‘At The Moment’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hsin-Ian And Chih-Chieh Reconcile?


At the moment, episode 9, titled “The Ghost in Your Heart,” makes us privy to a story where society came in between two lovers and, for the longest time, they were never able to be with each other. The fear of “what would people say” made them tread on a compromised path, where they both became the biggest “what if” of each other’s lives. So let’s find out what happened with these lovers, why they separated, and if they ever got a second chance in life.

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Why did Hsin-Ian stop meeting Chih Chieh?

Chih Chieh was attracted to Hsin-Ian, but she didn’t know how to express it since they were both girls, and she knew that society did not approve of same sex relationships. Firstly, she didn’t know if Hsin-Ian felt the same way, and secondly, she had no clue how the people around them were going to react if and when they came to know about it. One day, after the badminton practice, Chih Chieh and Hsin-Ian shared a very intimate and beautiful moment, and none had planned it from before, and it just happened on the spur of the moment. Chih Chieh told Hsin-Ian that she loved her and that she wanted to be in a relationship with her. Hsin-Ian didn’t know how to react, so she left the scene. Chih Chieh didn’t know if she had committed the biggest blunder of her life or if Hsin-Ian also felt the same way about her. But to her surprise, Hsin-Ian met her the next day and told her that she, too, felt the same way. Chih Chieh and Hsin-Ian started spending a lot of time together, and one day the inevitable happened.

Hsin-Ian’s mother walked in on them when they were sharing an intimate moment together. She got awkward and left the room immediately. Hsin-Ian, from that day, got very scared and stopped seeing Chih Chieh so frequently. Hsin-Ian planned a trip to an amusement park, and she called Jih-Chien to accompany them so that nobody got suspicious of her and Chih-Chieh. In the amusement park, Chih Chieh felt like she was the one third-wheeling. She felt like a ghost whom nobody saw, and even if they could, they chose to ignore her existence. Chih Chieh wrote a letter to Hsin-Ian, and in it, she expressed how she felt about her and what she went through when she realized that Hsin-Ian was scared to face society and tell them what was happening between them. She also said that she would be like a ghost in her life, and she would wait for the day when Hsin-Ian had enough courage to accept their relationship in front of society. After that day, Hsin-Ian and Chih Chieh never met and went their separate ways. Years later, Hsin-Ian married Jih-Chien, and they had a very happy married life. She climbed the ladder of success on the professional front and everything else too was going as per plan when suddenly a tragedy occurred in Hsin-Ian’s life, and it completely changed the way she looked at things.

Did Jih-Chien know about the affair?

Hsin-Ian never told anyone, not even her husband, about the kind of relationship she shared with Chih Chieh. But Jih-chien was their classmate, and he had seen how close they were back then. He would have still never connected the dots had he not found the letter that Chih Chieh left for Hsin-Ian before leaving. Jih-Chien came to know about what happened between them, but he never confronted Hsin-Ian about it, as he might not have wanted to intrude on such a personal matter. When Jih-chieh fell ill, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to make it through this time, and so he decided to rectify certain things that probably should have been done a long time ago. He sent that same letter, which he had found years ago hidden beneath Hsin-Ian’s desk, to Chih Chieh and asked her to come over. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to look after his wife for much longer, and he wanted people around her who understood her probably better than him. Jih-chien knew that had society not been so orthodox, his wife would have chosen to be with Chih Chieh. He had been selfish in the past, but now he wanted to do the right thing. Chih Chieh came and met Hsin-Ian after the death of her husband, and that meeting rekindled a flame and brought the ghosts of their past forgotten lives once again back to life.

Did Hsin-Ian and Chih-Chieh reconcile?

In At the moment Episode 9, we saw that Hsin-Ian was still in a confused state of mind, and she didn’t know what to do now that Chih Chieh was back. They hung out together with some friends, celebrated New Year’s Eve, and then went back to their homes, but Chih Cheih’s heart didn’t let her not address the elephant in the room. She went back once again to Hsin-Ian’s house and told her how Jih-chien had sent her the same letter that she had written for her. Hsin-Ian was surprised when she came to know that her husband knew what she felt for Chih Chieh.

Hsin-Ian had already been feeling guilty, as she had prioritized her career over her personal life. She never gave her husband that one thing he asked for from her, i.e., her time, and now that he was gone, she realized how wrong she was to make her work, her life. But now Hsin-Ian didn’t want to make that mistake. She realized that her work was a part of her life, rather a minuscule one, and there were other important things that she needed to cater to. Hsin quit her job, and she decided to be in a relationship with Chih Chieh. At the end of At the moment Episode 9, she realized that she had just one life, and she had to make the most of it. Life does not give a second chance to everybody, and Hsin-Ian and Chich Chieh both knew that if they had gotten one, then they would have to make the most of it and live a life where, in their last moments, they don’t have an ounce of regret about anything.

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