‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Seon Woo Dead?


Finally, we have our two big answers in Behind Your Touch Episode 14, and they make us furious more than anything else. It is now that Jang Yeol decides that he likes Ye Bun, when the show is pretty much about to end, and Ye Bun is too caught up with other things to even spare him a glance. And did we need to see Seon Woo’s innocence proved this way? If we come to know that Behind Your Touch writers are planning a sequel, we are going to be furious because this show is not entertaining enough for us to sit through more filler plots, which were less than mediocre in the first half of the show. 

Spoiler Alert

What happens to Gwang Sik?

At the start of Behind Your Touch Episode 14, as Ye Bun and Jang Yeol are discussing the possibility of Gwang Sik being the serial killer, the man is following someone, and it turns out that he is the victim himself. Jang Yeol once again suspects Seon Woo, who has some blood on his hands, but Ye Bun defends him, saying that he couldn’t have been it. Gwang Sik managed to get to the supermarket in his final moments to meet Ye Bun and whispered one word to her, which was “black.” It has to be the clue to the serial killer, and Ye Bun and Jang Yeol need to understand what it is.

However, with Gwang Sik’s death, they can rule out the possibility that he was lying or that he is the serial killer. Once again, they have to go by the theory that there were three people during the meteor shower that day, and Gwang Sik was telling the truth. This means that now there is one person other than Ye Bun who has psychometric powers, and he is killing people. Honestly, Gwang Sik’s death was uncalled for, and the writers could have done better.

As of now, Jang Yeol is worried for Ye Bun since she is the killer’s next likely target, and she does not stop hanging out with Seon Woo since she believes he is innocent. It looks like there was a real possibility of something between Ye Bun and Seon Woo, and he actually likes her and is not just playing around. We were not expecting this. It just means that the real second lead is Jang Yeol.

Is everyone suspecting Seon Woo?

Moving on, the major crimes division also suspects Seon Woo, and they bring him in for interrogation. But there is absolutely no evidence against him, and there is nothing anybody can do except run circles around this man. As for Jang Yeol, he decides to further investigate how the killer may have gone about his business. By looking at Gwang Sik’s wounds, he can solidify his theory that the killer used to attack his victims with his eyes closed. But looking at Gwang Sik, the person definitely had their eyes open since they were able to directly stab the vital points. It just means that all Ye Bun has to do is touch Seon Woo to confirm this, but she trusts him and doesn’t want to do such a thing. The shaman, who is Seon Woo’s roommate, is still on watch duty, and Seon Woo definitely knows about it.

Elsewhere, Jong Muk’s boss knows about his sneaking around to get evidence, and Jong Muk’s heartfelt plea has absolutely no effect. The team is ordered to go somewhere else for the day to keep them away from the official team’s work. This means that Jang Yeol is worried for Ye Bun’s safety. Ye Bun continues to spend time with Seon Woo and even accompanies him to his workshop. Jang Yeol reaches there, and we wish he had been more smooth with his words. Where is Deok Hui to translate between the lines for him when the actual need is there? He disappeared after doing that in the first few episodes.

Seon Woo asked Ye Bun to accompany him, as she could be his alibi, since the entire town, except her, thinks he had something to do with the killings. Ye Bun agrees, and now we suspect that an alibi was just an excuse by Seon Woo to take her out on a date. Probably even Jang Yeol senses that, and he says that if Ye Bun just wants to date, she should pick him. It wasn’t that hard to choose the words to properly say that he cared about her. What was the need for such a remark? This is just one of the many reasons we hate brooding heroes. Ye Bun obviously doesn’t listen to him and goes about her date and day.

Is Seon Woo Dead?

Before leaving for his official duties, Jang Yeol locks up Ye Bun in jail so that she will be safe. He even takes her phone away from her so that she won’t be able to contact anyone. Now, Ye Bun does something that makes us realize just how sharp she can be and how overshadowed this aspect of her personality has been by her supposed naivete. She tells the truth to the officer in charge, which makes him think that she has gone insane, and he releases her.

The first thing that Ye Bun does with her freedom is to go and meet Seon Woo because he calls her. As she is going to his workshop, she is accompanied by the shaman, who is trying to protect her. At the cottage, Ye Bun spots a toolbox, and she knows that she has to open and check it, especially seeing how annoyed Seon Woo is at Ye Bun having company. He could be the murderer, or he could be someone looking forward to a good date that just went down the drain. The overprotective shaman keeps Seon Woo away from Ye Bun as she opens the toolbox and finds the murder knife inside it. 

During Behind Your Touch Episode 14’s ending, as Ye Bun is trying to run away, Seon Woo follows her with the knife. He should have realized the optics of the situation. Lucky for his reputation, though not for his life, they encounter the real serial killer, and Seon Woo protects Ye Bun. She manages to call Jang Yeol, and while he is on his way, Ye Bun finds that Seon Woo is lying there, stabbed. What should have been his date night turned into the last night of his life.

Final Thoughts

Behind Your Touch Episode 15 preview tells us that Seon Woo dies due to the wound. That leaves some questions, one of which is: Where is the shaman? There is the fact that Gwang Sik chose to visit Ye Bun while he was dying. Why make such an effort and not just tell the secret to the closest person? Also, why did Seon Woo have the knife with him, and what exactly did he want to tell Ye Bun? This show can finally give us the answers next week.

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