‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 6 Recap And Ending Explained: What Did Ross Find About The Marquise?


With just two episodes left, Belgravia: The Next Chapter is rushing its way to the finishing line. Frederick and Clara’s marriage is almost a failure, and her growing closeness to the doctor hints at the worst possible outcome. As a young woman whose husband is barely home, Clara enjoyed the attention she received from the artists. Perhaps she never considered a romantic possibility with Ellerby, but the doctor is swayed away by her charms. In the previous episode, we witnessed Clara bare her heart out to Stephen. Tired of Frederick’s cold behavior, Clara sought solace in him. He blamed Frederick for not taking into consideration the emotional turmoil Clara was going through. But Clara was not ready to entirely blame Frederick for their failing marriage. In episode 6, people start to take notice of Clara and Stephen’s friendship, and it is only a matter of time for Frederick to find out about it.

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Who bought the Aphrodite painting?

Emily was disappointed in Clara for the choices she made. She did not hesitate to insult her, and she questioned her dignity for daring to pose in front of an artist without wearing her corset. Clara tried to reason with Emily; she found her argument prudish. Emily warned Clara that she was asking for trouble by going behind Frederick’s back. She knew that Frederick would never approve of Clara posing for a stranger, and she would have to face serious consequences. Frederick provided Clara’s family with a monthly allowance, and Emily was afraid that he would stop supporting them financially once he found out the truth. Emily believed that the distance between Clara and Frederick would eventually impact their status, and as an unmarried woman, she was worried about her future.

Clara did not expect the situation to get so out of control. She decided to head to the store and buy the painting. To Clara’s surprise, a regular customer had already bought it, and she was extremely tense. She met the Marquise in the hopes of finding some clarity. She explained the entire situation, and the Marquise thought she had no reason to worry. She had only posed for a painting, and it might as well add to her mystique. She advised Clara to take certain risks if she ever intended to live her life to the fullest. Speaking to the Marquise helped Clara relax. Richard Dearden apologized for the trouble Clara had to go through because of his painting. He was ready to get rid of the few preliminary sketches he had of Clara, but Stephen protested against it. Clara did not expect to come across the painting again, but the Marquise surprised her. As it turned out, the Marquise used her influence, tracked down the buyer, and bought the painting at a higher price. While Clara wanted to burn the painting to destroy any trace of it, the Marquise promised to keep it safe and away from public eyes. With the painting in her safe, the Marquise holds the power to destroy Frederick’s reputation.

Why did James refuse to see the doctor?

James continued to repent for giving in to his secret desire. He had hoped the blackmail would stop, but the stranger continued to harass him. James did not have the resources to continue paying him, and he decided to confront the man and admit the same. The stranger refused to take no for an answer and roughed him up to teach him a lesson. Luckily, Fletcher was around the corner when the incident occurred, and he threatened to kill the man if he dared to come any close to James. Fletcher helped James walk back to his house. His face was battered, and he was extremely weak. Fletcher suggested calling a doctor, but James refused. From a young age, Fletcher learned the importance of self-defense, and the lesson helped him intervene and rescue the Reverend. He was careful to hide his sexual identity, but that night, he chose to risk it all to save the man’s life.

The next morning, when Mrs. Warren entered the Reverend’s house, she was shocked to see him covered in blood. She helped with his wounds, but his situation kept getting worse. Emily was a little concerned when Mrs. Warren refused to allow her to see James. The next day, when she came to the Reverend’s house again, Mrs. Warren asked for her help. While James was adamant about not seeing a doctor, Emily refused to give up. She went against his wishes and brought a doctor, who was baffled by his condition. He had broken ribs, and the wounds required immediate care. He prescribed medication, but there was no guarantee that James would recover. It was his guilt that forced him to surrender and hope for death. James preferred to die rather than accept his sexuality. He could no longer feel the presence of God, and he started to believe that he had no reason to continue living.

What information did Ross find about the Marquise?

Frederick’s manager, Ross, showed interest in making a small investment in Marquise’s mines. Frederick was hesitant because he believed it could result in a conflict of interest, though he did agree to think about it. Ross was taken by surprise when the Marquise refused to accept a bank check for Frederick’s investment. She was particular about submitting a banker’s draft instead of a check. Even though Frederick confirmed that he had funds in his bank and the check would easily pass, she denied accepting it. A draft was not a regular practice, and it alarmed Ross. He tried to convey his doubts to Frederick, but he was too eager to make the investment as soon as possible.

