‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Does Becka Lock In The Freezer?


There has seldom been a show that has started off as the finest possible wine, and we can tell that “Bad Sisters” is well on its way to becoming a classic, if only it gets more hype. The series is proof that writing is the very foundation of every narrative and how a well-executed screenplay can do wonders for any piece of fiction, be it a film or a series. In “Bad Sisters” Episode 8, we see the sisters hatch yet another plan to kill John Paul. However, we already know that he doesn’t die. Which means that their plan has gone wrong once again. But this time, the price they pay for their mistakes might just be a step too far. Let us take a look at the events of this episode.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens When John Paul’s Body Is Dug Up?

Fortune favors the brave and belligerent, and Tom’s efforts to have JP’s body up for postmortem are granted. The body is dug up and sent for the same. Elsewhere, Matt goes to meet Becka, but she is extremely mad at him after he stood her up the previous night. As Matt is leaving after seeing a disappointed Becka, she stops him by saying that whatever was there between them was real for her. Both of them attempt to be together but are unsuccessful. As Matt goes into the kitchen, he leaves his phone with her. She spots a message from his brother, which says that they have dug up the body. When Matt comes back, she acts nonchalant, but Matt catches on when he sees that his phone screen is on. He doesn’t mention it, though, and leaves her place. He meets Tom, who is quite at peace as he is positive that the postmortem will reveal that there was foul play involved in JP’s death, but to his disappointment, it is revealed that “the results were inconclusive.” On the other hand, Becka tells her sisters that the body has been dug up, and they all panic. But Eva asks Becka how she knows about this, and she confesses that she has been seeing Matt. Eva is mad at her, but Becka retaliates by saying that she just interferes in her life because she has no life of her own. Eva gets angry and tells them all to leave her house immediately. This is the end of the present-day storyline.

The Sister’s Plan To Lock John Paul In The Freezer

In reference to the events of the past, Becka tells her sisters about her discovery in the freezer. They deduce that JP must have killed his father for the money. However, the reality is a little bit different. A few years earlier, JP had asked his father for some money, but he had refused since JP had not been visiting his mother for the longest time. His mother was suffering from dementia but still wanted to see her son. It saddened her that he would not come to see her, and that made JP’s dad very angry. He deduces that JP had not forgiven his mother for dressing him up in his sister’s clothes when he was a child. The father suspects that JP must have liked it, and that is the reason that makes him hate himself and his mother. As JP is leaving, his father starts choking on something. JP rushes to his aid, but instead of using the Heimlich maneuver to save his father, he lets him die.

In the present, the sisters understand that JP hid the fact of his father’s death because that would make his mother the sole inheritor of the money, and then he wouldn’t be able to use it. Ursula suggests that they just call the police to get rid of him, but Bibi reasons that Grace would stand by him and wait for him throughout the entire time, which would mean that they would never get rid of him. Becka suggests that they kill him by locking him up in the freezer, but Eva is against it.

At her office, Eva is rejected for the promotion due to the lies that JP has been feeding their boss about her being an alcoholic. It turns out that Eva did go to rehab for a bit, and she had drinking problems for real. She understands that JP has manipulated their boss but is unable to do anything about it. Now, JP is her boss, and he tells Eva off at work. Gabriel confronts him for treating her that way, but JP tells him that he knows through Eva that he is gay. Gabriel punches his face when JP gets a little inappropriate with him and storms off. When Eva asks him what’s up, he confronts her about telling JP. Eva tells him that she had to tell her sisters because they were asking her what was between them, but otherwise, she didn’t mean to out him. Gabriel is still angry, and he tells her that he thinks there is something between her and JP. When Eva tells her sisters about this, the plan to lock him in the freezer is brought up again. They all go to inspect the freezer and figure out that it is soundproof, but Eva disagrees. She tells them not to go ahead with it. But Becka is adamant.

Who Does Becka Lock In The Freezer?

She comes to see Minna on Friday, as that is when JP comes to drop off her shopping and check the freezer. Upon Minna’s request, she pierces her nose and gives her an ornament for it. Minna goes to sleep, and Becka hides in the basement, waiting for JP. When she hears the sound of someone going in, she immediately closes the door and turns down the temperature. She sleeps outside the house, and when it is morning, she goes back and sets the temperature back to normal. In Becka’s mind, the deed is done. JP is dead. She goes to Eva and tells her that. The sisters hug it out as they consider their mission accomplished. But it is not that simple, is it? We know that JP is alive and that he did not die in a freezer. Which means that someone else was locked in. Who could it be? Our guess is Minna. We saw her fall asleep after the massage Becka gave her. Maybe she ventured downstairs to look for her son?

JP visits her every Friday and checks the freezer. But this time, when he was on his way to meet her, he was assaulted by Ben after Ursula told him that she could not see him because of JP. John Paul probably did not go to his mother’s after that. Minna must have woken up briefly and must have thought to go look for her son in the basement. And that is, who is locked in? Or we are completely wrong, and Minna is alive. Becka locked no one in the basement. What she had heard was a stray sound. Hopefully, the latter theory is the true one.

Final Thoughts

In “Bad Sisters” Episode 8, we see Tom’s wife say that Matt is in love with Becka. But things are rocky in paradise, and, hopefully, we will see some concrete development in their story. It doesn’t look likely with all the confusing doubts and loyalties they are caught in, but maybe we will discover something new that will breathe fresh life into their arc. We also really need to know who Becka locked in the freezer. We are not ready for it to be Minna, but all we can do is wait seven days to find out. It is high time we watched JP die a slow and painful death, and hopefully, the next episode will be the start of it. We are getting more and more impatient for a clear picture now, and we want this week to go by as fast as possible. Keeping our fingers crossed, we hope for a finale that meets our expectations.

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