‘Bang Bang Baby’ Ending, Explained: Was Santo Murdered? Will There Be A Season 2?


The second half of the first season of “Bang Bang Baby” is thrilling as Alice actively takes part in the mafia business. The fifth episode ended with Alice protecting her father from the madness of Nereo Ferrau. Nereo is hellbent on avenging the death of his brother, Salvo Ferrau, and he knew it was Santo Barone who was behind it all. Alice’s father had murdered Salvo when the Domerino came across his wife and Santo making love in his apartment. This murder soured the relationship between the two mafia families, and the deal to build the Malpensa airport fell apart. Alice knew how selfish her father was, but she refused to let him die. Since she could not take him to the hospital, she knew that only Barbarella would be able to help her. Alice was no longer an innocent, awkward teenager; she was a Barone, and she took pride in it. She had two choices now-she could either be the Hulk and save her father, or she could go back to living her ordinary life like Bruce Banner; she chose to be the Hulk.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Bang Bang Baby’ Season 1: Part 2 – Plot Summary

Don Carmine decides to leave the Barone household after the Malpensa deal falls apart. Nona Lina struggled to keep the business under control with her son ruining the deal they had been planning for years. Meanwhile, Assunta had a hard time accepting the fact that her brother, Nereo, was in love with Belfiore, a trans woman. It was not just Nereo’s romance that troubled her, but also the rage that he now carried within himself. He shot dead all those who dared to speak against him, and Assunta could not help him control his nerves. Nereo knew that Santo was alive, and he was determined to murder him. Nereo prioritized his emotions over logic, and even when he was instructed to return home, he refused to do so unless he avenged his brother’s death.

Alice takes Santo to Barbarella and promises to pay her as much as she demands. She wanted to save her father at all costs. Barbarella asked a regular customer who worked as a veterinarian to operate on Santo and remove the bullet from his chest. Unsure at first, he gave in, knowing that a sexual favor was waiting for him if he succeeded. Nereo wanted more cocaine, and Belfiore called the strip club for it, but as luck would have it, she could hear Santo scream over the telephone. Nereo now knew where to find the man, and he waited with Assunta and Belfiore outside the club. Alice’s mother, Gabriella, had been searching for her daughter all over the town and finally reached the club after Alice had contacted her boyfriend, Leonardo. Alice washed the blood off her hand. She was changing, and she could see it. Alice discussed her father’s notoriety with Cleopatra, his favorite at the club. He made her feel like a princess, though she now knew it was all lies and pretense. Alice and Cleo shared a similar fate. They both loved Santo and believed that he could change their lives, but all he ever did was use them whenever he desired.

After the successful operation, the challenge was to take Santo out of the club, knowing how Nereo was waiting like a hawk outside. Barbarella came to their rescue. With a gun in her hand, she warned Nereo to not shoot in front of her club. They had a reputation, and if it was damaged, then it would cost them heavily. Santo was safely boarded in the car, and Gabriella agreed to hide him in the factory till he recovered completely.

Santo did not trust his mother; he knew that her business was of the utmost importance. Alice was new to the game of trust. She believed in Nonna Lina, though she often acted according to her will. In some ways, Alice threatened Nona Lina’s position as the matriarch. She was young with fresh ideas, and she refused to be controlled. She did what she desired, and Nona Lina was not always in favor of it.

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What Plan Did Alice Come Up With To Save Santo? 

Rossano started to find it difficult to keep up with his mafia girlfriend. Even though life with Alice was thrilling, she barely had time for him, and he started to notice the growing closeness between her and Rocco. Rocco helped Alice to seek help from Mr. Fitz, the man who chaired the Holy Society of the drug families. Mr. Fitz was known for looking into a person and finding out the truth, no matter what they said or tried to make him believe. Alice was gambling, but she thought it was worth a try. She met the man. He thought Alice was too brave to make this move, and he sat down with her to listen to her version of the story. Alice attempted to establish that it was Guiseppina who had murdered the Damerino and not her father. Since Guiseppina had shot herself, she planned to use her death to save her father. She established that Guiseppina had confessed to killing her husband before shooting herself in the head. When Mr. Fitz asked her the reason why she burned the body of the Damerino if her father had not killed him, she replied that it was out of her father’s love for Guiseppina. He tried to protect her, but she was too weak to see it through. Even though it was all false, Alice did not tremble once while narrating it. It was a gift that she had gotten from her father, or perhaps to survive, one learns to lie very well. Mr. Fitz could not agree to help her since it was her words against the Ferraus’, but Alice was too convincing to ignore. She noticed the colorful Band-Aid on Mr. Fitz’s arm and added that she was a daughter trying to protect her father just like he would do anything to protect his daughter. Since no one knew he had a daughter, he agreed to help Alice, considering she would keep his secret hidden. He planned to have a word with Nona Lina and the Ferrau cousins to sort out the matter.

At the meeting with the Barone and Ferrau families, Mr. Fitz announced that Santo Barone would be tried in Calabria during the Feast of Our Lady the Polsi. Till then, the business in Milan must not be affected. Nereo objected. He added that revenge was sacred for them, and they resolved such issues with blood. Mr. Fitz sympathized with their situation, and he planned a way to pay them the price for maintaining peace. Barone’s men were expected to collect weapons from the Yugoslavian border, and the profit earned would be shared with the Ferrau family. Till the exchange was completed, Alice had to stay with the Ferrau family. Nonna Lina stated that Santo used to take care of such deals, but Mr. Fitz did not wish to listen to any excuses. Alice enthusiastically proclaimed that she would take care of the exchange. Her father taught her how to pass customs, and she was confident that she could do it. While Nonna Lina was not happy with her suggestion, considering how Alice did not even care to consult her before proposing the idea, Mr. Fitz agreed with Alice. He exclaimed that the youth must be given the opportunity, and Nonna Lina could stay with the Ferrau family until the deal was done.

