‘Baby Bandito’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: What Happened To Kevin Tapia?


A bunch of amateur robbers manage to pull off “the heist of the century” in Chile, but can they get away with it? Inspired by real events, Netflix’s Baby Bandito revolves around a young skateboarder, Kevin Tapia, who takes advantage of the opportunity to rob six billion pesos. Even though Kevin had no experience in theft, he was desperate to change his destiny, and he knew that only money could bring happiness into his world. Kevin studied to become a hotelier, but with his father incarcerated, covering his college expenses had become a challenge. His mother attempted to make money by dealing drugs, but the police eventually caught her. She had to pay both the police and the dealer to stay out of trouble. Kevin realized that there was no easy way to make money, and if crime was the only way to live the life he desired, he was ready to bet everything he had on it.

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Why were the Butchers after Kevin?

Russian and Greyhound belonged to a gangster gang known as the Butchers, who ran a meatpacking company as a cover. The butcher, Amador, was the ruthless gang leader, and his son Greyhound planned the intricacies of the crimes they committed. In the course of Baby Bandito, we find out that Russian was Greyhound’s brother-in-law, and the two were madly in love with each other. Of course, the family was unaware of their romance, and they planned on conducting the heist of the century and running away together from Chile. But unfortunately, their paths crossed with Kevin Tapia, and everything started to fall apart. Kevin was skating by the side of the road, and he crashed into Greyhound’s car. The short-tempered gangster took away his skateboard, and Kevin hopped in his car to get it back.

Upon reaching the warehouse, Kevin discovered that the Butchers were planning on robbing a shipment of a billion pesos that was supposed to come through the airport. They planned to take the money out of the armored truck that would be waiting at the hangar while the plane got fueled up, and they had only twenty minutes to carry it out. The Butchers made a deal with insiders Gerardo and Franco; with their help, they would not face any resistance. Kevin found a notebook where the entire plan was sketched out, and the code to open the hanger was also mentioned. The skateboarder had the blueprint for the heist, and all he needed to do was build his team to execute it. When Greyhound noticed that the skateboard was gone, he knew where he could find his notebook. Even though Greyhound was smart enough to locate Kevin, the skateboarder managed to escape smoothly.

Who was a part of Kevin’s team?

Kevin contacted his father’s best friend, Panther, for the job. Initially, it all seemed too childish to the experienced criminal, but once he realized how desperate Kevin was to help his family, he decided to guide him. Kevin’s best friend, Panda, introduced him to Mistica, an experienced robber with a range of ammunition stored under her sofa. Mistica, too, was hesitant about joining the amateurs, but her cards spoke to her, and she decided that it might just work out. Baby Bandito is not just a heist thriller; it is also a love story. Kevin was madly in love with Genesis, but they belonged to different social classes. Genesis ran away from her house once she realized that her family was trying to set her up with her ex-boyfriend. The amateur team managed to get into the hangar, and after a brief argument with Franco, they loaded the money from the armored truck into their truck and escaped. The entire heist was caught on camera, and an investigative team was set up to get hold of the perpetrators.

How did the investigative team find Kevin?

After the heist, Panther decided that it would be best to keep most of the heist money away and only use it when the situation was under control. Every member was handed over some percentage of their cut, while the rest was kept safe in a secret spot. But not everyone was happy with his decision. Genesis thought it was unfair that they were being stopped from living their best lives. Panther had advised them to stay low-key as long as the situation was not favorable. But Genesis could not spend another day without Kevin, and all she wanted was to start a life with him. When she proposed that they run away from Chile, Kevin was not on board. He was worried about his mother and grandmother, and he could not imagine abandoning them. Genesis explained how he was risking their lives by staying with them. Both the police and the Butchers were after him, and the only sensible decision would be for them to run away. After some hesitation, Kevin finally agreed to fly internationally. Panda felt deceived by his friend; after all, he agreed to commit the crime because of Kevin.

Kevin and Genesis escaped to Italy after they successfully managed to fool the airport security. While they could have started their lives afresh in a foreign country, the problem with the couple was that they were too young, dumb, and had too much money to spend. Not only did they start living a lavish life in Italy, but they also posted about their extravagant lifestyle on social media. The rapid increase in the number of followers gave Genesis and Kevin validation, and they never considered that it could catch the attention of the wrong people. Ultimately, an Italian gang abducted Genesis, and Kevin had to give them all of his remaining funds. After being released, Genesis realized that the life she had imagined was simply a dream. They had no money and were trapped in a foreign country, and she had recently found out that she was pregnant. She called her mother for help. She made a deal with the DA and agreed to give Kevin up in exchange for her protection. Kevin was arrested in Italy and extradited to Chile.

