written by victors, and it usually favors them. Taelha wouldn’t want to write a story where she has lost, unless it is not the end.

Since Taelha wants to attack Arthdal at some point in the future and Saya is also working towards that, maybe these two will form an uneasy alliance. Or they might once again face each other in battle because they have to eliminate each other even if they form temporary partnerships. Additionally, Arok had displayed the qualities of a leader even as a child. Would he be on the side of good, or would he share his parents’ ideologies in Arthdal Chronicles season 3? He may prove to be the most interesting character of them all, and we are curious as to how that turns out.

How Are Eunseom And Tanya Doing?

The king may change overnight, but governance is not likely to. Eunseom and Tanya have taken over the reins of Arthdal, but the road they have chosen to walk is long and hard. Since Arthdal Chronicles season 3 will be set in the future, they may have brought some delicate stability to the kingdom, which is at risk of ruin if Saya and Taelha get to do whatever they are planning. We wouldn’t be surprised if Eunseom and Tanya also have children and Saya is an uncle. Maybe the child would be the apple of his uncle’s eye and the factor that would convince him to not annihilate Arthdal. Season 3 has a lot to offer, and we hope to get news on that soon.

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