‘Beacon 23’ Season 2 Theories And Predictions: What To Expect Next From MGM Series?


The first season of Beacon 23 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving a plethora of questions behind. The show focuses on its protagonist, Aster Calyx, a member of the QTA, who ends up on a space lighthouse only to find out in the end that it was actually her birthplace. The entire Season 1, through its non-linear storytelling, established Aster’s backstory so that, as an audience, we could better understand her pursuit of the space rocks that are termed “relics” in the series’ universe. And even though every person who makes an entry in the show is somehow connected to these “relics,” the show doesn’t make any grand revelations on the nature of this unknown material. Even though the show failed to answer a lot of questions, there are a few things that we expect from Beacon 23 Season 2, and therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.

Spoiler Alert

Bart may return

There is a huge possibility that the quantum AI of Beacon 23, Bart, or Bartholomew will make a return in Season 2, as it hasn’t served its true purpose yet. At the end of Season 1, Bart initiated the self-destruct protocol and burned its own core so as to technically die by suicide. But we believe it was more of a hard reset, as Bart wanted to access the files that his previous owner, Smythe Solomon, had deleted to tame the rogue AI. Since its inception, Bart has created memories with a lot of Beacon Keepers, with a few like Sophie treating him like their own child, which perhaps made him sentient. It was because of these feelings that Bart developed a true likeness for Parsim and, therefore, helped Grisha and Farut desert the lighthouse. Additionally, it was Bart who had suffocated Milan Aleph to his death because the man posed a threat to his current owner, Sophie. In short, Bart has crossed his technical limitations from time to time for the greater good of humanity and, therefore, may return in the next season to protect Aster in case any tragedy befalls her.

For those who don’t remember, Bart gifted a pendant to young Parsim before she left the lighthouse. The gift had a symbol that was almost identical to the molecular structure of the “relics,” but there was no way Bart could have known about it. The reason is that Bart, being an AI, couldn’t see the relics or the artifact, which makes us suspicious of the entire ordeal. How could Bart possibly know the molecular structure of a material if he had never seen it? Additionally, in the final episode, Bart was able to predict the appearance of the artifact based on some data that he came across. However, his entire testimony throughout the episode has been quite shaky, which makes us believe that he has been holding a lot of information and may reveal his secrets in the upcoming season.

Aleph’s true motives will be revealed

A brief conversation between Aleph and Sophie in Episode 4 pointed out the fact that the tech genius wanted to harness the powers of the artifact to fulfill a purpose we were unaware of. It could be possible that Aleph himself doesn’t have any goals in mind, as he didn’t quite understand the nature of the materials. He might be just following his narcissistic impulse to own the unknown so that it could serve his ambitions. Or perhaps he wanted to bring back his lost daughter through it or give meaning to her death. He believed that his greatest discovery would bring an end to the endless suffering, but the man didn’t know how.

When Aster asked the same question of Milan’s digital consciousness, Aleph, he told her that his previous form believed that his existence was dependent on what was inside the artifact. The unknown material made Milan see his past, present, and future, just like Aster, which brings us to the theory that the artifact may have the power to travel through time. Perhaps Milan wanted to use them to alter his past so that he could become a better person and not lose his daughter in the process. In the case of his AI avatar, Aleph is just continuing the pursuit without truly understanding the nature of the materials. We are certainly going to get more context about his motives in Beacon 23 Season 2.

The True Nature of the Artifact

Since the beginning of the series, the true nature of the artifact has been in question, and no one really knows where it comes from or what it really wants. The artifact has the power to control the human mind and make them see things that aren’t real. In Aster’s case, she saw her younger self in these visions, which brought her memories back. Perhaps it has the same effect on all human beings and somehow can access their memories to lure them into a void. It could be an alien spaceship or a portal that transports an individual to another realm. Or it could be a group of aliens trying to communicate with humans and deliver a message, as Keir believed. But what message could it be? Are they trying to stop us from destroying ourselves, just like Bart predicted in Episode 4?

Additionally, the artifact doesn’t have the same effect on Halan as it has on others. In the previous episodes, Harmony had found traces of these “relics” inside Halan’s head, which implied that the material had been poisoning him for a long time. Our theory is that Halan responds differently to these materials, as he is not completely human but more of a hybrid soldier fitted with mechanical parts that turn him into a super soldier. But for some reason, the “relics” didn’t affect Halan in Episode 7 when he found a piece of it inside his spaceship, which suggests that the artifact wants him to travel into it with Aster and at least accept his existence.

We have strong reasons to believe that the artifact is indeed some sort of portal, as in Episode 6, Doctor Ree Avalon made a similar attempt to enter the artifact and later disappeared without a trace. It is most likely that she is still alive, as Bart was unable to locate her dead body in the vicinity, but if she is alive, why hasn’t she tried to communicate with other beacon keepers? We are sure Avalon is going to return in Season 2 and reunite with Bart, a union we are eager to watch.

Aster will turn into a Messiah

It is no surprise that the world in Beacon 23 needs saving from the ongoing human expansion. Millions of people in the outer rings die because of a lack of resources and isolation from their communities. The activist group, The Column, isn’t in favor of such expansion, which is why it wanted to destroy all the lighthouses so as to hamper space travel. Aster, too, grew up on an isolated planet called Menelaus, which is why she understood the consequences of human expansion and the living conditions in these colonies. There may be a reason why the artifact brings Aster back to the space station, as she may have a part to play in the grand scheme of things. Our guess is that she will eventually become the messiah of the people and will put an end to unwanted technological advances that are destroying humanity from within.

Additionally, if the time travel theory is correct, the artifact may help Aster go back in time so that she can stop the ISA from building the space outposts. In such a case, no one will ever try to explore the unknown corners of the universe, and the artifact will stay hidden forever. It will also fulfill The Column’s goal of putting an end to unwanted human expansion so that humans can focus on the resources they have and build a stronger society with them. Instead of separating people from their communities, Aster may encourage them to spend their lives with their loved ones, as it is one of the themes that the show has been focusing on since the beginning. It was implied in the earlier episodes that human expansion cost Milan his daughter’s life, and Sophie was separated from her sons.

I haven’t read Hugh Howey’s books, and I am not sure what turn of events will follow in Beacon 23 Season 2. However, I do know that the next season is indeed going to answer a lot of questions that Season 1 leaves us with. In the end, the show is going to make Halan and Aster spend the rest of their lifetimes together on a planet with an ocean and some real booze, where the man can learn to surf. It is the happy ending that the couple believes in, and perhaps they might achieve it in the end.

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