‘Behind Your Touch’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Ye Bun Find About Ju Man?


Behind Your Touch continues with its lighthearted eccentricity surrounding a serial killer and the supernatural abilities of the protagonist. It is at a stage where it is certainly entertaining, but we are just getting a little tired of how much it is being dragged out. The subplots and funny gags take up more space than the actual narrative, and we would really like it to pick up speed now. Until then, here is a recap of episodes 9 and 10.

Spoiler Alert

Who Is The Serial Killer’s Next Target?

Now that Ae Ran is back, the idea is that after going through the proper police procedures, she would go with Gwang Sik. But that is not what happens, as Ju Sik, her colleague and friend at the coffee shop, turns out to be on the side of the owner. She tells the owner where Ae Ran is, and that gets her taken back. Ye Bun is angry at having her trust violated, but then she comes to know that if anything happened to Ae Ran, her debt would have to be settled by Ju Sik. By running away in this manner, Ae Ran had put Ju Sik in a much tougher situation, which had turned the latter against her. Ae Ran is trying to get over her disappointment, and to protect Gwang Sik, she tells the coffee shop owner that she never liked him and was just using him for her escape.

Meanwhile, Ye Bun is upset at how she is constantly misreading people and situations, even with her powers. As she is drinking, she runs into Seon Woo. Sweet Seon Woo, who is at the center of all suspicions this week, tells her not to tell him her secrets. This can be understood in two ways: one, that he was actually protecting her, and two, that he was avoiding any suspicion from coming onto him. What cannot be denied, however, is that there is some connection between him and Assemblyman Cha, who has won that election for that particular town.

Meanwhile, Ye Bun decides not to give up on Ju Sik and insists on helping her and Ae Ran both. But Ju Sik has no trust in her, even though she insists on her good intentions. When Ju Sik ditches Ye Bun, and the latter has to find her way back, she finds that Ju Sik is in trouble and is the next target of the serial killer. Ye Bun rescues her and asks her to wait while she gets help. Here is where things may have gone wrong. Ye Bun trusts nobody, even though she finds a bunch of residents of Mujin going back to town on a bus. In the time it took her to find Detective Moon Jang Yeol, the killer found Ju Sik and killed her.

How Do Jang Yeol And Ye Bun Narrow Down The Killer?

Ye Bun is sure that no one could have known where Ju Sik was since only she knew the place. And since they are going on the assumption that the third person in the cow shed on the night of the meteor shower also has powers and is the killer, it means he may know about Ye Bun. Therefore, to avoid detection, he not only covers his face but also his eyes since Ye Bun can only see what the other person has seen. This would explain why he staggered and why his aim was so off when killing people. This brings them all back to square one, along with the fact that Ye Bun continues to be in danger. They bring Gwang Sik into their investigation, and since he is the one who saw the shadow of the person, he tells Jang Yeol that the man is taller than him but shorter than the detective.

Jang Yeol has never liked Seon Woo, and when he sees how easily he fits that description, his suspicions are on him once again, especially since he has no alibi for the night of Ju Sik’s murder. But there is also nothing connecting Seon Woo to the killer other than Jang Yeol’s feelings. On the other hand, Jang Yeol helps get Ae Ran out of the contract by taking over her job at the coffee shop. Having no other option, the owner had to let Ae Ran go to be able to keep her customers.

Other things aside, Ok Hui is still struggling with her feelings, and as for Hyeon Ok, she has gotten the green light from her father to be with Jong Mook. Even Hyeon Ok’s ex-husband isn’t able to do anything despite his insinuations that the divorce happened due to Hyeon Ok’s affair, though that is far from the truth. Jong Mook initially tries to deny his feelings for her, but he isn’t able to hide them for long, and the two end up going out once again.

What does Ye Bun find about Ju Man?

Since a local festival is being held, which is rather important for the reputation of the town, Jang Yeol comes up with a scheme where Ye Bun and Gwang Sik can touch people to know their memories. Even the shaman is in on this, though he knows the facts selectively.

At the festival itself, while touching the police officers, they learn that Seon Woo was around the cowshed on the night of the meteor shower. But they still need a clearer view of it. One thing leads to another, and Ye Bun gets her hands on the shaman himself. And it is from his memories that they are now sure that Seon Woo was the one near the cowshed when Ye Bun and Gwang Sik got their powers. But the web has gotten more complicated now since it’s not just Seon Woo but the shaman and Cha Ju Man who were around the spot. Any of them could have the powers, and either one of them could be a serial killer.

Seon Woo has been shady since the beginning, and when we saw how he held Ye Bun’s phone, we wondered if he could read the memories of inanimate objects. After all, there must be some meaning to the camera, showing us pointedly how Ju Sik held onto the keychain in her final moments. Perhaps he can track people through such things as well, and that is why he was insistent that Ye Bun not tell him her secrets because he could find out anyway.

Then there is Assemblyman Cha Ju Man. He is rumored to have benefited from the redevelopment plans that went under ten years ago. Ye Bun’s grandfather was investigating that, and he has given up on it for some reason, which is why he hands over all his materials to Jong Mook. We also saw a lot of cracks in Ju Man’s impeccable demeanor in the episode, so we know that he is faking a fair bit of his personality. At the end of Behind Your Touch Episode 10, Ye Bun touches him and sees that he had seen her mother when she was dead in her car. This means that he was likely the one to push her underwater, painting it as a suicide or aiding it in some way. As for Hyeon Ok, even she finds the data her father has given Jong Mook and demands to know what it is, since that was the case her sister was investigating right before her death.

Final Thoughts

The coming episodes of Behind Your Touch will explore the mystery of Ye Bun’s mother’s death, which will probably end up exposing Assemblyman Cha and whatever his connection is with Seon Woo. Things have gotten sufficiently tangled up, and with just six more episodes to go, we would like more answers than mysteries.

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