‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Ye Bun See Seung Gil’s Killer?


Much like The Uncanny Counter Season 2, Behind Your Touch also seems to have picked up pace in the later episodes. This week was as interesting as the previous weeks were dull, and this has come as a surprise to us, as we had given up on this show almost right away. Therefore, we can say that this might just be a rare exception where the patience of the audience is a virtue and not a waste of effort. Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki are seasoned actors, and we simply won’t get tired of their wide-eyed acting throughout this season of Behind Your Touch. In the meantime, here is a recap of episode 6.

Spoiler Alert

What Is The New Case For The Mujin Police Station?

It looks like Si A’s body has not been discovered yet. This is making us conclude that she must be dead and not just hurt and unconscious. In Ye Bun’s house, she and her grandfather are ignoring each other, and that surprises her aunt. Ye Bun has never stopped seeking her grandpa’s approval, so these new manners of hers come as a bit of a shock.

As for Jang Yeol, he gets a call from Seoul, telling him about a handsome gangster named Baek running amok. Jang Yeol was the only one who could keep them in line when he was posted in Seoul, and right now, he is still keeping tabs on them since the dead body of a girl has been recovered, and he knows that Baek is responsible for it. Jang Yeol pretty much abducts Ye Bun to take her to Seoul and compensates by loaning her a huge amount of money to her to buy some nice clothes. He should have just gifted them to her. On a different note, how many criteria are there to judge people in general? Sun signs are one, and we know that Koreans assign personality traits by blood type. MBTI is also popular, and Mercury runs in retrograde sometimes. It is all this confusion that is leading more and more people to identify as introverts.

In Seoul, Ye Bun does the gum-to-bum check on Baek and tells Jang Yeol that the man has recently purchased a lot of boats. Jang Yeol makes his own deduction with it, and that has the intended effect on Baek, who now wants to kill the officer.

When Ye Bun and Jang Yeol go back to Woojin, Ok Hui senses that Ye Bun’s new clothes have come from Jang Yeol, and she is jealous. Ok Hui is coming across as a terrible friend, especially considering what we saw in the precap for the next episode. But Ye Bun has another thing going on for her right now. When she makes the house call to the cowshed owner, who also has her power, he tells her that this gives them an advantage in dating. Ye Bun is excited about this prospect, considering she has a crush on Seon Woo, and we don’t think her dating life has seen any movement in years in the town of Woojin. To be fair, Seon Woo has been dropping hints for her here and there, so no wonder she is curious. Therefore, she tries to get a better read on him, but Jang Yeol interrupts her. We don’t know if he was doing his duty as a police officer or if he was jealous, but right now, he needs her to check him for something he may have missed in the case of the thief who was stealing women’s underwear.

The thief had made a habit of it, and every time Jang Yeol chased him, he hit him in the head. This had become a bit of a joke around the village, and Jang Yeol’s ego was far more severely injured than his head. That is why he needed Ye Bun’s help. She looks into his memories and finds that the thief is someone she knows. This helps the police nab him, but in the process, Jang Yeol is attacked by someone and Ye Bun witnesses this.

Does Ye Bun See Seung Gil’s Killer?

When Ye Bun was checking Jang Yeol’s memories, she had seen more than she was told to. She knew the identity of the boy who had betrayed Jang Yeol from his earlier memories. His name was Seung Gil, and Jang Yeol had met him when he was a troubled juvenile. Over the years, with Jang Yeol’s care and guidance, Seung Gil had come back on track, or so Jang Yeol thought. On the day that caused the incident that transferred Jang Yeol to Woojin, it was Seung Gil who caused his hand to hesitate and land him here. Jang Yeol asks Ye Bun not to report Seung Gil, and she listens to him, though she is confused as to why he would say that.

In the hospital, Jang Yeol made a quick recovery since it was a very non-fatal wound. The townspeople come to visit, and it is a little sweet how they all show concern for him in their own ways. It just looked like something that he was not very used to. But it is Seon Woo who surprises us when he immediately analyzes Jang Yeol’s wound upon seeing it, like an expert on human anatomy.

When Ye Bun comes to visit Jang Yeol, she runs into Seung Gil. He catches her when she ends up following him, and to her surprise, when she accidentally touches him, she finds that he had been protecting Jang Yeol this whole time. Baek had blackmailed him with the nun’s life, and Seung Gil had been forced to join him. He had taken the job from someone else to try and attack Jang Yeol because only he knew how to keep him safe. Seung Gil was aware that Jang Yeol’s spleen had been taken out a few years ago, so stabbing him again in that area was a safe bet. This had been his way of protecting Jang Yeol. Ye Bun rushes and tells everything to Jang Yeol, who is surprised but still adamant that Seung Gil is a criminal since he stabbed him anyway.

As luck would have it, at that very moment at the end of Behind Your Touch episode 6, Seung Gil walks into Jang Yeol’s room, stabbed and breathing his last. Ye Bun tried to see who could have done that to him, but before she could get to that part of his memory, he passed away. If we had to speculate, we suspect that Assemblyman Cha may have had something to do with his death. His random appearances, along with Ye Bun’s grandfather’s dislike of him, must add up to something. Maybe he is working with Seon Woo for some nefarious purposes. Only the coming episode will tell us.

Final Thoughts

It is the mystery of Ok Hui that intrigues us the most. She dislikes Ye Bun, even though she hasn’t stopped calling her her best friend. On another note, Ye Bun’s aunt’s love story seems to be blossoming. So, love is in the air for everyone, but Ye Bun still has her demons to get through. Behind Your Touch is finally on a good track, so we will refrain from complaining now.

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