‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained – Did John Paul Try To Commit Suicide?


“Bad Sisters” has taken a different turn in its narrative from the last two episodes. What was initially an episodic play-out of the sisters’ attempts to kill JP has started to delve into the complexity of their motivations. It also goes into justifying exactly why a man like JP needed to be killed. “Bad Sisters” Episode 6 traces the events leading up to Grace starting to realize that she may have just had enough of her controlling and manipulative husband. This is how it all unfolds.

Spoilers Ahead

The Sisters’ Next Plan To Kill John Paul

Last week, we saw how John Paul had gradually eroded Grace’s confidence in herself as a woman and a person outside of her marriage. Though Grace is clearly affected by this, she does not allow it to stop her. Her dance class was far from a success, so this time she chose to go to an art class. JP being JP, under the garb of encouraging her, very slyly reminds her of her dance class failure. Nevertheless, she goes for it. The class requires the students to paint a portrait of their muse. While they are at it, the muse compliments Grace on her drawing but remarks on how she doesn’t seem very confident in drawing the more intimate areas. In the conversation, she tells her that “it is her body to be comfortable with” and that her husband’s opinion should not have a bearing. This sets Grace to think, and she buys something for herself while going home to try her luck with her husband again. Predictably, it doesn’t go well, but we have come to know something else about JP. He tells Grace that he finds her most attractive when “he can see none of her sisters in her.” John Paul hates the Garvey sisters and holds very sexist views about them being independent, sexual people. He feels threatened and spends all his time making sure that his wife does none of that. Grace tells him that he might try taking the pills to increase his libido, but the suggestion ends with JP shaming his wife. She breaks down crying, and this is witnessed by Blanaid. We speculate that she must have heard their conversation as well. Either way, she starts to see the effect her father has on her mother. Blanaid asks her mother if she would take her to the Galway Overnight Netball Tournament, so that they could have some fun. It looks like the mother and daughter have reconciled. It is really a heartbreaking portrayal of how children are forced to grow up fast when they live in households where they are forced to support their parents emotionally.

On the other hand, JP is annoyed when he sees his wife laughing and having a good time with Roger. Therefore, he calls the child protection services, anonymously, and tells them that he suspects Roger of molesting his child. He is taken away by the officers, and JP gets his petty revenge. As for Grace, after hitting another dead end with her husband, she turns to her sisters for advice. They assure her that it is not her fault, and Eva gives her an instrument to use for herself. Grace tries to use it but can’t bring herself to go all the way. She hides it between the towels, for the time being. Unfortunately, JP discovers it, which leads to him shaming her more, but this time, Grace is in no mood to listen. She dashes out the door and leaves with her daughter for the tournament. JP is mad and tells her to come back, which she ignores. Elsewhere, after the disastrous attempt to hurt JP in last week’s paintball game, which ended with Bibi accidentally shooting at the coordinator, she has been forced to take a good, hard look at her actions. Each one of the sisters wanted to kill JP. While their love and concern for Grace was the primary factor, they each had their own straws that broke the camel’s back. But Bibi, who was the one to come up with the idea initially, hated JP beyond what he did to Grace. She had probably wanted to kill him since the day she lost her eye due to him. But her anger had ended up hurting an innocent, just the way she had been hurt. This forces her to reconsider her reasons for doing what she was doing. With a little encouragement from Becka, she realizes that she needs to think about Grace and adjust her anger accordingly.

The Present Day Storyline

Things in the present day seem to take a turn for Thomas when he comes to meet Grace. As he is parking his car, he runs into Roger, who angrily asks him when he is going to stop irritating Grace. From him, Tom comes to know that JP once attempted to kill himself. This is a huge lead for him, and he finally has something that can solve his problems. But he is not the smoothest man alive, and him questioning Grace point blank about her husband’s attempted suicide gets him nowhere. But Tom is also a man who does not give up easily, and for that, we may just like him more than his brother. He reveals to Grace that he is extremely stressed due to his wife’s pregnancy and a host of other things. Honest vulnerability can get a lot of things done, and Grace tells him that she doesn’t talk about JP’s suicide attempt because he himself chose never to talk about it, and she has always wondered if she was the one whose actions led to that. That is enough for Tom, and he pulls a few strings to get a certain medical report, which he believes might be the key to getting him out of the mess created by his father. He calls up Tom to tell him that, but his brother is not picking up his calls. He is happy in the temporary bubble he has created with Becka. After the night they spent together, he finds a cheque for 8000 euros, and he takes a picture of it. The cheque was given to Becka by JP’s mother when she mistook her for her daughter. JP wants to put his mother in a care home, but she hasn’t consented to it yet. Looking at the cheque in the present day, we know that Becka never cashed it. Whether that was by choice, or a consequence of other events remains to be seen.

Did John Paul Try To Commit Suicide?

The sisters hatch a plan to mix John Paul’s nasal spray with Rohypnol, a drug that can’t be detected in a postmortem. Once he was knocked out, they would drown him in a bath full of water. This was to be carried out when Grace took Blanaid to the tournament. Everything seems to go as per plan, and they are successful to an extent. John Paul is knocked out and they are taking off his clothes to put him in the bath when he suddenly jolts awake. He is completely delirious as he relieves himself in the cupboard and takes his car out. He is going to his boat, and the sisters follow him. They watch from a distance as he tries to get in, but his balance is lost, and he falls into the water. JP cannot swim. The sisters see the whole thing and realize that their job is done. This is where Episode 6 of “Bad Sisters” ends.

Final Thoughts

We know that JP doesn’t die this time. What probably happened is that he somehow got rescued. Considering what Grace told Tom, we suspect that he doesn’t directly blame her for this but insinuates it with his silence on the subject. Grace is getting closer and closer to her breaking point, and she will either join the sisters’ mission to kill him or ask him for a divorce. We are more inclined towards the latter considering that Eva has said in one of the previous episodes that the insurance agents are very far off the mark. The pace of the episode itself, while not as fast as the previous ones, is still rather engaging.

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