‘Beacon 23’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did The Rock Want From Halan?


The fourth episode of Beacon 23 was a walk down memory lane where we saw Milan Aleph, one of the founders of QTA, who arrived at one of his space outposts to find out more about a mysterious comet that he had been hunting for a long time. While the entire episode didn’t make much sense, we believed Episode 5 would shed further light on the entire fiasco. However, the latest episode shifts back to the main plot, thereby continuing Halan and Aster’s story further.

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What Is Aster Calyx’s Next Plan of Action?

After killing her beloved Coley, Aster decided to desert QTA as she didn’t want to work for them anymore. Her personal AI, Harmony, tried to convince her otherwise, but at the back of her head, Aster knew that QTA was the root of all evil and had been planning something really sinister. The said organization didn’t think twice before putting Aster’s life at risk just for the sake of the said mission, and Aster was done working for such people. She wanted a way out or maybe that was her plan since the beginning.

What Did Halan’s Military Suit Reveal?

Harmony unofficially accessed Halan’s military suit to find out more about the mysterious army deserter who had come to Beacon 23. The raw feed from his last mission on planet DX 113 suggested that Halan came across the suspicious blue rocks on the planet’s surface and foolishly removed his spacesuit helmet to take a closer look at them. Unknowingly, the soldier inhaled the substance coming out of the rocks that had infected his brain and caused strong hallucinations. It was probably the substance in his brain that was making him fall unconscious as soon as he came in contact with the rocks on the beacon. Additionally, the effects of these rocks increased twofold in Beacon 23 Episode 5 as Halan started creating fictional narratives inside his mind and also started speaking with the “rock” in his dreams. Is Halan really going mad? And what does the rock want from him?

Why Did Halan Come To The Beacon?

According to Harmony, the virus inside Halan’s mind had triggered his amygdala, which made him believe that someone was following him. It was due to this effect that the man deserted his platoon on DX 113 and passed through some 84,000 solar systems before reaching Beacon 23. But Halan had been in denial for all this time. He believed that he was running out of oxygen, which was why he infiltrated the beacon, but that’s the lie that the rocks made him believe. According to Solomon, the closest combat zone was in the Gem cluster, and there wasn’t any logical reason for Halan to cover such a long distance and arrive at Beacon 23. So, did the rocks bring him there? Exactly!

Bart blurted out the same thing as he told Aster and Harmony that Solomon found these silicate samples in the beacon’s immediate vicinity. He was fascinated by his discovery and, therefore, collected and cataloged his findings in detail in order to share them with the scientific community and make a name for himself. However, Halan’s arrival at the space outposts threatened the entire research, and Solomon decided to escape from the beacon to protect his findings. However, in the process, he lost his life as the ship he boarded to escape was already low on oxygen, which suggests he didn’t survive long after leaving the outpost.

What Did The Rock Want From Halan?

The rocks, whatever they were, didn’t want anyone to find out about them or experiment on them inside a lab, which was why they tried to hamper the research process by any means possible. If we go by the chronology, then as soon as Solomon found these silicate materials, the rocks designed a plan. On another end of the galaxy, they infected Halan and brought him to Beacon 23 to stop Solomon from sharing his findings with QTA or any such authority. Halan unknowingly took part in Solomon’s murder, and for the time being, the rocks were safe inside the beacon, as Halan didn’t have any purpose for them and tried to maintain his distance for obvious reasons. However, Solomon had shared a few details with ISA and QTA, and based on his report, Aster requested that her seniors send her to Beacon 23 to conduct further research. After Aster’s arrival, the rocks’ secret was threatened once again, which was why they started playing with Halan’s mind and, in the end, convinced him to open a shaft in the storage level where all the rocks were stored. In case you didn’t notice, this was the same location that Halan was so afraid of stepping into in the earlier episodes, but in Episode 5, under the spell of these rocks, he didn’t have any effect of these materials on his body. In the end, all the rocks were sucked into outer space, and somehow they started orbiting the Beacon. So this was their plan all along? To jeopardize Aster’s research so she couldn’t throw herself into the rabbit hole? Maybe.

What does the rock ring at the end suggest?

As mentioned in the third episode, Aster’s pendant, given to her by her late mother, was extremely identical to the atomic structure of the silicates in question. Well, it’s really difficult to call it a coincidence now because the rock himself had told Halan that Aster knew their secret, which we guess has something to do with Aster’s mother or her childhood, which she had been hiding all along. It is quite possible that Aster chose this mission because she already knew a dark secret about these silicates and wanted to protect them from falling into the hands of QTA, which is why she was so keen on taking the rocks and leaving the space outpost before the authorities arrived.

At the end of Beacon 23 Episode 5, the rocks orbiting the space outpost assemble into a mysterious structure that Aster had seen before. For a moment, Halan believed that his mind was playing tricks on him again, but Aster’s confirmation establishes the fact that she had been holding back a lot of crucial information and probably felt the need to share it with Halan and the viewers, as we are as clueless as the main protagonist of the show is. Whatever it is, there is one thing that we know for certain, and that is that these rocks don’t want anyone to find them and make them the subject of their research. They probably believe that humanity isn’t ready for their secrets and might end up bringing their own destruction if these secrets are revealed to them. Milan Aleph had the same obsession and vision for the mysterious comet, and maybe these silicates are a part of it, but they want to remain hidden from the human eye. Hopefully, Episode 6 will be able to answer further.

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