‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending Explained – Is John Paul Dead?


We had ended the “Bad Sisters” Episode 8 with some speculation that we had hoped would be wrong. But that was sadly not the case. This week’s episode, Episode 9, was a set-up for the finale, and it is undoubtedly perfect, just like the rest of the series. The relevance of the events that they have maintained with such a crisp storyline is praiseworthy. We are also getting sure about some of our theories about John Paul’s actual death. We have a general idea of what the finale would include, and we suspect that there might be a “Bad Sisters” Season 2, but it is probably not required. This one itself is quite perfect, and we are sad that there is only one episode left. Let us see how the events of it unfold.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Matt Find A Lead In The Present-Day Storyline?

In the present day, Matt and Becka finally have the conversation, or rather, the fight, that had been simmering in their developing relationship from the start. Becka confronts him outright about the postmortem of JP’s body, and Matt lays down all the doubts he has had about her. They talk about the cheque Minna wrote out for her and the timing of the death of the two. After fighting it out, both of them reach an impasse. Each knew what the other was doing the whole time. Becka probably knew that Matt was keeping an eye on her even when he was just spending time with her. Matt definitely knew that Becka had seen his phone. It was a matter of addressing the tension and getting things out into the open. Both of them end up spending the day together. Elsewhere, Tom is at a complete loss as he has reached another dead end. He breaks down in front of Theresa and tells her everything that has gone down. After he leaves to attend to some business, Theresa decides to take matters into her own hands and makes her way downstairs to look for Becka’s address. Just as she is about to leave, she has a seizure and collapses on the floor. Luckily, Tom comes back as he had forgotten to take his wallet. He finds Theresa and rushes her to the hospital. When Matt comes to meet him there, Tom is holding back his tears as he has just been told that he may end up losing both his wife and his child. Matt comforts him and tells him that he will take care of things.

We would say that this is the first time we have seen Matt be useful. He goes to the local pub and makes some inquiries. He comes to know that the night JP died, Becka was there drinking. This means that the sisters lied about being together that night. This information is the first real crack in their story and could lead to something. If nothing else, considering the situation that Tom is in, he could really use this as a silver lining. What happens next remains to be seen in the “Bad Sisters” Season 1 finale next week.

The Aftermath Of Minna’s Death

We had guessed it right last week when we thought that Minna was who Becka locked in the freezer after JP didn’t show up due to Ben. When the sisters see him outside their door, they get the shock of a lifetime, with Becka in near tears after putting two and two together. She makes her way to Minna’s house to check, asking her sisters to make an excuse for her. Unfortunately, JP comes there as well, giving her just enough time to hide. JP goes downstairs to the freezer and finds his mother’s frozen body next to his father’s body. She knew all along that her husband was there. Minna was just playing a role for whatever reason. Maybe she feared for her own safety. Maybe she had just accepted it all as compensation for getting back her son. Whatever the reason, she knew her husband was right there and had accepted the situation as it was. When JP sees her, the shock of the situation gets to him. He starts laughing before breaking down in tears. But JP remains a man of cunning. He takes his mother upstairs and makes it look like she died in her sleep because he does not want the freezer investigated.

When the sisters hear about Minna’s death, they know what has happened. They decide to get a picture of George in the freezer so that they have something to use against him, but as luck would have it, they don’t find George there. JP has either transferred or disposed of his body somewhere. They are caught by JP when they are leaving, and he tells Becka that he has removed the nose piercing she had given Minna. Becka is inconsolable and is drinking at her grave. Some officers find her and take her to Eva’s place, but not before she confesses the whole thing to them. However, they write it off as drunken blabber. Eva is already mad at JP as he continues to undermine her at work and tells her that he suspects Becka and the sisters of being involved in the recent happenings in his life. But with things as they are, Eva decides that they must take action. They are all going to Wicklow for Grace’s birthday, and she decides to do the deed there. But as usual, things don’t go as planned.

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Is John Paul Dead?

When people come to JP’s house for Minna’s funeral, Roger notices the gravesite for Oscar and figures out that JP is the one who laid out the trap for him. When he and Grace are in Wicklow, he comes over to ask JP why he has done so. JP confesses that he did not like him around his family, and he thought of him as beneath him. Roger just says that he forgives him and leaves. We have a suspicion that Grace had a hand in calling him there or, at the very least, heard the conversation. That night, the sisters were definitely not together. Becka is at the pub, Ursula goes to meet Ben, Bibi is jogging, and Eva spends a restless night in bed. The next morning, they all go ahead to meet Grace, and to their shock, they find a police van parked outside. Grace is in tears as she tells the sisters that JP is dead. After all this time, the ‘prick’ is dead. But whether it really is good news or not remains to be seen.

Final Thoughts: What To Expect From ‘Bad Sisters’ Season 1 Finale?

We had been underwhelmed by Grace’s role throughout the season. Yet, we had a feeling that there was more to her. She comes from Garvey stock, after all. Also, the writers of the show understand their assignment. There would be no better way to conclude this journey other than with Grace being the one to put an end to her troubles herself. Also, there was something about the way Roger confronted JP—devoid of anger, ready to forgive. He has a role to play in all of this. We refuse to believe that he was just a subplot used to drive home the fact that JP was a person beyond evil. And we pray to the gods that Tom finds a solution to his problem. We have a soft spot for him and would be heartbroken if he did not find a happy ending. While we want “Bad Sisters” Episode 10 to come sooner, we are also not ready to say goodbye to this show. Either way, we hope for the best while we mark our calendars for the next week.

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