‘At The Moment’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Leaked Li-wan’s Video?


The final episode of At the Moment made us privy to a woman who was headstrong in her approach and who wanted to live her life her own way. People made rumors about her since she must have been over 40 years of age and still single, but she was fine with that. Gossip-mongers didn’t affect her mental state, as she knew that she was better than them in every respect. She knew what she wanted in life, and she was not ready to compromise on it. So, let’s find out what happened in At the Moment episode 10.

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Why did Li-wan want Pi-na on the reality show?

Li-wan was the producer of the reality show New Tenants, and she wanted to bring about some fundamental changes in how things were done. But Mr. Pan Shih-hung, the executive producer, was against it, and he believed that the TRP of the show would go down if they changed anything. A contestant named Pi-na revealed on the show that she had divorced her husband recently and was a single woman. Generally, the show had young people below 25 years of age who were unmarried, and that is why Mr. Pan was of the opinion that they would edit the part where Pi-na reveals her marital status. But Li-wan was adamant about keeping that bit in the episode, and she told Mr. Pan upfront that she was not to compromise with her vision; as for her, it was important that the real stories of the contestants come out. She wanted her audience to know that the world wasn’t perfect and that the lives of the contestants in the show weren’t either. Mr. Pan realized that he would have to agree with his colleague, as she was too stubborn to change her mind. Mr. Pan and Li-wan had dated each other back in the day, but things hadn’t worked out between them the way they wanted. Li-wan was a charming lady, and Mr. Pan wanted to once again give their relationship a shot. He felt that this time, they would be able to make it work, but he didn’t have the courage to approach the fierce lady, and he was waiting for the right opportunity to make the move.

Meanwhile, in At the Moment episode 10, another controversy arrived when a picture of Li-wan and the contestant Pi-na leaked. In the picture, they were sitting together, and on social media, people started saying that the show was scripted. In fact, Pi-na also went and gave an interview where she said that it was Li-wan who had told her to act in a particular manner. In reality, the show was scripted, but Li-wan also took the defense that the script was created, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the contestants. Li-wan was pushing Pi-na to express her feelings to Eric, and the former knew about the views she had during the auditions. Pi-na had explicitly told the producers that she liked Eric, but as soon as the show began, she took a step back as she got to know that another girl was interested in him. Pi-na didn’t want the audience to perceive her as a home wrecker, and that is why she was very cautious about her approach to the show.

What happened between Li-wan and Wang?

Wang-ko-chieh was Li-wang’s assistant, and he dreamt of having his own show one day. Wang’s behavior toward his boss made it evident to anybody who observed him that he had a crush on her. He took care of her and often went beyond his scope of work to do things that pleased her. He dropped her off and made sure that she had her meals on time. One night, Li-wan was in her office, and Wang arrived there out of nowhere. Both of them had a feeling of what was about to happen, but they had been in denial for the longest time. Wang made an advance, and Li-wan gave in finally, and not even in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that the anti-harassment cell would get to know about it. Somebody had sent the CCTV camera footage of them sharing an intimate moment, and without even hearing both parties, the harassment cell came to the conclusion that Li-wan had harassed Wang as she was firstly in a higher position and secondly older than him too. In At the Moment episode 10, she got to know how spineless Wang was since he didn’t tell the anti-harassment cell the reality, and his silence made them believe that they were right in presuming that Li-wan had, in fact, abused him. Li-wan was disappointed in Wang because she had actually started liking him. Wang did realize his mistake after Li-wan stomped inside the room, where he was being interrogated about the incident. Li-wan asked him in front of everybody if he liked her, and Wang just didn’t know what to say. Wang came running after her, but Li-wan decided that it was too late to reconcile, and she left him.

Who leaked Li-wan’s video?

Li-wan and Wang both resigned from the company as they didn’t want to work at the place where they had been involved in such a scandal. Even Wang felt guilty for not standing up to the occasion and leaving Li-wan stranded, but he knew that he couldn’t mend his relationship as the blunder had already been done. Li-wan met Mr. Pan, and she gave him the news that she was going to open a production house of her own. The most shocking revelation came at the end of At the Moment episode 10, when Mr. Pan Shih-hung told Li-wan that it was he who had sent that video to the anti-harassment cell. Mr. Pan felt that Li-wan would react violently, but the woman wasn’t affected by it at all. The tragedy had made her come to the realization that, in life, one needed to accept their failures and successes. She knew that such heartbreaks were part and parcel of life and that nobody could exercise control over things that were bound to happen. Later, we saw Li-wan giving an interview to Hsin-Ian, the TV anchor we saw in At the Moment episode 9, who had decided to resign from her job and live her lie with her partner Chih-chieh. Hsin-Ian had opened her own podcast channel, and she interviewed people like Li-wan who were on this path of self-discovery and were trying to cope with life in general.

All the characters in At the Moment got acquainted with their own reality; for some, their delusions were broken, some got love, and some realized that it was probable that it was better for them to part ways. But most of all, no matter the circumstances or the obstacles, the characters found a way to deal with their own reality, and it all ended well for them in the end.

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