‘Behind Your Touch’ Theories: Who Is The Killer?


Never has Behind Your Touch been more interesting than right now. From the first episode, Seon Woo being a suspicious character was a given, but we, as the audience, knew that he was not the serial killer because that would have been too obvious. Any person who has watched even a few mystery movies or series will tell you that the person who looks doubtful right away is never the final culprit. That is why, when we learned about Seon Woo’s past, we considered our questions answered. The mystery had left the character, and everything else he did would just be to either bring the lead couple closer to each other or to the real killer.

Spoiler Alert

In Behind Your Touch episode 14, when Seon Woo was once again shown as being suspicious, we assumed it was for the sake of the characters in that universe and not for the audience. Even when the knife was discovered in his toolkit, we knew that he was not the serial killer. But Seon Woo dying was something we were simply not prepared for. Logistically speaking, there are only two episodes left in Behind Your Touch, and there isn’t enough time for Ye Bun and Jang Yeol to fall in love, which is why we assumed that they would remain friends and Ye Bun would genuinely end up with Seon Woo, preventing a case of second-lead syndrome. But Seon Woo is dead, Ye Bun is heartbroken, Jang Yeol is full of guilt, and we are simply confused and angry. Perhaps the reason for that is because, while we knew that Seon Woo was simply a red herring, we have no reason to suspect anybody else at all. There are absolutely no leads or strong characters for us to doubt that they might be the killer. Yet, we need to pick our brains and see if there is something we can hold on to that won’t leave us disoriented and too shocked for words when the finale eventually rolls in. Let us take a look at our suspects.

The Shaman: Jong Bae

Let us get the shaman off our list first. He tried to kill Cha Ju Man at his office one time, and who knows what would have happened if Ye Bun had not arrived at the scene that day? Something about the character has always been like grasping at straws. He never had any money, and that was one of the reasons he couldn’t be with his son at the beginning of the series. Later, when his son came to live with him, we couldn’t be sure as to what changed. Did he suddenly gain a lot of cash, or did his wife decide to give him a chance? Either way, let us remember that on the night Si A was murdered, Jong Bae was one of the three people she had met, and the other two are dead. We don’t know what grudge Jong Bae had against Ju Seok, but she was a coffee delivery girl. Perhaps there was something between her and the shaman the way there was something between Ae Ran and Gwang Sik.

The night that Ye Bun was rushing back to the village to get help for Ju Seok, the shaman was the first one to touch her hand. We are also considering the person he keeps saying possesses him: General MacArthur. Maybe this will be a case of split personality disorder, and we will find that the General takes over the shaman during every murder. Perhaps there is some science behind it that hides the memory in the shaman’s conscious brain, which is why Ye Bun has never been able to see it. Maybe Seon Woo suspected this very thing since he lived in such close quarters to the shaman, and the knife in his toolbox belonged to Jong Bae. The reason Seon Woo was irritated at Ye Bun having company was not because he wanted a date or wanted to kill her, but because she brought the one person he was going to raise his suspicions against. We are not in favor of the shaman being the killer because it takes away from the gravity of the crimes, as the motives would end up being very flimsy. But looking at everything else, he seems like the strongest option for the case.

Cha Ju Man’s Assistant

There was something about Cha Ju Man’s case that did not sit well with us. Let us remember that he was different from the rest of the victims because he was the only high-profile case on the entire list. We have speculated in a previous article that, considering the scam that Cha Ju Man pulled all those years ago with his boss, it is likely that someone must be keeping an eye on him, and who better than his assistant being a plant? It had all started with Si A, and on the day she was discharged from the hospital, she had live streamed with Cha Ju Man in the video. There is no telling what she captured or what someone thought she might, and that could be the motive for her murder. As for Ju Seok, maybe she had accidentally seen something. Coming to Ju Man himself, it is undeniable that power was making him arrogant, and that is probably why it was necessary to murder him. Gwang Sik could have been a target because he sensed something and just got in the way of the killer, and that is also the reason Ye Bun is being targeted right now. After all, everything must tie up to the scam from all those years ago in some way, because Ye Bun has not received justice for her mother yet.

Hyeon Ok’s ex-husband

He is one of the characters we have seen very little of, and that is why we suspect him. Was his only purpose to bring Jong Mook and Hyeon Ok closer to each other, or did he want something else? Perhaps he is the one working for Cha Ju Man’s ex-boss and is there to check out the lay of the land. He is certainly taller than Gwang Sik and shorter than Jang Yeol. He could have been the person who was spying on Ye Bun the night of the meteor shower, because he is the only one with reason to believe our speculations are right. That would place him in the vicinity of gaining the powers, and everything else he did going forward was just on the orders of others, maybe because he was being blackmailed. He is the weakest option so far, but we will have to see.

A Fourth Person

It is true that there is absolutely nothing to connect the victims. Si A was just a self-centered live streamer; Ju Seok was a debt-ridden worker; Cha Ju Man was an assemblyman; and Gwang Sik ran a dairy farm. There has to be a chain of events here. Probably, Si A was murdered, and Ju Seok saw something about it, so she had to be killed. Cha Ju Man was turning into a liability, and Gwang Sik stumbled upon the truth due to his powers. The killer is not picking his victims randomly but through a series of events that are unknowingly connecting them all. It is entirely possible that he has an accomplice, which would explain why they were able to stab people with their eyes closed—because someone else was giving instructions. We desperately need this final piece of the puzzle to fall into place because Behind Your Touch has really saved the best for last.

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