‘B & B: Bujji And Bhairava’ Ending Explained: Will The Vanishing Man Return In ‘Kalki 2898 AD’?


B & B: Bujji and Bhairava, created by Nag Ashwin, could be said to be a prelude to Kalki 2898 AD, the magnum opus (starring Prabhas, Keerthy Suresh, Kamal Hassan, Deepika Padukone, and Amitabh Bachchan in the lead roles) that is set to release this year. The 2-part Amazon Prime animated series gives us an idea of the world the story is set in. In the post-apocalyptic world, fresh water and food are things that are not easily available. There is an authority called The Complex that holds the monopoly over these necessities of life, and that is why everybody wants to stay there, but it’s not so easy to get inside. There is a very expensive membership one needs to buy, and a common man like Bhairava cannot afford it. That is why, by hook or crook, he tries to earn money so that one day he can avail himself of the privileges that the people living in The Complex enjoy. But in an unexpected turn of events, Bhairava meets an AI, and he believes that it could prove to be his ticket to earning a membership in The Complex. So, let’s find out how life was outside The Complex, how the people survived, and what plans Bhairava made to enter The Complex.

Spoiler Alert

How did Bujji reach Kashi? 

Bujji, the AI pilot, was on her way to complete its 100th mission, and she was quite excited about it because she knew that if she completed the mission successfully, then she would be promoted. But things didn’t turn out as she would have expected them to. The spacecraft got hit by a missile from the rebel forces and ultimately crashed. Everybody on board died, but Bujji managed to keep herself safe. The rebels took what they needed, and the spare parts of the destroyed spacecraft were dumped in a scrapyard. That scrapyard was located in Kashi, and Bujji was lying in a pile of trash, waiting for an opportune moment when someone would arrive and help her cause. 

At that point in time, in B & B: Bujji and Bhairava, our protagonist was taking some time off at the local bar, waiting for an opportunity that he could seize and bring his life back on track. He had no clue that such a crash had happened, and Bujji was lying in the scrapyard. Bhairava knew that earning a good bounty was the only way out of the mess that he was in. But unlike his peers, he didn’t have any vehicles to ride on, so it was not possible for him to compete with them. Every time his digital bracelet informed him about a fugitive with a huge bounty on their head, he tried his level best to catch them. Bhairava did not succeed even once, but he still didn’t lose hope, and he stayed positive. He hadn’t paid his rent for a long time, and he knew that if he didn’t do something quickly, he would be without a home very soon. 

How did Bujji and Bhairava meet? 

Bhairava paid a rickshaw owner 3400 units, and he asked him to chase the fugitive. There was a huge bounty on the fugitive’s head. But the rickshaw broke down, and once again, Bhairava was unsuccessful. He went to the scrapyard to sell the tire of the rickshaw so that he could get some money and pay the driver for his losses. The scrapyard owner was giving him very little money for the tire, and Bhairava didn’t know what he should do or how he could pay off his debts. Just then, he heard a voice coming from inside the rubble. He went ahead and found Bujji, who told him that she could help his cause and make him rich. Once Bujji realized that Bhairava didn’t have enough money to buy a vehicle, she told him that she could make one for him, provided he got her all the spare parts. So Bhairava stole things from around the city and got Bujji a big mess of parts, which she converted into an automobile. But Bujji’s plan was never to help Bhairava, as she just needed the vehicle to enter The Complex once again and get her promotion. But Bujji was stopped at the gates as she didn’t have the proper identification to enter inside. She had lost everything during the crash and she told the soldiers that she was an accomplished pilot who was going to complete her 100th mission. But still, they didn’t allow her to enter, and just then, the vehicle started moving backwards. Bujji didn’t know what was happening, and she reached Bhairava’s location, who stood there grinning with pride as he knew that he had outsmarted the AI. Bujji and Bhairava got over their differences, and they decided to work together. Bhairava knew that with Bujji by his side, he would be able to defy the odds and accomplish his dream of living inside The Complex. 

Will The Vanishing Man Return In ‘Kalki 2898 AD’?

While searching for spare parts to build a motorcycle, Bujji spotted a device that was placed at the top of a statue in Kashi. Bhairava climbed on the iron railings, and just as he was about to take the device, a person appeared on top of the statue, and he took the device. When Bhairava tried to catch hold of him, he realized that the man was a hologram, a projection of sorts, as the hands of our protagonist went through him.

In B & B: Bujji and Bhairava‘s ending, the AI figured out where they could find the vanishing man. Bujji knew that in East Kashi, a compound known as trimethylamine was dumped, and because the man smelled like it, Bujji felt that he could be living there. Bujji was right, as the vanishing man was actually living in the factory. Bhairava got the shock of his life when he caught the man, as he realized that it was a little boy who was disguising himself and causing all the ruckus. Bhairava took out the crystal from his bracelet, through which the young boy was creating the projection. Bujji figured out that the boy had found a way to use the automatic quantum holographic projection system to his advantage. Bujji knew that if, at such a tender age, the boy was able to figure out such a complex thing, then in the future, he would do even bigger things. 

I believe the boy is also going to play a crucial role in the Kalki 2898 AD, and he would probably be the one who would help Bhairava achieve his dream and enter The Complex. Things are not going to be easy for Bhairava, as he was still unaware about what the future had in store for him. Though Bujji didn’t trust Bhairava at the time, they will probably develop a very strong bond in the near future. I believe that he will start a rebellion against the authority, i.e., The Complex, in the near future, and he will head the rebel group that will cause the downfall of the establishment. 

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