‘Beckett’ Ending, Explained – Why did Beckett save Dimos Karras?


John David Washington has done intense cardio in his Crime Thriller film. The American tourist, Beckett, played by John, has been running from one spot to another with minimal breaks. After suffering a tragedy, the protagonist finds himself entangled in political unrest in a foreign country. After it, everything else is just a collage of chase and run that slowly reveals the cause and effect as the plot moves further.

The film is directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and is based on the screenplay written by Kevin A. Rice. It stars John David Washington in the lead role.

Plot Summary

American tourist Beckett (John David Washington) and his girlfriend, April (Alicia Vikander), vacationing in Greece, booked a hotel at Syntagma Square in Athens. But due to a political rally for Greece’s political leader, Karras, in Athens, they relocated their vacation spot. They decided to move to a place near Loannia for a peaceful ambiance. However, Beckett falls asleep on their overnight car trip, and the car slips off the road and hits a house.

Beckett wakes up in a hospital and finds out that April is dead. He mourns over her death and blames himself for the tragedy. Beckett walks to the accident spot and tries to take away his life by gulping down Ambien (sleeping pills). However, before he can harm himself, a blonde woman shoots at him. Beckett soon finds out that the armed lady is involved with the police who want to kill him for reasons unknown.

Beckett runs away from the Greece authorities with the motive to reach the U.S. Embassy in Athens, which is his only support system in a foreign country. As he tries to survive, the journey reveals deeper and darker secrets of political tension in Greece.

Why did the Police Officer shoot at Beckett?

In his statement, Beckett revealed to Officer Xenakis that he saw two people in the house (hit by their car) before fainting out. He saw a woman with a redhead teenager.

The redhead boy, Dimos, was the nephew of a famous political leader, Karras. The boy was kidnapped by a far-right ultranationalists fascist group called Sunrise to threaten Karras to step down from the upcoming elections. He was building a coalition to reverse the austerity measure imposed on Greece by the European Union. However, Sunrise extremists had a different vision for the country.

The monarchs of Sunrise had police and law under their rule and thus did their best to push down Karras. When Beckett disclosed the information about witnessing Dimos in the mountains of Loannia, Officer Xenakis, along with other fascist hunters, tried to kill him to keep his mouth shut. Beckett accidentally became the target of a manhunt.

Why didn’t the U.S. embassy help Beckett?

Well, that’s politics. Beckett met Stephen Tynan (Boyd Holbrook), an employee of the U.S. embassy in Athens who promised to help him and clear his name to return to the states. Little did Beckett know that Stephen supported “Sunrise” in their ploy.

It is hard to underline Stephen’s motive to support the fascist group as his narrative fluctuated. Initially, he painted Karras a communist. Later, when an extremist shot Karras, and Beckett attacked Stephen to save his soul, Stephen weaved a narrative that pointed out Karras’ involvement with the Mafia to whom Karras owed a lot of money.

Beckett finally understood that Stephen had been lying all along. Thus, in the end, instead of giving the crap politics a thought, he used the rod to end it all. Probably, Stephen died from such vengeful thrashing.

‘Beckett’ Ending Explained

After Karras’ murder, the mob of activists went out of control. The streets witnessed the chaos. While running away from riots, Beckett saw the blonde woman who had been chasing him from the beginning.

Beckett found Officer Xenakis and the female shooter inside a car as he reached a terrace parking lot. He attacked them both when someone from the car trunk called out for help. Beckett thrashed (killed) the blonde shooter and jumped on Xenakis’s car while he was trying to flee. In the end, Beckett finally saved Dimos Karras from Sunrise captivity.

Why did Beckett save Dimos Karras?

Beckett’s last words before the screen faded out were, “I should have died.” The expression suggested that he still blames himself for April’s death. His act of bravery to save Dimos was Beckett’s way to reconcile his mistake.

At the beginning of the film, April’s words suggested that Beckett was a reserved guy. She advised him, “You just pretend other people are me. Just pretend it’s me, and you won’t hold back.” Maybe Beckett’s pursuit of saving Dimos was a mental trick to save April. Well, we all have our mechanism against guilt and grief, so here it is.

Beckett is a 2021 Crime Thriller Film directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino. The film is written by Kevin A. Rice and stars John David Washington in the lead role.

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