What happened to Russian?

When Kevin tried to get the truck that the Butchers had ordered for the heist, the owner of the scrapyard contacted Greyhound. Kevin was kicked and slapped when Greyhound finally got hold of him. Kevin tried to make peace by handing him his notebook, but it was impossible to calm him down. Greyhound was about to beat Kevin to death, but Panther came to his rescue. He knocked Greyhound out and shot him dead when he tried to aim at Kevin. Panther was shocked to learn that Kevin had stolen the heist plan from the Butchers, and he decided to deal with them, knowing how dangerous they were. The Butchers were out for revenge when they discovered that Greyhound was murdered. Not only were the police after the gang, but also the Butchers. They got hold of Mistica’s boyfriend, who had stolen money from her, and to protect Panda, Panther surrendered himself to Russian. The Butchers tracked down Mistica once her boyfriend confessed everything to them. The Butchers wanted the heist money, but neither Mistica nor Panther planned on making any confessions.

Mistica had found a hook in the freezer that she held on to. When Panther indicated to her that he had not confessed, they decided to take down the vulture and her gang. They left the crew bleeding and escaped in a hearse. Russian later shot the vulture dead once he figured out that she had found out about his relationship with Greyhound. He destroyed every piece of evidence of his relationship and was ready to become the right-hand person of his father-in-law. Bozo, the investigator in the case, had been keeping a close watch on the Butchers after Kevin confessed that he had stolen from them the idea of the heist. He followed Russian to a sauna and ended up getting involved with him. Before entering the sauna, Bozo had sent the prosecutor his location. Russian was about to shoot him dead when he found out that Bozo was a policeman, but the police arrived at the scene just as he was about to pull the trigger. Russian was arrested, and he ended up at the same prison where Kevin was. Russian murdered Kevin’s father after he threatened him to stay away from his son. Kevin was ready to seek revenge on Russian, but the news of his son being born stopped him from killing a man.

What happened to Kevin Tapia?

In Baby Bandito, Kevin is allowed a special privilege to meet his newborn son at the hospital. He walked down the hallway that led to the room that Genesis and the baby were in, with two police officers following him. After seeing his son, Kevin decided to make a run for his life. He pushed aside the policemen and jumped through the glass window. No one knew where the Baby Bandito had escaped, except for his mother. Mistica was desperate to get back her money, and after pressuring Ana, she eventually led her and Panther to her son.

Kevin went to the junkyard, where he and Panda had spent many hours together. He was surprised to see Panda there, but his little brother had changed a lot over time. The innocence was gone, and Panda no longer shied away from taking part in criminal activities. Kevin assumed Panda would be angry for leaving him behind, but to his surprise, his little brother was generous and inviting. He admitted that he had taken all the money during the chaos, and Kevin decided to ask him for a few million to run away for good with his wife and son. He secretly met Genesis at the hospital and discussed his plan. The thought of running away from all their trouble was enticing, and Genesis agreed to his idea. Panda had not forgiven his best friend, and by agreeing to lend Kevin the money he needed to escape, he was buying time. Kevin doubted when Panda introduced him to Pablo. Pablo was Russian’s son, and upon meeting Kevin, he decided to send a false kidnapping message to his mother. The plan was to destroy Kevin. 

Meanwhile, Ana, Mistica, and Panther arrived at the junkyard, and Panda assumed that Kevin had betrayed him. Mistica was shocked to see bags full of counterfeit money and grabs hold of Kevin out of frustration. Kevin realized Panda had lied to him.  At the end of Baby Bandito, the Butchers also arrived at the scene and demanded the release of Pablo. When Panther confronts the gangster family, Panda triggers a bomb all of a sudden, and a shootout ensues. During the gunfight, Panther lost his life, and Panda assisted Natalia in getting Pablo to the hospital after he was shot. By the time the prosecutor, Soraya Jadue, arrived, Kevin had escaped with Mistica, and only the dead bodies remained on the ground. 

Baby Bandito‘s ending suggests that Kevin Tapia remained on the run for the rest of his life. He could not make any contact with his wife and son, and Genesis ended up raising Giovanni all on her own. He lost everyone he loved in the hopes of making money. Panda eventually turned himself in out of guilt and lived in the confines of the prison. We find out that he and Russian are in the same facility, which suggests the danger he might find himself in. Amador was shot, leaving him paralyzed, and his daughter Natalia took over as the head of the Glory Meatpacking Company. Meanwhile, Pablo chooses the path of crime over an honest career. Considering the entire police force is after Kevin, it will be stretched if he makes it to another country (something that the ending hints at), but then again, it is mostly fiction. The 2014 airport heist acts as an inspiration for the series, and the characters and the story are entirely fictionalized.

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