‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part One: Ending & Post Credit Scene Explained


Chris Palmer’s Batman The Long Halloween fabricates a parallel crime-stricken Gotham city petrified by comic-book Godfather Carmine Falcone, head of a Mafia family, The Roman. Carmine’s character is heavily inspired by Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Don Vito Corleone in Cappola’s The Godfather (1976). In a few scenes depicted in The Long Halloween, Carmine even sports Brando’s famous rose on the coat and his symbolic scratching gesture.

Nevertheless, the mafia syndicate acts as a background to the main narrative. The main plot focuses on the hunt for a mysterious killer, “The Holiday Killer,” who shoots mob men on holidays. The two part-animated films are based on a limited comic book series of the same name written by Jeph Loeb.

‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part 1: Plot Summary

A prologue scene quickly establishes a disagreement between Bruce Wayne and Mafia boss Carmine “The Roman” Falcone. Wayne’s father and Carmine had been long-time friends who entered into a joint venture to build children’s hospitals around Gotham for the welfare of society. In the beginning, Carmine seeks help from Wayne’s successor, Bruce, to launder money for the syndicate. Bruce refuses the requests straight on.

A few days later, on Halloween, Carmine’s nephew Johnny Viti is shot by a mysterious killer called “The Holiday.” He uses a 22 caliber, with taped handle and filed off serial number, silenced by a baby bottle nipple to avoid traceability. Holiday leaves the gun along with jack-o-lanterns at the crime scene.

Three pillars of Gotham city investigate the bizarre high-profile murder mystery. Police Captain James Gordon, District Attorney Harvey Dent, and Gotham’s vigilante Batman join hands to catch the killer.

Dent between The Roman and Harvey

District Attorney Harvey Dent had been framing a case to put Roman and his syndicate behind bars. Roman’s nephew Johnny Viti was going to turn into a state witness and testify against Roman, but he was murdered. Harvey was confident that Roman orchestrated his murder, but his new partner Batman decided to plunge further.

Through Catwoman, Harvey and Batman located Falcone’s warehouse and discovered a stockpile ready for laundering. Batman and Harvey decided the fate of wads and burnt the money soon after based on a coin flip.

Loss of money fueled Harvey’s and Roman’s enmity. In retaliation, Roman hired a paid assassin, San Ho Hui Triad member, Mickey Chen to bomb Harvey’s house as a warning. Harvey and his wife Gilda survived the explosion, but the conflict between crime and justice had just started.

Harvey Dent and Roman’s clash turned out to be the central theme of the narrative, where these two polar characters act as pillars of the story. Batman and Catwoman remained an accessory to the plight, as the story explored Batman’s more humane side and his relationship with his late parents and romantic interest Kyle aka Catwoman.

Carmine Falcone’s heir, Alberto Falcone: A Suspect

Alberto was Carmine’s legal successor who studied at Oxford University. His character backstory and physical demeanor resemble Godfather’s Michael Corleone (portrayed by Al Pacino). Alberto thought he would take over the Mafia Syndicate, but Carmine looked at his over-educated son as a disgrace to the crime family who neither could rule like a leader nor a charm like Bruce Wayne. Carmine regarded Bruce Wayne as an epitome of a perfect son, unaware that he was also his ultimate nemesis.

‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part 1: Ending Explained

Many Arkham’s Asylum prisoners like the Calendar Man hinted that Harvey Dent had all the motives to finish Mob men. But Batman wasn’t ready to accept it. Even Joker broke out of prison and threatened to kill Harvey, considering him as The Holiday. The mysterious killer and its rumors spread like wildfire, and he soon earned respect among criminals. Joker got insecure with the fact that Holiday would replace him as the terrifying homicidal maniac. However, his whole act was a diversion. It didn’t suggest or connect with the main protagonist.

As per Batman’s Occam’s razor, if not Dent, then Falcone’s heir, Alberto, had the most strong motive to slaughter mafia thugs. He was born to inherit an empire but cast aside. He manufactured a crisis that targeted potential successors until he gained control of the family to take over the business. Even Alberto revealed to Selina Kyle that he fell in love with a woman during his Oxford days. But she was wrong for the family, according to his father, Carmine. Carmine insulted the girl and scared her off, a fatal wound Alberto never forgot.

Batman confronted Alberto on Roman’s yacht and accused him of being “The Holiday Killer.” Alberto denied the claims and announced that he had nothing to do with Roman’s family. Contrary he wanted to leave the city and the family once and for all. Batman thought he had solved the Holiday puzzle, but he missed so many pieces all along. Holiday killer shot Alberto and ran off. The riddle of the mysterious killer still haunted Gotham until the end of the film. ‘

Batman The Long Halloween Part Two will investigate the puzzle further.

‘Batman The Long Halloween’ Part One: Post Credit Scene

In the post-credit scene, Bruce visits Alberto’s funeral, where Carmine requests him again to launder his money. However, when Bruce denies his demand, Carmine’s strange associate, Poison Ivy, spellbinds Bruce through her mind-controlling vines.

The stance suggests that Roman will go to any length to launder money and take control of Gotham city. A hypnotized Bruce also means an enchanted Batman, and thus, the fate of Gotham seems eclipsed.

Batman The Long Halloween, is a 2021 Action Thriller Animated film directed by Chris Palmer. The film is divided into two parts. It is based on the DC Comics storyline written by Jeph Loeb and picturized by Tim Sale.

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