‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Ye Bun Discover Her Power?


We take back our words about Behind Your Touch being a good save from an abysmal week of K-drama episodes. A promising first episode led to absolutely nothing, as the second episode is shockingly dull. There must be something wrong in the air because Korean dramas and series usually nail situational comedy. But the second episode was so annoying that we dreaded what was to come in future episodes. We still have hope for the love story of Ye Bun and Jang Yeol, but it is hanging by a thread. Let us go through the recap for now.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens At The Fish Farm?

Ye Bun’s one act of kindness went very far, and the man whose dog she had treated in the first episode told everyone that she was a good vet and they should go to her. As expected, she gains overnight success, and everything she tells the clients about their pets and their problems turns out to be true. We want to know whether Ye Bun was ever a good vet. She is the one of the few in Mujin, and people seem to have plenty of pets in the town. In such a case, why was she not getting clients? It is not as if the people had other options except for her. And Ye Bun’s finances are terrible, so why is she not more concerned about money? Does she think that her grandfather, who hates her, will leave some for her? Her aunt tells her to keep working because a somewhat busy period is not enough to secure them financially. However, Ye Bun doesn’t listen because she loves her hair more than money.

When the cow farmer, who she had been with on the night of the meteor shower, tells her that he has also gained some powers but is losing his hair as a result of using them, Ye Bun is scared that the same will happen to her. That is why she decides to shut down the clinic for a while, much to her aunt’s annoyance. We would be annoyed too. Earn the money and use it to get a wig. Would Ye Bun rather have food on her table or hair on her head? Her choice is clearly the latter, so she gets stubborn about keeping the clinic closed. Luckily, her aunt is not having it, and on the pretext of spending a day out with her, she sends her niece to a flat fish farm where she must vaccinate the fish for a few days. On the plus side, Ye Bun gets her wish of having some nice fish soup. On the flip side, she only has fish soup to eat for days and gets sick of it, enough so that she will never ever ask her aunt for it again, who cannot cook it anyway.

A savior comes for Ye Bun from the unlikeliest of places. It is Jang Yeon who is desperate for a case to take him back to Seoul. He has been transferred to Mujin because he ended up ruining a year-long investigation, and some of his actions caused all the collected evidence to be destroyed. He is being punished in this new place, and unless he does something big, he will be stuck here forever. Jang Yeon gets information from his colleague in Seoul that the drug ring will be passing through Mujin. That is why Jang Yeon becomes extra alert and gains a reputation in town as a madman who will taste any white powder. When he gets information about the flatfish farm, that is where his suspicions go, and he ends up raiding the place. The bland-as-hell comedy of errors aside, the running gag of Jang Yeon flipping Ye Bun on her back is getting old and uncomfortable.

The entire staff of the flatfish farm, along with the vets, end up in the police station, and Ye Bun finally gets some better food. But she also finds fresh trouble when she accidentally touches Yeom Jong Hyeok, a fellow vet, and gets a vision of a woman being held hostage. But Ye Bun cannot trust her vision since she sees nothing when she touches her best friend and is confused about what is happening. Ye Bun is bailed out along with the others when the man her grandfather is campaigning for asks for their release. Jang Yeol turns into a total suckup, and it is so clear that nobody is going to respect him going forward. As for the investigation of the flat fish farm, it falls flat.

Does Ye Bun Discover Her Power?

Since Jang Yeol’s drug investigation is a spectacular failure, he is asked by his boss to write up an apology letter, which he fails to do because his ego doesn’t apologize for his wrong hunches. His boss gives him a “murder” case to get him off his back, and to Jang Yeol’s intense embarrassment and disappointment, it was onions that had died and not people. We are just not fond of the 10–15 minutes of this arc’s attempted comedy. Jang Yeol’s show-off of being a superior detective, the letdown of the murder victim being onions, or the farmer’s long-drawn tale of how things keep dying on his field are not that interesting. We get that the objective of this scene was to show one man’s boredom as another man’s comedy, but that ended up being for the whole audience and not just Jang Yeol.

The following lunch scene also seemed a tad extra. We understand that Jang Yeol may not have read between the lines one or two times, but he is not a social dummy, as the scene tries to portray him. While leaving, Jang Yeol asks the farmer about his enemies, and he points him towards his neighbor, who hates his guts because the farmer’s dog keeps pooping in his field. Following the clue, Jang Yeol and Deok Hee go to that man, and their suspicions are raised when they find evidence of pesticide use on his hands. He shouldn’t have had those since his pears were “completely organic”. Jang Yeol arrests him, but he needs to look for proof, which he is not finding. This time, however, it is Ye Bun who becomes his savior.

She found faith in her ability to read people’s memories when she saw that her friend had been wearing some pads on her body, which is why Ye Bun had not been able to get a read on her before. At the end of Behind Your Touch episode 2, Ye Bun is digging up a hole in the field, where she knows that some bottles are hidden, as she saw them in a cat’s memories when she was rescuing him with her date. Those bottles are Jang Yeol’s evidence, though he still doesn’t believe in her psychic abilities. As the episode closes, we see that the girl with Jong Hyeok tries to escape, but he drags her back, likely alive and unconscious.

Final Words

Something is wrong with Ok Hui and Ye Bun’s friendship. The closeness is there but not the love, and the preview makes us think that we are right. Next week’s episodes will be about rescuing the girl, protecting Ok Hui, and hopefully convincing Jang Yeol of Ye Bun’s powers. We just hope it is more interesting than this week.

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