‘Behind Your Touch’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Killed Cha Ju Man?


Did we say that we don’t expect a love story between Ye Bun and Jang Yeol in Behind Your Touch? But we are seeing a beautiful friendship develop, and that might just be better. On the other hand, we feel bad for thinking that Ok Hui hated Ye Bun because she has shown her a lot of love and protection in these episodes. We can tell that Behind Your Touch will have a sweet ending, and until then, here is the recap of episodes 11 and 12.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Kim Seon Woo?

After having called him shady for the better part of the runtime of Behind Your Touch, it only makes sense that we first address what we have come to know about him. Seon Woo is the son of a woman, Lee Eun Suk, who was once best friends with Ye Bun’s mother, Mi Ok. Lee Eun Suk was the Chairperson of the Emergency Committee that was organized while protesting for the citizens’ rights after the redevelopment plans fell through. It was said that she took a hefty compensation and escaped to Seoul with her son. But when Hyeon Ok and Jong Mook investigate her, they find that she has been missing for many years now.

In fact, when she came to Seoul, she did not have any money and was pinching pennies to take care of her son, Seon Woo. We can only deduce that in such a case, she must have been threatened to leave her post and save her life if she did not want anything terrible to happen to her. All this time later, Seon Woo is back in Woojin to investigate his mother’s disappearance. He tells Ye Bun that when she first went missing, he just resented her, as is expected of someone so young. But now that he has grown up, he wants answers. Seon Woo does not meet Cha Ju Man for the first time in Woojin. When the Assemblyman had come to his college to give a lecture, he had walked right out. We had previously thought that Seon Woo may be related to Ju Man by family, but it turns out that the matter is something else.

Currently, Jang Yeol cannot tell Jong Mook why he suspects that Seon Woo is the killer without revealing Ye Bun and Gwang Sik’s psychometric powers, which would only make him look insane. As for Jong Mook, other than this piece of information, there is nothing he really knows or suspects about Seon Woo, so with this guy, it is back to square one. Jang Yeol is constantly keeping an eye on him, but Seon Woo is aware of it, which means that if he really wants to do something, he would know to be discreet. When Jong Mook and Jang Yeol are trying to understand how and why Seon Woo may be the serial killer, Jang Yeol wonders whether betrayal is his motivating factor. Si A had betrayed her fans by lying about having a boyfriend; Seung Gil had betrayed Jang Yeol; and Ju Sik had betrayed her friend at the coffee shop. But it all comes back to how Seon Woo knew it. Unless Jang Yeol reveals Ye Bun’s psychometry powers to the Captain, he has no proof to back his claims.

What was Cha Ju Man’s scam?

Years earlier, when Yoon Deok Young was the Assemblyman of the area, Cha Ju Man was his right-hand man. The area had been hyped up by both of them, and they were the ones who told the residents of Woojin that it was going to be up for redevelopment, which skyrocketed the prices. People went into debt trying to get a plot there, and when the plans fell through, most people lost everything. Nothing was ever built on that land, and to this day, there has been nothing on it. Back then, Cha Ju Man was the one who convinced everyone to invest in it, but it is a given that he was working with his boss. Ye Bun and Seon Woo’s mother were some of the few people on the side of the victims.

Technically, the Assemblyman cannot be charged with anything because it is not his fault that the redevelopment did not happen. In fact, he hyped up the place for the people but never forced them to invest in it. Woojin being a small town in the middle of nowhere meant that people did not care that much about it. Yet Mi Ok and Lee Eun Suk had been relentless as they suspected a larger scam. Cha Ju Man was supposed to testify in court against his boss about how this was all a deliberate plot to buy back the land at a lesser price, but he backed out at the last minute, and all charges were dropped, and the man went on to become a minister in the government. Ye Bun already suspects him because of what she saw when she touched him at the festival, but the web is getting deeper.

Who killed Cha Ju Man?

Since the day of the prawn festival, Ye Bun’s interest in the Assemblyman and her mother’s suicide has been piqued. She first asks the Assemblyman about her mother since he was supposed to be close to her when she was alive. Ju Man tells her that Mi Ok seemed depressed and was having a tough time. Ye Bun even asks Jang Yeol to find out about her mother’s case, and he tells her pretty much the same thing that is in the records. However, what becomes clear is that had Cha Ju Man not given the statement about Mi Ok being depressed, her death wouldn’t have been so easily ruled out as a suicide, and it would have been investigated further.

Meanwhile, Cha Ju Man has people keeping an eye on Ye Bun, and he lets her know that he is aware of her closeness with Jang Yeol. Ju Man even misbehaves with Ye Bun’s grandfather, and she comes to know that when she touches her dog, that dog is there at the scene. Ye Bun tries asking her grandfather once again what had happened with her mother and what he was doing, but he once again pushes away Ye Bun, saying that his daughter left the house because she met a man and had Ye Bun. If Ye Bun was never born, then Mi Ok would have never left the house, and she would have been alive.

An upset Ye Bun goes to sleep at Ok Hui’s place, but the one thing she is sure of is that her mother’s death was not a suicide. We would also like to draw your attention to how Ye Bun and Jang Yeol are slowly becoming friends. It would be too much to say they are being romantic, but they have reached a place of care and concern for each other.

Ok Hui comes up with a plan for Ye Bun to touch Ju Man. She gets him drunk, and for a minute, we are convinced that Ok Hui is going to lose, but she wins, barely. At the end of Behind Your Touch episode 12, Ye Bun touches Ju Man and finds that he had killed Mi Ok after taking the evidence of the malpractice in the redevelopment plans and destroying it. He had erased all evidence and witnesses by killing Mi Ok.

Later, when Jang Yeol goes to Ju Man’s office, he finds him dead and Mr. Jung lying unconscious with the knife. He is suspected of Ju Man’s murder, but Ye Bun isn’t convinced. Jang Yeol asks her to touch him to find out the truth, but Ye Bun is scared, as that would give her confirmation about whether he really hates her or not. Towards the end, when Ye Bun realizes by looking at some old photos that her grandfather had long forgiven his mother and had visited her at her protests, she feels safer and wants to know what he saw. We see one memory where Mr. Jung had actually been proud of Ye Bun for getting into veterinary school, even though he had pretended not to care. We don’t know what else Ye Bun saw, but her grandfather passed away, and the shaman was arrested as a suspect for killing Ju Man.

Final Thoughts

We suspect that Ju Man’s previous boss had him killed. After the scam they pulled off, it was a given that he would keep an eye on him forever. Perhaps Ju Man had gotten a little too reckless, so it was thought that killing him would be the best idea. On the other hand, the preview makes us think that the police will find the serial killer next week. Let’s see how that goes.

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