Ross decided to conduct his own little investigation into the Marquise. He shared a romantic relationship with Mrs. Enright, and he sought her help to gather information. Mrs. Enright had family in France, and she agreed to write to her brother, though she doubted if he could help. Mrs. Enright later informed Ross that her brother had been to Etagnac and only found the ruins of a chateau there. The Charente was considered to be an extremely remote place, and the ruins had been there for ages.

At the end of Belgravia: The Next Chapter episode 6, Ross spoke to a man who had spent a good amount of time in Paris. According to the man’s information, Marquise was popular among the Parisian high class, and she was believed to be affluent, but that was not new information for Ross. The man did not think he had reason to doubt the Marquise, but Ross was not quite convinced. He believed that beyond the clothes and the titles, the Marquise’s methods were questionable, and he also had doubts about her agent, who always accompanied her. Ross was confident about finding dirt on the Marquise, and he suggested his contact travel back to Paris to gather recent information. It is obvious by now that Marquise is a dubious individual and perhaps a scamster. But the question is whether or not Ross will share his information with Frederick or use it to his advantage. If the Marquise is cheating most of Belgravia, Ross might as well demand a portion of the profit to keep the truth to himself.

How did the Duchess find out about Clara and Ellerby’s friendship?

Clara refused to entertain Frederick’s request to have dinner with the Rochesters unless they could have an honest conversation. She did not believe in faking a good marriage in public when, in reality, they were drifting apart. Frederick felt completely out of control in their marriage, and he did not know how he could make it any better. The past was too painful for him to address, but Clara refused to let go of it. The Rochesters noticed the sadness in Frederick’s eyes, and the Duchess wondered if it was a mistake she made by introducing Clara to Frederick. It was unbearable for her to watch Frederick in such a miserable condition, and she begged him to have faith in the relationship. Upon returning home, Frederick found out that Clara had not returned. He was furious when he learned that she had started to spend most of her time with her artist friends, but he chose not to confront her.

Clara and Stephen went out on a walk on the heath the next morning. Stephen brought along Peter, who showed signs of improvement after receiving treatment from him. Stephen showed interest in discussing Clara’s marriage, but she refused to indulge. He could not help but confess how he truly felt about her. Clara did not expect Stephen to profess his love for her all of a sudden, and she did not know how to react to it. Unfortunately, the conversation ended abruptly when people around him started to scream for help. Peter had a seizure in public, and many spoke against allowing a mentally disturbed kid out in the open. Stephen asked Clara to return home while he tried his best to handle the situation. The Duke of Rochester was enraged, thinking about the humiliation his son had brought to his family. He refused to entertain Ellerby’s method anymore and strictly announced that Peter must be gone as well. He decided to never look at his son again, suggesting that he would prefer having him locked up in an asylum, away from public eyes. When the Duchess spoke to her children, she found out that Clara was present when Peter experienced a seizure. She was surprised to learn that Clara and Stephen shared a friendly relationship. The Duchess cares about Frederick’s wellbeing, and she might consider speaking to Clara to find out more about her friends. Maybe her advice can save Clara and Frederick’s broken marriage, though it might be a little late for that.

Why didn’t Frederick refuse to believe James?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter Episode 6 ends with Frederick meeting James and finding out an unexpected truth. James was convinced that he did not have much time in hand, but before dying, he wanted to make sure he made peace with his brother. Frederick had always wondered why his father had treated him differently, and James had his answer. He explained that on her deathbed, their mother had confessed to him that Frederick was not their father’s son. He was born out of an affair, and that was why their father could never truly accept him. James was hopeful that the truth would bring some closure and that his brother would finally stop blaming himself. But Frederick refused to believe James. He convinced himself that James was trying to undermine him to take his place. Frederick was lying to himself, and perhaps he did not believe in the words he said. But the truth was a lot for him to take, and he preferred knowing as little as possible about it. Emily overheard the conversation, and maybe she will discuss it with Clara to help her better understand Frederick. Though considering that Frederick might lose his status if the truth ever got out, Emily might as well choose to swallow it.

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