‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Ye Bun And Jang Yeol Rescue Si A?


Contrary to our expectations, the comedy really picked up in episode 3 of Behind Your Touch. It still needs work, but this was alright. However, Bong Ye Bun is the highlight of the show by the way she uses her body language to convey the humor of the brief. She is the best part of the entire cast and is easily carrying the show on her shoulders. But we absolutely abhor that Jang Yeol pushing her around is being considered comedy. Could the writers not come up with an alternative to that? On a different note, is anybody else feeling confused by her relationships? Her best friend doesn’t seem to like her too much, and her grandfather is neglectful as usual, but we wish we saw a bit more of her friendship with her aunt. Until then, here is a recap of Behind Your Touch episode 3.

Spoilers Alert

Bong Ye Bun’s investigation of the missing girl

As Ye Bun’s hair continues to fall out bit by bit, she is unable to stop her investigation of Jong Hyeok due to the vision she has of the missing girl. We are glad that she has her priorities straight for once. She tries to find out more about Jong Hyeok and eventually tracks down his address. But since she can’t get in, she decides to use the cats around his house to see if the girl is still trapped inside. If only cats trusted everything with a tuna can, but there is no saying what they can be in the mood for, not to forget that Ye Bun is a vet, so she knows how to play with them. But the problem is that none of the cats’ memories show a girl in the house.

A frustrated Ye Bun decides to break into Jong Hyeok’s house, and she is successful, as she has gotten the code of his house from one of the other cats. But her search proves futile as the kidnapped girl is not there, yet she sees a set-up for an online streamer in one of the rooms. Ye Bun is almost caught by Jong Hyeok, but she escapes just in time, albeit with a windowsill around her waist. When she gets back home, Jang Yeol sees her first and is furious, thinking about the kind of antics she must have been up to. By this time, Ye Bun had already told him about her power and asked him to look into a missing online streamer.

Jang Yeol had almost believed her, but when he saw her with her tongue hanging out of a bus, he decided that she was mad and was simply bluffing about things. Right now, he agrees to help her get out of the window sill. While he is sawing it, Ye Bun says something that proves how right we were about her priorities. She protects her Chanel bag and asks him to be mindful of that. We hope her business takes off and she gets Celine next. But right now, Ye Bun finally reveals that vision she saw when she touched Jang Yeol: that he had let go of someone because he trusted them, but that turned out to be his mistake, which is the reason for his trust issues now. Jang Yeol is shocked that she knows this, but there is no reasonable explanation for why she could have that information. He is still resistant to that idea, but he has to consider that she may not be the pervert that he thinks she is.

There is another problem brewing as well. Ye Bun accidentally touches Ok Hui’s boyfriend and learns that he may be having an affair with someone. When she tells this to her friend, she goes into a frenzy, trying to look for the woman while keeping an eye on her boyfriend. However, when she doesn’t find any leads, she puts Ye Bun to the task, and having no choice, she tries talking to the man, only for him to pass out. Ye Bun would have found the secret but she wasn’t able to touch him as Jang Yeol saw her and warned her not to do anything untoward. Having no choice, she took the man back to his house, where Ok Hui saw her and believed that she was the one he was cheating with. Ye Bun asked her to reconsider and to go to his house for a final look. When Ok Hui does that, she finds that he is not cheating on her but is a cross-dresser himself. Ok Hui is a little devastated, but she takes it in stride and leaves after wishing him well, though she is a little surprised that Ye Bun knew something. Here is where we feel that there is something wrong with their friendship. The loyalty and trust seem to be there despite the notes of bullying, but there is also some anger on Ok Hui’s part. We hope we are not misreading the situation.

Do Ye Bun And Jang Yeol Rescue Si A?

Ye Bun yells at Jang Yeol that she is not a pervert but was just following her vision when she was with Ok Hui’s boyfriend. Jang Yeol probably still doesn’t believe it, but he reduced his harshness with Ye Bun. The woman goes back home and continues her investigation of Jong Hyeok by looking up online streamers. She finally finds the one who was in her visions, Si A. A little attention to detail shows Ye Bun that the woman was not in Jong Hyeok’s house but probably elsewhere. She looks up her address and decides to check it out.

Right before leaving, she asks Jang Yeol to come to help, but he is disbelieving. Yet, his idea seems to be changing, and he wants to give her a chance. That is why, even though he finally gets to be on a high-profile case, he chooses to step away from it and go to help Ye Bun. He does the right thing because, at the end of episode 3 of Behind Your Touch, Ye Bun’s hunch turns out to be right, and Jong Hyeok is there in Si A’s house. He had suspected Ye Bun of being up to something, especially since he had CCTV around his house, so he knew the things she was doing. Just as he is about to kill Ye Bun, Jang Yeol rescues her in time. Both of them find Si A in a different room, about to die, but they manage to free her.

As the police arrive and the situation is under control, Jang Yeol agrees that Ye Bun has powers, and he asks her to have a meal with him. Maybe he is apologetic for his behavior, or maybe he just wants to talk to someone or know more about Ye Bun. He might also be younger than her, and if Ye Bun finds that, she may try to boss him around a little now.

Final Thoughts

Ye Bun’s new crush seems to be an interesting person, and he has ulterior motives for moving in next to her house. Maybe he is part of the reason why she has powers, or perhaps he is tracking down such people for some nefarious purpose. Right now, this is the arc to look forward to, so let us see what that brings.

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