Did Jordan Forster, Paul, And Danny Cho Survive The Finale Of ‘Beef’ Season 1? 


Our actions always affect those around us and Danny and Amy’s “all stakes in” beef pulled everyone around them into the consequences of their actions. Danny and Amy had tried to keep the people close to them out of their beef but since their families were their weakness, it is no surprise that they were often caught in the crossfire. Therefore, let us take a look if the following three people made it out alive from Danny and Amy’s fight.

Spoilers Ahead

Jordana ‘Jordan’ Forster

Jordan has been quite the character on “Beef.” We know her primarily through her interactions with Amy, and we can sum up by saying that she is all about women’s empowerment, has a slight disregard for homemakers, and is casually racist. She does everything she can to make Amy’s life easy, but Jordan is also a lonely person, and she often manipulates the situation in a way that forces Amy to spend more time with her. We might even say that Jordan was probably somewhat attracted to Amy; finding an ambitious fellow woman who had given her all for her work and was now looking to just relax with her family was something Jordan could resonate with. But on the other hand, she really could not help her racism, like when she told Amy that she could get something for cheaper in China or when she tried explaining Amy’s own culture to her, and finally, when she asked Amy whether being caring was a cultural thing. But Jordan is a billionaire who currently holds the key to Amy’s happiness, so the latter has no choice but to suck it up and play along.

However, Jordan also has a certain fascination with collecting artifacts from across cultures, though we doubt it is more about the collector’s pride than cultural respect. She also has no qualms about stealing her brother’s wife for herself and then continuing to treat her badly. Jordan treats Naomi like a trophy wife, even before we realize that they are an item. Though it is not explicit, the disregard seems to go beyond wanting to keep personal and professional matters separate. It has been shown that Amy somewhat looked down on Naomi for being a homemaker, which, in her words, meant sitting at home the whole day. It is possible that Jordan shared this disregard. This kind of disrespect in relationships usually means that love is always lacking, which is why Jordan did not hesitate to tell the intruders to take Naomi if that was their objective.

We come to know that, similar to Amy, Jordan was finding it difficult to stay happy, and she tried looking for it in her artifacts and conquests. But Naomi had had enough of that. When escaping from the intruders, Naomi might have waited a second longer if she truly loved Jordan or if she believed that Jordan loved her. But neither had bothered to build that relationship between them. For one, it was probably access to more money, and for the other, the relationship was just another thing in an empty life. Jordan dies by getting trapped between the doors of the safe room. Honestly, she did not deserve such a brutal death. The only salvaging point for her is that probably right before she died, she found a moment of understanding for herself with Amy.

Paul Cho

It was true when Amy said that Paul was a child. He had always been different from his brother and did not hold himself to the same high standard as him, nor did he care to follow the rules as Danny did. It is true that Danny actively tried to sabotage Paul’s chances at a different life by confusing his crypto accounts and even throwing away his college applications. But then, Paul always gave up on the first try. He was a grown man, and he really had no direction in his life. It can be argued that being that young, he still needed a strong guiding hand, but we don’t understand why, in the absence of that from Danny, Paul’s parents did not step in.

Paul had an easy manner about him, which was based on the fact that he never really worked hard for anything. He thought making money was easy and spoke about how much he could earn without ever thinking about how that money would come about. In addition to this immaturity, Paul also never learned manners, and that showed itself in the way he treated Amy when she did not give him money. But despite everything, Paul is a good guy who loves his brother. He is not ready to leave him behind until the very last minute and only goes when Danny reveals how toxic he has been to him. Paul is alive at the end of the series, “Beef,” and he texts Danny that he is blocking him for good. Maybe that is for the best since he needs direction in his life, and Danny has a lot of work to do on himself before he can provide that for Paul.

Danny Cho

Danny is the only person in the series other than Amy who can fight against everyone but their own demons. But maybe that is the wrong way to put it. They fight against everyone because they don’t fight against their demons. Danny and Amy meeting each other and their ensuing beef through months ensures that they give an outlet to a lot of repressed feelings. Finally, when they reach a point where they have to face that their anger at each other is their anger and disappointment in their own lives, they are able to see that maybe, despite coming from different lives, they are more similar than they think.

Nothing breeds friendship more than similarity, and that marked the starting point of a new relationship between Danny and Amy. However, considering that they were in the wilderness when this happened, only those two knew about their friendship, and when George saw Amy with Danny, he assumed that she was in danger and shot at George to protect his wife. As the episode closes, we see Danny on his hospital bed, wrapping his arm around Amy. We have no idea if the wound was fatal or not. If it was, Danny wouldn’t survive, and Amy might try to pick up the pieces of his life while blaming herself. If Danny lives, he will be one of Amy’s best friends, and they can both help each other through their lives’ most trying times, which are about to descend on them. We hope for the latter.

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