‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Becka Join The Sisters In Their Mission To Kill John?


In the 4th episode of “Bad Sisters,” some of what we predicted has come true. But there are other details that took us by surprise, facts that give us a glimpse into John Paul’s character and make us realize that everything is not as it seems. “Bad Sisters” Episode 4 was more flashback-heavy, much like the previous episodes. We are inclined to believe that it is not just a creative decision but is an indication that the audience is being led to believe that the plot is going in a particular direction, but the reality might be something else entirely. We are expecting some surprises, and we believe that hints of those have been dropped in the fourth episode. Let us take a look at the events that are taking place.

Spoilers Ahead

Does Becka Join The Sisters In Their Mission To Kill John Paul?

We think John Paul was named so to emphasize to not just the universe of “Bad Sisters,” but to the reviewers of the show as well, that he is annoying. To deal with that, we will call him JP for the rest of the article. In “Bad Sisters” Episode 3, Becka spoke about how she was set to realize her dream of opening a massage parlor when a family member pulled out of the promise to give her the loan, leaving her broke. As we had guessed, it was JP. Becka presents an entire plan to him about the massage parlor and how she plans on repaying his loan, and asks him if he is on board, to which JP replies positively.

A few events take place in the gap between that and his refusal, seemingly inconsequential to us but definitely of great importance to this man, whose mind we are probably beginning to understand. First of all, JP hates Roger. Initially, we suspected it was because of his easy and well-liked manner by everyone, but could it be deeper? That remains to be seen. For the time being, JP decides to approach Roger online, as a 10-year-old boy, Oscar. This could lend a rather sinister angle to the plot, and we want to see where this goes. Elsewhere, Eva, Bibi, and Ursula are at a loss as to what to do after their previous plan misfired and killed Grace’s dog, Oscar. Please note that the similarity in the names of Grace’s dog and JP’s alias for approaching Roger are the same. It goes to prove that he probably had no real love for the dog, to begin with.

Coming back to the point, as the sisters are considering their next move, Becka enters the room. Seeing all of them together, she mentions how she is always excluded from everything that they do. Becka definitely has some insecurities about being the ‘family screw-up,’ and it certainly governs some of her actions. Later that day, Grace tells JP about how much his giving a loan to Becka means to her, but he informs her that he isn’t going to do that. He says that he only mentored her, and Becka misunderstood it for him, agreeing to give her a loan. JP tells Grace that she has to tell Becka the news, because she would do it better than he could.

Grace, though sad for her sister, does convey the news to Becka, which leaves her heartbroken. Becka mentions that it is quite demented how he made her give her the news instead of doing it himself. At this moment, Grace gets defensive and says that it was all just a misunderstanding. As she returns home, she spots her daughter Blanaid and tries to get her attention, but Blanaid ignores her. When she asks her about this at home, Blanaid indicates how Grace never does anything except being at home all the time, unlike other mothers who seem to be exemplary in their own right. She indicates that she might be embarrassed by her mother. Grace obviously feels bad because it is only us, as the viewers, who see that it was not that Grace lacked the passion for life. It was just slowly manipulated out of her by her husband. There is a particular sequence here that quite interests us. When Becka is visiting JP’s mother, she sees some of his childhood photos and comes to know that he had a sister called Laura. But unlike JP’s mother’s belief that her husband will come back, she doesn’t believe that Laura will, which could mean that Laura is dead. In the childhood pictures of the siblings, it seems that they owned a cat. Also, in one of the pictures, we see JP dressed up in Laura’s clothes. JP definitely did not like Becka seeing that picture. In another scene, where Eva and Ben finally go on a date, they discuss JP’s very apparent transphobia. Connecting these two events and his general distaste for women in general, we are guessing that JP has a deep-seated hate for women and that it is connected to his childhood memories of his sister and mother. And something about the guy feels very suppressed. Without overreaching with our speculations, we believe it is better to wait for the next episodes of “Bad Sisters” and watch the whole thing unravel.

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Becka Join The Sisters In Their Mission To Kill John Paul?

At a work event where everyone has gone with a partner, there is a segment of a quiz called “Guess the song.” Evidently, JP fails to win that, and he blames Grace. There is also a confrontation between him, and Becka as Ursula has told her about the picture that she had sent to JP, thinking he was Ben. When the other sisters come to know this, Eva rushes to JP’s house and smashes his phone. But when she leaves, he takes it back, indicating that he has the picture saved elsewhere. When Eva goes back home, she finds that Becka knows all about their plan to kill JP, and she wants to join. In Becka’s words, it is a matter of survival now and they must join hands. Eva agrees, and as we thought, Becka is now a part of the plan to kill John Paul.

In the present day, Matt is not very happy to discover that the girl he is seeing is related to the insurance case that he and his brother are investigating. Even Tom is hitting dead end after dead end as Inspector Loftus is not very cooperative in wanting to exhume the dead body of John Paul. Becka and Matt talk to each other, and there is a tiny debate on whether they were lied to or if there were genuine misunderstandings, which is resolved with them getting back together. And that is where Episode 4 ends.

Final Thoughts: What To Expect From ‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 5?

In the next episode, we want to know what really happened between Bibi and JP. Also, we suspect that Grace is soon going to join the sisters in wanting to kill her husband. We suspect that maybe Roger is also going to be a part of this? The most interesting storyline might yet be the glimpse we are going to get into JP’s character and what makes him the way he is. That is what we eagerly look forward to.

For the most part, the crispness of the writing and editing has been consistent, and with just two episodes left, we expect it to remain that way and give us a stunning finale. “Bad Sisters” is a masterpiece in its own right and deserves way more popularity than it is currently getting. We will keep our fingers crossed for its future, both in terms of the finale and the popularity of the show, because now, we want nothing less than the best.

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