‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Kidnapped Ae Ran?


Behind Your Touch Episode 8, was yet another filler episode at best, but a lot more cleverly disguised as compared to episode 5. In fact, it is interesting to see Ye Bun and Jang Yeol’s relationship develop. They are both at that stage where everyone knows except for them, but as the audience, we are unsure since the series is at its halfway mark, and the two are only showing signs of proper friendship. Also, can somebody ask the inspector, instead of just Ye Bun, about his relationship status with the vet? That is because we want to see his reaction as well. We would absolutely hate it if Ye Bun was the one to fall for him first. After all of his rudeness, he deserves to painfully pine for her for at least a few episodes.

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How Does The Shaman’s Luck Change?

Ever since Park Jong Bae did that little stunt with the spirit in him, there has been renewed interest in his services. We are extremely sure that he doesn’t remember anything about what happened to him during that time, but since everybody keeps asking for the name of the killer, he says that something big is going to happen in the village soon. As the villagers speculate who the serial killer could be, they keep ruling out everyone because they are all friends and family or connected to each other in some way or another. Perhaps that is why it took an outsider (Moon Jang Yeol) to try and investigate the killer without bias.

Park Jong Bae’s business really takes off, much like Ye Bun’s did when she started using her powers. He writes up talismans and keeps giving out vague predictions, which keep his business afloat. It may all have fizzled out eventually, but his prediction turned out to be true. A delivery girl at a coffee shop, Ae Ran, goes missing, and it once again looks like the work of the killer.

Meanwhile, Ok Hui is over her crush on Jang Yeol, and she is in love with the teacher. But she doesn’t want to accept that because of her love for visuals. However, when she sees how he deals with a student of his by giving him some tough love, her respect for him grows, and she wonders how it would be to have someone like him in her life. Maybe a reason for Ok Hui’s tough act is that she was never able to be as successful as her other friends. This is also maybe why she shows the occasional temper towards Ye Bun. After all, the toughest bullies are just deeply insecure people inside. On the other hand, Jong Muk makes some progress with Heyon Ok after he sees her strongly tell her ex-husband that she has no interest in him. When Jong Muk sees him dragging her away, he acts fast and takes her away instead. At least one love story has started.

Who Kidnapped Ae Ran?

In the investigation of Ae Ran’s disappearance, Ye Bun finds that her boss had been extorting her labor by fabricating loans for her. Ae Ran was caught in an impossible situation, but it was still likely that she had escaped, as was being speculated. But her co-worker tells Jang Yeol that it is not likely since she has to take care of her family and wouldn’t just abscond, leaving everything behind. Jang Yeol naturally tries to trace her journey, and he finds that after her last delivery on the day Ae Ran had gone missing, she hadn’t gone back to the coffee shop as she had told the customer.

The one thing about Ye Bun is that she is good at picking up on details. She remembered that Seon Woo had a keychain similar to the one Ae Ran had made, and that had led the detective to the lost bike. Right now, she remembers that Ae Ran had some yogurt drinks with her, and she guesses that they probably went towards Gwang Sik’s cow shed. However, the man denies knowing anything about her. But Ye Bun remembers from his memories that he and Ae Ran were a couple. Therefore, she knows for a fact that he is lying and is possibly the murderer. Ye Bun and Jang Yeol had found blood splatters and a knife at the scene of the crime, so Gwang Sik was looking very dangerous to the doctor of his cows, especially since he insisted on touching Jang Yeol’s leg.

Ye Bun knows about Gwang Sik’s powers, and since her suspicions have been raised, she pulls away from Jang Yeol before he can say more. When she relays her suspicions to him in private, they both decide to follow Gwang Sik, and guess what? It leads them straight to Ae Ran. It turns out that Ae Ran and Gwang Sik had just faked the former’s kidnapping so that she could be free of her boss. Jang Yeol had already guessed this since the murder scene looked deliberately staged. Also, none of the previous victims had gone missing before, so this was a sharp turn from his modus operandi. A crime has really not been committed, but the police need to be informed regardless. As for Gwang Sik, he has gotten a hold of Ye Bun’s leg, so he knows everything about what the two of them have been up to, and this is why he thinks they may be dating, as he has noticed their closeness.

At the end of Behind Your Touch episode 8, Gwang Sik tells Ye Bun that there was another person the night they got their powers. Ye Bun is surprised, as she doesn’t remember seeing this person at all. We wonder whether the person is Park Jong Bae. That would explain his sudden visions. Or it could be Seon Woo and the root of the mystery surrounding him. We wonder if it had something to do with Ye Bun’s grandfather, who we just came to know used to hate the person he is currently campaigning for. But the person looked a lot taller than we think Ye Bun’s grandfather was. It could also be someone completely new, and he might either be the killer or the key to solving his mystery.

Final Thoughts

The love story has been teased enough. We want to know whether they will or whether they won’t. As for the serial killer himself, we expect his mystery to last a few more episodes, looking at how many filler plots are being used for the show. Maybe Behind Your Touch did not have to be 16 episodes long. It has been decently entertaining, but we don’t think it would be very binge-watchable.

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