Did Autumn Throw Amy Into The Hole In ‘Outer Range’ Season 2? Is Autumn Alive?


Autumn Rivers appeared out of nowhere in the first season of Outer Range and started influencing the lives of the Abbotts and the Tillersons. She saw herself as some kind of messiah who was taking the Abbotts and the Tillersons towards the future that they were meant to live in. She acted in a weird fashion, and that aggravated Royal Abbott a lot, thereby prompting him to tell her to stay away from his family. That said, Billy Tillerson was really attracted to her, and they formed a weird but intimate bond because they had visions of being the leaders of some kind of “yellow” cult in the near future. Those plans were obviously interrupted by Royal, who wanted to kill her because he thought she was the one who had convinced Perry to jump into the time-traveling hole. But when Royal saw a scar on Autumn’s head, that was similar to the one that was on Amy’s head, he suspected that she was an older version of Amy. Was Royal right?

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Is Autumn a Con Artist?

Autumn didn’t have any memories about her childhood. She knew that she came from an affluent family. She kept seeing the symbol of the Abbott Ranch. And she felt that she was somehow meant to do awesome things in Wabang. In the first season, she established a strong bond with Billy, as she envisioned that he’d be by her side when she eventually became the leader of the state or something like that. But after being attacked by Royal and the bisons, Autumn’s movements were sort of restricted in Outer Range Season 2. She couldn’t go out on her own and do whatever the hell she wanted to. She was forced to go to the places where Royal or Cecilia would go. She became very obsessed with saving the Abbott ranch and took an interest in the concept of religion. And when she was unable to contact her “rich family” and get the money that Cecilia needed to save the ranch, because nobody was there at the other end of the line and it was implied that she didn’t have money in her bank, it seemed like Autumn was nothing but a grifter. Yes, when Royal and Autumn touched hands, it distorted reality for a few seconds. However, given how Luke explicitly called her a con artist at one point, it seemed like she was in fact using the time-traveling shenanigans to climb up the social ladder and become a cult leader of sorts, and she wasn’t related to Amy in any tangible way.

Why Did Autumn Want To Throw Amy Into The Hole?

After casting doubt on Autumn’s connection to Amy, Outer Range Season 2 confirmed that Autumn was in fact an older version of Amy. Autumn convinced Luke to get some of the black mineral that was in Billy’s possession so that she could get a glimpse into the future. But that somehow caused her consciousness to connect with Amy’s, thereby causing both of them to suffer from a weird kind of seizure. It restored Autumn’s memory of her childhood as Amy as she recalled a moment with Rebecca before she left the Abbott ranch. In addition to that, Autumn knew in her bones that, in order to maintain the continuity of her life, she had to throw Amy into the hole. That’d take Amy to the point where she was discovered by her adoptive parents and secure the cycle that’d ensure her ascension to the proverbial throne of Wabang. The brief visions of the future where Autumn is behaving like a cult leader and smearing her followers’ mouths with the black mineral from the hole with Luke by her side, are ominous. However, it’s unclear as to why she wants to become this influential figure. What is her intent? What is her motivation? Is it all for the betterment of Wabang or the world? Is it to satiate her lust for power? Is it some kind of generational revenge against the Abbotts for ruining her childhood? Is it to manipulate everyone’s fates by having access to the fabric of time and space? It’s all pretty opaque, and that’s what makes Autumn so scary.

How Did Autumn Survive?

Autumn did manage to throw Amy into the hole despite being shot by Joy. When she was being operated upon, she died for a few seconds. But when Amy regained consciousness in her timeline (which is probably in 2012), and in a place that looked nothing like Wabang, Autumn miraculously started breathing again. The reason why Amy lost her memory is pretty simple: kids can’t retain their memories after traveling through time (the same thing happened to Royal and his memory of his father’s death); adults can remember everything, but multiple visits to the hole harm their mental and physical health. Autumn’s erratic behavior was probably a side effect of the fact that there were two versions of her in the same time period. With Amy in the past (as Autumn), it’s possible that Autumn has attained some form of singularity. As for the sudden recovery from her physical injuries, it’s probably due to the black mineral. She has consumed a lot of it, and maybe she has developed a certain level of immortality or invincibility. Or it’s possible that the amnesiac Amy’s existence in the past somehow protected Autumn’s existence in the present (which is the amnesiac Amy’s future) and paved the road to both of their futures. It’s a neo-noir, sci-fi show. So, pretty much anything is possible. There are no wrong answers here.

Autumn is clearly poised to be the big bad villain of Outer Range, with Royal Abbott serving as the hero. Yes, Wayne Tillerson is out there, doing some weird stuff with the hole. But I don’t think he has the emotional resolve to pull it off. Autumn, on the other hand, is a little crazy and extremely determined to reach the goal that she has set for herself. In fact, after manipulating Billy and Luke, Autumn is probably going to set her sights on Wayne because that old man also has the ability to connect with a different version of himself after ingesting the black mineral. So, it’s totally possible that she is going to join hands with him in the yet-to-be-announced third season of the show and then dig her claws into the Abbott ranch as well as the Tillerson ranch to get unfettered access to the “time” fluid flowing underneath its surface. Royal has kind of recovered from his heart attack or stroke, and he looks hellbent on defeating Autumn. Whether or not he’ll be successful in putting a stop to Autumn’s destructive ventures is something that only the makers of the show can answer.

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