‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do The Sisters Manage To Kill John Paul?


The Apple Series, “Bad Sisters,” has an enviable quality of being very easy to watch. The dark humor, the tight script, and the seamless execution blend together to eliminate the possibility of any dull moments. It is commendable how each one of the actors is so believable as the characters they are portraying, especially Grace and Bibi. However, this week belongs to Ursula.

In the previous week’s episodes, we saw how the sisters collectively hated John Paul for his manipulative and abusive ways towards their sister, Grace. Eva and Bibi had decided to kill John Paul and made a plan to blow up his house in the forest, when he went there for a retreat. But their plan had backfired because John Paul had not been in the house when they set it on fire. What happens next is the crux of this week’s episode.

Spoilers Ahead

Investigation Of John Paul’s Death In The Present Day Storyline

“Bad Sisters” Episode 3, starts with Grace having a dream about a fire. She wakes up, bothered by it. John Paul assumes that it is the fire that he narrowly escaped that she is having trouble with. But it is our guess that Grace has memories of a different incident altogether since she was not at the scene of John Paul’s near-accident for her to have such a vivid visualization of it. She wakes up and starts her day when she looks at a picture of her sisters at the ‘Forty Foot,’ where they have gone swimming. She wonders how they have time for that, especially Ursula, as she has three kids. John Paul assures her that it is because they ‘put themselves before their families. He encourages her, saying that she must choose to be selfless, as that is the only right way to be.

In the present day, Tom and Matt go to meet Ursula for their investigation. They are trying to figure out what her relationship with her brother-in-law was like, as they have paperwork that suggests that almost six months ago, JP made a claim against Ursula for damages to his car when she accidentally ran into it. They asked her what the two of them were doing near the hotel. Ursula tells them she had gone for lunch with an old friend, but she doesn’t know what JP was doing there.

As the officers are preparing to leave, Tom asks her point-blank if she was having an affair with her brother-in-law. Going by her disgusted reaction, they conclude that she wasn’t. The interaction also makes it clear to them that, contrary to what she had previously told them, none of the sisters got along with JP. While leaving, Tom, in his usual style, takes the garbage from Ursula’s place to investigate whatever he wants from it.

Concerning one of the other sisters, Matt goes on a date with Becka. He tells her that his best friend, who was also the lead singer of his band, ran away with his fiancé. That is probably the reason their band broke up. Since then, he has always been a bit on guard. Becka tells him that maybe he should take another shot. A sweet scene that is very well integrated with its backdrop 

How Does Ursula Join The Sisters’ Plan To Kill John Paul?

Going back six months, we see that at the aforementioned hotel, what had happened was that John Paul had caught Ursula when she was leaving after meeting Ben, the guy she was having an affair with. JP tells her that she must stop this, or he is going to tell Donal, her husband, everything. She tells him later that she has ended the affair. But she hasn’t.

Ursula confesses everything to her sisters, about her affair and the fact that JP knows everything. She tells Eva that the reason for her affair was that it made her feel young again, after her ‘sleepwalking’ through life for the past many years. Based on the medicines we saw in her cabinets, and what she told Eva, we can say that Ursula has a mental illness, most likely depression. This is the moment that Bibi interrupts their conversation and tells Ursula that there is a solution—she can just help them kill JP. Ursula is shocked for obvious reasons, and so is Eva, but because she did not think the former would want to be a part of it. As Ursula is leaving, she comes back to ask if she would now be considered culpable and also mentions how their current choice of poison for JP is not going to work. Looking at this reaction, Eva starts to see that Ursula might just agree to join them.

At their next family meeting, Ursula figures out that it was Eva and Bibi who had caused the fire. Also, JP is still not convinced that Ursula has ended her affair. He changes the number under Ben’s name on her phone to his own number and gets incriminating texts that prove the affair. He lets Ursula know that he has sent them to Donal. In a state of pure panic, she rushes to Donal’s workplace and deletes the messages from his phone, just in time before he sees them. But this incident is enough for her to join hands with Eva and Bibi. She gives them the correct poison to use; it would do the job and not incriminate them, either.

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Do The Sisters Manage To Kill John Paul?

The plan is to add the poison to the chicken liver that JP eats. He eats it alone, but he makes Grace cook it every week. Eva goes to their place on the pretext of visiting her sister to help her restore some photographs and switches the meat in the fridge to the poisoned one. The stage is set, and it’s time to wait for the results. The next day, the sisters call Grace to find out what is happening. Grace is crying because Oscar, their dog, has died in his sleep due to heart failure. Turns out, Grace had dropped the liver on the ground and had just given it to the dog. This is the second time the sister’s plan has failed.

Back to the present day, the three sisters are discussing how they must keep each other updated with each other’s stories. They also say how the insurance agents are very far off the mark with their investigation. This makes us wonder whether the sisters killed him at all or did things take their own course since JP did die in an accident. This would also explain their utter lack of panic in the current scenario. There is a huge difference in their energy from the scenes set six months ago to the present-day storyline. We are beginning to think that maybe the sisters did not kill him after all, and his death was just nature taking its course. Whether we are right or not remains to be seen.

What To Expect From ‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 4?

They also say that everything will be fine as long as Becka doesn’t say anything. We know that she wanted a loan from John Paul for her dance studio, but she could not get it, causing her dreams to shatter rather heartbreakingly. Maybe in the next week, we will see her join the plot to murder John Paul. In this episode, we also come to know some of JP’s backstories. His father walked out on their family when he was young, and his mother is still in denial about it. We will probably get an elaboration on that situation. Also, we want to know what happened between Bibi and JP. This is what we are expecting from future episodes. For now, we love how “Bad Sisters” is unfolding, and we hope that the show lives up to our high expectations of it.

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