‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Does The Shaman See?


We know we said that there may not be a love story between Jang Yeol and Ye Bun, but Behind Your Touch Episode 7 has dropped hints that it might be starting. The two of them have grown very tolerant of each other and also care about the other person, while being somewhat vulnerable. For us, this episode was more about the hinted love stories than the murder mysteries that were shown, and here is Behind Your Touch Episode 7 recap.

Spoiler Alert 

The Case Of Seung Gil

Moon Jang Yeol has taken this case quite personally and for obvious reasons. He wants to solve it at any cost, and his first suspicion is the handsome gangster (we apologize for forgetting his name). As Jang Yeol rushes out to beat him up, Ye Bun accompanies him, not wanting to leave him alone. When they reach the gangster, Ye Bun gets the chance to touch him, and she finds that he wasn’t the one to kill Seung Gil. It’s difficult for Jang Yeol to stop beating him, but the police come and take them all away. As for the gangster, he is intrigued by what Ye Bun has done, even though he doesn’t quite understand it yet.

The Chief of Police at Woojin bails out Jang Yeol, and while dropping off Ye Bun at her house, he asks whether there is something going on between them. Even we think that something has started since both of them evidently keep taking care of each other.

When Jang Yeol gets out, the first thing he does is take Ye Bun to the scene of the crime to see if they can find any witnesses, aka, animals. We bet that Ye Bun would have preferred losing her powers or even her hair instead of touching snakes the way she had to, but she got the clue that whoever killed Seung Gil was wearing a dark green poncho-type raincoat, which is similar to what everyone in the town owns. In fact, even the knife used to kill Seung Gil is a generic one that is available in every house in Woojin. None of these are leads, but they do give the conclusion that the murderer is a resident of this sleepy town.

However, we have reason to suspect someone. It is not unusual for an old man’s hands to shake while doing regular chores, but the camera’s special focus on them makes us think that it was the hint we were receiving that Ye Bun’s grandfather is a suspect. After all, Ye Bun did say that the man staggered towards Seung Gil. That is something likely to happen to someone who is drunk, injured, or old.

The Case Of Si A

While treating a dog, Ye Bun sees that there is a dead body on the rocks near the sea, and after checking it out, she reports it to the police. The body is that of Si A, and Jang Yeol suspects that her killer and that of Seung Gil are the same person because of the similarity of the murder styles. The chief initially shoots down this idea because of how it could affect the lives of the town’s residents and the additional responsibility it would put on the police department. But after this slight tantrum, he comes around and tells Jang Yeol to proceed with the investigation as he sees fit.

Ok Hui

The girl is in love with Jang Yeol because he is not scared of her. Makes us wonder about the kind of people she has dated before. Sadly, she is also insecure about the closeness between Ye Bun and Jang Yeol, even though she knows why they are working together. Since her fried tofu hack did not work, she went to the local shaman, and he gave her a talisman to make Jang Yeol fall in love with her. We had assumed that this shaman was a hack, but he turns out to be the real deal because Ok Hui actually falls in love, but with the wrong man, since her scheme backfires.

On the other hand, Jong Muk might just have feelings for Hyeon Ok. He doesn’t give her any attention, but he stands up for her when a nurse calls her “difficult.” Later, when Hyeon Ok meets her ex-husband, he is definitely uneasy. This ex-husband says that he wants to set things right with Hyeon Ok, so this is either a plot for Jong Muk to get jealous, or he is somehow related to the crimes happening in Woojin.

What Does The Shaman See?

When the villagers argued about whether to hold a rite or to install CCTV cameras in the area, we thought it was a joke, but it surprisingly led to something relevant for the narrative. We did not expect that the townspeople would be shown as a stereotypical lot who believed in superstitions over cold, hard security measures. They are divided on whether to install CCTV cameras in the place or to perform a rite that would “cleanse the village” of negative energy and subsequently put the killer on the loose. The Assemblyman is there as well, and when he tries to campaign a little, Seon Woo calls him out on that. We believe that these two are connected, though we are not sure if this particular calling out was orchestrated to show that they don’t know each other or if they actually have a past connection. Everyone almost unanimously agrees that they would prefer a ritual over CCTV, even though the latter would ensure longer and better protection for the residents.

During the rite itself, Ye Bun and Jang Yeol are surprised at what is happening, but during Behind Your Touch Episode 7’s ending, some spirit seems to enter the shaman. We think it is that of Si A, and she says that the person who killed her is around them. As much as we think this shaman is fake, we have to wonder: if Ye Bun can have powers like that, can others be far behind? But who will Si A point at now? Is it Ye Bun’s grandfather, or is it Gwang Sik, whom Si A ran into right before her death? He also has powers like Ye Bun, so we never know what he is up to.

When Ye Bun had gotten her powers, she had been touching the cow’s behind, which is why she had to touch the people to know what they were thinking. But if we remember it right, Gwang Sik had been touching the cow’s leg. On the day of Si A’s accident, he had almost touched her leg to check for injuries, and in this episode, he had asked to touch Jang Yeol’s leg to remove the lint, an excuse that sounds similar to the chewing gum one that Jang Yeol and Ye Bun use so often. Maybe he is shady after all.

Final Thoughts

Seon Woo has been secretive for way too long now, and he better get clearer with his intentions, including whether he likes Ye Bun or not. If he is a good guy, we would rather see Ye Bun with him than Jang Yeol. Other than this, a few love stories are also on the verge of blossoming, so that is something to look forward to. The going is good, so let us see what else comes to our table.

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