‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Dr. Stephen Ellerby In Love With Clara?


The relationship between the newly married couple reached a new low after Clara dared to reunite the estranged brothers. Taking Dr. Stephen Ellerby’s suggestion into consideration, Clara made contact with James. After a few letters were exchanged, she invited him over to the Trenchard residency. In the previous episode, we witnessed Frederick’s rage upon seeing James at his house. He did not approve of Clara’s intervention, and he feared that James would turn her against him. Even though James was ready to reconcile with his brother, the reaction made him realize that it was almost an impossible proposal. In episode 4, Clara attempts to make peace with Frederick, but with him constantly neglecting her, she finds joy somewhere else.

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What secret was Reverend James Trenchard concealing?

Emily’s excitement upon hearing the mention of the Reverend in any conversation makes it obvious that she has taken a liking for him. She always finds ways to impress James, but there is a lack of reciprocation from his end. Even though the situation seems quite hopeless, Emily Dunn refuses to give up. In the new episode, we also see Nell opening up to James. There is an underlying competitive tension between Emily and Nell when it comes to the Reverend. While Emily’s interest in him is romantic, we are yet to find out Nell’s intent. Her rich taste in music suggests that she might belong to an aristocratic family, but she desperately wants to hide from them. She would rather spend her life working as a maid at the Dunn’s than return to her past life. Nell’s secrets will definitely be a highlight of Belgravia: The Next Chapter.

While we have women swooning over the Reverend, James barely shows any interest in them. In episode 4, we find out the reason behind it. When Fletcher settled in the sauna, he noticed the young Reverend enter. The sauna was a secret space for homosexual men to mingle, and Fletcher was shocked to see James there. The Reverend followed a stranger to a personal chamber, and we watched James return home a defeated man. He struggled to make peace with his sexuality. He perhaps submitted himself to God in the hopes of not giving way to his sexual desires, but at times, he failed. James had no one he could trust his secret with. He is a lonely man with a scandalous secret that could destroy the life he has carefully built.

Why was Frederick disappointed in Marquise d’Etagnac?

Frederick’s confidence in building a steel plant and Clara’s faith in her husband impressed Marquise d’Etagnac. She invested in Frederick’s vision, and it turned out to be a great decision. Frederick’s projection suggested that they were to become profitable six months before the timeline they initially estimated. Frederick was hopeful that the numbers would impress the Marquise enough for her to finally disclose the silver mines in Mexico that were apparently reaping great profits. He further hinted that he was looking for schemes on a similar scale to invest in, but Marquise d’Etagnac chose to stay tight-lipped about it. A man, Mr. Bricus, barged into her office complaining about her refusing him an investment opportunity while allowing his friends to profit from the silver mines. Even after the silver mines were discussed in front of Frederick, Marquise d’Etagnac did not make him an offer. Frederick was visibly disappointed, considering he had assumed that he had won the complete trust of the Marquise. Chances are that the investment in the silver mines in Mexico was a scam, and Marquise d’Etagnac did not wish to get Frederick involved in it. There is more to Marquise d’Etagnac than meets the eye, and we can expect her to play a decisive role in the series.

How did the exhibition change Clara’s perception?

Clara and Dr. Stephen Ellerby started on the wrong foot, but after finding out about Peter’s condition and Ellerby’s contribution to the matter, Clara finally opened up to his suggestions. She trusted his opinion as an expert in his field, and on some level, they thought alike. When Stephen invited her to an art exhibition, she did not consider the proposal strange. She believed he was simply being friendly, and she considered attending the exhibition. She hoped Frederick would join her as well, but he showed no interest. He was caught up in his work, and the recent argument between the couple resulted in him staying mostly in his factory.

Clara was bored staying at home, and she decided to attend the exhibition on her own. Miss Davison, who harbored doubts about Stephen Ellerby’s intentions and disapproved of him, accompanied her. Mr. Dearden, one of the exhibitors, introduced himself to Clara as she entered the exhibition. Clara was hopeful that the Rochesters would be there as well, but she was a little disappointed to learn that they had already left. Clara was all on her own (with Davison, of course!), and the entire experience was quite an adventure for her. She was impressed with Deaden’s colorful work and believed that it reflected a certain emotion. After Stephen joined Clara at the exhibition, she indirectly asked him if her husband’s reaction to the confrontation was normal. Stephen believed facing something that one prefers to ignore was meant to be difficult, and as a result, one might show resistance and hostility. Being a doctor of the mind, with one look at Clara’s face, Stephen could guess that she was not happy. Clara ignored the analysis and added that she was doing quite well. While walking Clara out of the exhibition, Stephen invited her to Dearden’s studio, where he lodged. He left her a card, but Clara did not commit to it then.

Miss Davison was not happy with Clara’s interest in the arts, and especially her friendship with the doctor. She did not quite enjoy the artist’s work and went ahead to call it “too florid” and “overly romantic.” Clara disagreed with her opinion; she did not believe anything could ever be too romantic. Davison worried about Clara all the more because she married too young. She was afraid that she might attract the wrong kind of people—the ones like Stephen and his friends.

Is Dr. Stephen Ellerby in love with Clara?

Clara tried to make amends with her husband and struck up a conversation with him about inviting the Rochesters to their home. The Rochesters had invited them to a luncheon, and Clara was keen on reciprocating the gesture. Frederick was visibly irritated and begged Clara to give him time for them to get back to the way they used to be. Clara thought it would be impossible to go back to normalcy if he kept her shut out. She demanded an honest conversation, but Frederick was not yet ready for it. Clara stated that Frederick showed a certain selfishness by refusing to allow her into his past. She went out of her way to offer him help, but he was not ready to accept it yet.

Clara chose to do what her heart desired instead of what was expected of her. Miss Davison expressed her disapproval when she accompanied Clara to Dearden’s studio, but Clara was not ready to walk away. She did not quite expect to see the doctor holding a baby upon entering the studio apartment. Stephen was surprised and glad to see Clara. He welcomed her to watch Richard paint and introduced Clara to Richard’s model, Annie Harper. The studio space mesmerized Clara—it was cluttered with art supplies, yet it was all too perfect. An incomplete painting caught Clara’s attention, and Richard explained that he was still searching for his Perdita. Richard immediately proposed that Clara was fit for it and that he had thought about it the minute he saw her at the exhibition. While Clara blushed at the compliment, she was not certain about posing for a painter. The name Perdita, from The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare, meant “the lost one,” a description that fits Clara quite well, considering how she is still finding her true identity.

Stephen encouraged Clara to stay for lunch, and while Davison reminded her of her prior engagement, she was keen on bonding with her new friends. At the end of Belgravia: The Next Chapter episode 4, Frederick was informed by Enright that Clara had not returned home, and he had no choice but to attend lunch at the Rochesters’ alone. Since Clara abandoned her duty and embarrassed Frederick, it will possibly complicate the relationship between them all the more. It is interesting to watch Clara become her own person. Her interest in the arts and psychology suggests that she wants to be more than just the wife of Frederick Trenchard. Clara was glad to have made new friends and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. The ending suggests that Dr. Stephen Ellerby has taken a liking for The Ladyship, though the same cannot be said for Clara. Even if she experiences attraction, her situation is too complicated to accommodate her affection.

Along with Frederick healing from his childhood trauma, Belgravia: The Next Chapter is clearly heading towards a three-way affair and we will witness the rivalry and complications that it will give rise to. The ending of episode 4 also suggests the trouble James will be in. The man he met at the sauna paid him a visit at the church, and he might resort to blackmailing in exchange for favors from James. With more secrets to unfold, Belgravia: The Next Chapter is taking an interesting turn.

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