Gabriella had once told Alice how she and Santo would successfully pass the checkpoints, pretending to be the perfect family. They would even ask the officers to take a picture of them, and no one raised a doubt. Alice, in a gown, and Rocco, in a suit, pretended to be a couple who had just gotten married. While passing the checkpoint, when an officer attempted to examine the trunk of the car, Alice suggested they take a picture of her and Rocco. The police happily obliged, and they passed the point easily. The image of Alice turning into a mafia princess was dramatically shown as she held a gun in her hand and fired multiple rounds into the air. She felt powerful, and she no longer desired to stay hidden.

‘Bang Bang Baby’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Was Santo Murdered? Will There Be A Season 2?

Nereo gradually started to lose it all. Even after multiple attempts, he could not get hold of Santo. The man escaped from Milan in a casket and was safely sent to Calabria, where he could not be touched until the day of the feast. Nereo also realized that he would put Belfiore’s life in danger if he was in a relationship with her. His family would never accept a trans woman as his lover, and to protect her, he had to let go of her. In his uncontrollable rage, he even ruined Assunta’s dream of performing on television. After the dust had settled, he felt like the loser that he was always labeled as. After returning to Calabria, his uncle disowned him, and he was thrown out of the family.

Santo doubted the intention of his mother; he knew that his life was of no value to her. He offered to run away with Alice, but she refused to do so and asked him to go to Calabria, as was the plan. When she saw that a government official frequented the brothel, she planned to blackmail him by capturing a video as he tried to force himself upon her. By risking her life, she managed to get the Malpensa deal for her family. Even though Nonna Lina had the deal back, she still believed that Santo would remain a hassle in their lives and could threaten the ties between the Ferrau and Barone families. She agreed to offer her son in exchange for peace between them. Nonna Lina’s personal life was also disturbed when Gambacorta Baron discovered that his brother was murdered and cremated by her. To maintain her innocence and power, she smashed his head with a pan and killed him at the same spot where she had previously killed her husband. She carried the two bodies to Calabria and burnt them together.

To unite the two families, Nonna Lina planned a marriage between their henchman Rocco and Assunta. Assunta agreed to the marriage at her uncle’s request. The two families celebrated the union together, but Alice was heartbroken. She had fallen in love with Rocco after spending a night with him after their success at the border. Rocco loved Alice as well, but he could not go against the wishes of Nonna Lina. Alice was furious at that point; she knew that her grandmother was aware of her relationship with Rocco, yet she prioritized the business over her emotions. When Santo made Alice realize how her grandmother was in support of Ferrau’s hunt for him, she knew that the woman could not be trusted. As the family celebrated the holy day, Santo was locked inside the house. He managed to escape and sought help from the police. He agreed to be their witness to bring down the mafia family in an attempt to save his life. He asked the police to save Alice as well, and they offered to protect her if she agreed to be a state witness as well. Alice could either go with her family and leave behind the empire and the power that came with it, or she could work for the family and get arrested with them. She agreed to be a witness, but before taking her away to a safe place, the police wanted her to help them record the details of the meeting between the mafia families.

Alice attended the meeting wearing the wire that she was given by the police. The plan was for her to record every detail that the Ndrangheta discussed. As she began to testify for her father in the meeting, she wrote down on a board that she was wearing a wire and asked them to not react. She spoke to the police, but she wrote down her plan for the mafia society. As she started to testify, the members declared that since her father had fled, there was no point in discussing her case, and they played music, knowing that the police could hear them. On the board, Alice wrote down her plan, stating that she would murder her father for peace and honor among the families. Alice apologized to the police since nothing crucial was recorded from the meeting. The police took Alice and Santo to Geneva to protect them before they testified. After two months, one morning, Alice and Santo argued in their hotel room. Alice left the building, and Santo requested the police to allow her to cool down. Alice, that night met with Mr. Fitz. Her blood was added to the blood of all the families who were united together to form the Holy Society. She was given a gun as a holy weapon to shoot her father. The next morning, as her father left the house, she walked up to him and shot him in the chest. His body was stuffed in the trunk of a car, and two men with covered faces drove away. Alice acted innocent in front of the police. She had Jimbo as her alibi. Alice demanded the police allow her to go back home, especially now that her father was murdered. The police allowed her to return home with her mother, though they doubted her and planned to keep an eye on her. Alice was free now. She sat with her mother in the car, who applauded her for the success of her plan. We then see that Rocco and Rossano were the men who had carried Santo in their car. They opened the trunk, and out came Santo, alive. He removed the bullet protection from his chest and smiled. Alice did not make a choice; she chose both her father and her family. She risked her life more than once for her father, and in the end, she orchestrated an elaborate plan to protect him once again.

Going by the fact that the series is inspired by the life of the real mafia princess-Maria Merico, there might be more to the story that is yet to be discussed. Assunta murdered her uncle on the day of her wedding after Nereo had an argument with him about Belfiore, which could affect the dynamics between the Ferrau and Barone families. Meanwhile, Santo continues to live, and to make that possible, Alice conjures up a series of lies that can later bite her back. She had betrayed the police and the Holy Society to keep her father safe, proving the love she had for him. Be it the families or the Holy Society or even the relationship between Rocco and Alicia, the series can come back with another season, considering that they mentioned that the series is to be continued. The first season was surely a promising one. Decoding the world of crime through a sixteen-year-old during the eighties is what makes it interesting. “Bang Bang Baby” highlights the role that women play in the mafia families; while most of the popular culture is dedicated to the Godfathers and Fathers of the mafia families, it is also the grandmothers and mothers who take up an active role to function in the world that is predominantly occupied by men.

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