‘Baymax!’ Season 1: Recap And Ending, Explained – The Return Of The Medic Robot!


Directed by Dan Abraham, Mark Kennedy, Lissa Treiman, and Dean Wellins, “Baymax!” Season 1, is a continuation of the “Big Hero 6” franchise. “Baymax” is a spinoff that features the friendly robot Baymax going around helping people in his own way. The series is a feel-good watch with short stories and wholesome content. The series starts with a friendly, helpful robot named Baymax. The robot was developed by Tadashi, Hiro’s brother, as a way to help people with their medical issues as well as fears. The series helps Baymax to pinpoint and scan people who are in immediate need of medical attention and also have an innate fear of change. The series is an amalgamation of short stories that describe the helpful nature and the tendency to travel to any end to achieve the medical goal of Baymax. Baymax leaves the house whenever there is a cry for help. He sets off to help whenever a person exclaims in pain.

The first episode features Kiko, an old lady who has some issues with her joints. Arthritis is a common issue in old bones. Due to this, she faces bursts of pain that could affect her healthy life. Baymax immediately comes to her rescue and scans her to locate her issues. Baymax also realizes that she has a fear of confronting the community swimming pool. He then leads her eventually to confront the pool, so that swimming could help her with her pain. He nags her at first, but then figures out another way to help her. This shows the presence of mind that Baymax as a robot has developed.

The second episode focuses on Aunt Cass, who takes care of Hiro and Baymax and also runs a cafe to finance themselves. Baymax takes care of Cass when she falls and hurts her ankle, preventing her from running down and continuing her work. Cass has a fear of losing her customers, so she overcompensates for them and has a tendency to overwork herself. Baymax puts her heart to rest by helping her out, and later, the spycam that Cass had fitted on Mochi, her cat, to spy on Baymax while he was working, helps her pick up on the well wishes that her customers left her with. This helps her focus on getting better.

In the third episode, Baymax helps a middle school kid named Sofia, who is experiencing a change in her body due to puberty. She was preparing for her talent show, and she had her first period right before the talent show. Baymax heard her cry for help due to insufficient menstrual products in the washroom. Baymax sets off to buy some for her. Sofia goes through some inconsistencies that she faces due to her fear of being treated differently. She fears that people are now going to treat her as an adult and not a kid due to her period. Baymax addresses the issue and helps her return and win the talent show.

The fourth episode is about Mbita, who loves his tradition and strives to keep it alive. His parents were the ones to start the business that he wholeheartedly wants to keep running. He feels guilt over changing the menu or anything about the truck and his tradition. This is because his parents had built the business from scratch, and he did not want to sully their hard work. However, he develops an allergy to fish, which is disastrous because his parents’ famous dish is fish soup. His fears overwhelm him, which acts as the cause for his refusal to receive treatment. Baymax chases him around the city to make him accept the treatment; however, Mbita resists it until the end. Baymax then helps Mbita realize that he could work on his business further and still be true to his tradition, which helps Mbita out and helps him overcome his depressive state. Mbita also gained the courage to ask his crush, Yukio, out due to the change he faced.

Yachi appears as a guest during the third episode. The fifth episode focuses solely on its cat life. Yachi begins its day with stretching and later travels to find something to eat. However, the cat craves affection but does not know how to get it. It is paranoid due to its harsh life on the streets. Accidentally, Yachi ingests an airpod that is lodged in its throat. Baymax arrives to help, but Yachi leads him on a merry chase. Eventually, Baymax affectionately helps Yachi get rid of the airpod but loses consciousness due to low battery. Yachi gets its first taste of affection due to Baymax.

Yachi led Baymax on a merry chase to a warehouse that is to be demolished. Baymax, however, loses his charge and shuts down while on his way to find a way to recharge himself. Hiro, on not finding Baymax on his charging station for a day, sets out to find him. All the characters he had helped enlisted themselves to help him find him. Yachi then leads them to the warehouse, and they are set to escape the warehouse with him. Eventually, Baymax arrives at his docking station and recharges himself to function as a medical assistant yet again.

The series also has some short glimpses where they show how Baymax is caught up with the mannerisms of the job he had to do that day. Baymax helps people accept themselves and also helps them overcome their fears. He provides them with a solution to face their fears, with a closure that helps them accept the causes of the fear. The series might feature a second season that returns with more adventures from the friendly robot. His cute tendencies to understand how to be better at what he does really make the series more loveable. After he helped Sofia, he went back home and practiced yo-yo whenever he realized Hiro was not looking. During his time with Cass, Baymax was still seen sleeping talking about his work and how he was helping the employees. Baymax, as an artificially intelligent robot, understands the fears and also picks up on different tendencies prevalent in society. He picks up fast on slang and different ways people behave in society. Artificial intelligence is continuously upgrading, and Baymax is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used as a means to help rather than destroy.

Directed by Dan Abraham, the animated series is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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