‘Berlin’ Timeline Explained: How Did Berlin Die In ‘Money Heist’ And How Did His Character Evolve?


The famous thief, Berlin (originally named Andres de Fonollosa), may have stolen the costliest of gems, but the man failed to steal a person’s heart in his lifetime. The entire Netflix prequel series was an exploration of a thief’s endeavor to find love that stays, but alas, the man wasn’t destined for such a fate. The series began with Berlin’s third wife dumping him, and even though he was heartbroken again, he decided to fill the void with something he loved the most: a heist. Throughout Berlin Season 1, the titular character is rather optimistic about love, which is why he decides to pursue a relationship with Camille Polignac. He was evidently smitten by her beauty, but there was something more that caught his attention. In Camille, Berlin found a hint of loneliness. She would wake up in the middle of the night and start reading a book while Berlin watched her from a distance, surmising that she wasn’t happy in her married life. 

Camille’s husband, Francois Polignac, had a secret family of his own, perhaps which was why he was emotionally unavailable. Being a woman, she could sense her husband’s lack of interest. Berlin, on the other hand, had felt the same throughout his past relationship and therefore believed that perhaps two lost souls would be able to complete each other. He not only approached Camille but also gave her his undivided attention, which she failed to ignore. Berlin always knew that mingling with a married woman whose husband he was going to rob could jeopardize his 44-million-euro heist. Yet the man was willing to take chances for the sake of love. Berlin might not be a rational thief, but he was indeed a spirited lover. However, the bubble burst when Camille found out Berlin’s true identity; she questioned his feelings and felt betrayed.

Berlin was a doomed lover. No matter how much he tried, people left him in the end. The first season of the prequel series ended with a possibility that Berlin might continue his affair with Camille. But as we know from the Money Heist timeline, the relationship won’t have a happy ending. The man had a total of five failed marriages, and one of his ex-wives was Tatiana, who made an appearance in the fifth part of the Money Heist series. Like his previous affair, Tatiana, too, had dumped Berlin for his own son Rafael. And even though the thief couldn’t swallow his anger, he later decided to make peace with it. As season 1 concluded, Berlin had been married only three times, which brings us to the possibility that his next two marriages will be highlighted in the upcoming seasons. Following the pattern of heartbreaks in Berlin’s life, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that his fourth and fifth marriages are indeed going to have the biggest impact on his life.

The Money Heist series portrayed Berlin as a cold, unsympathetic thief who despised love more than anything in this world. But the ending of season 1 made us believe that there was still some hope left for the man. So, somewhere in season 2 or season 3 of Berlin, we might find out about a tragic heartbreak that would change Berlin’s entire demeanor completely. He would stop believing in love anymore. Also, Berlin was diagnosed with myopathy in the first part of Money Heist, something he had inherited from his late mother. However, there was no mention of any such illness in the prequel series. Based on Berlin’s approach to life in his solo series, we can assume that the revelations are going to strike him in the next installment. Additionally, it’s possible that his fourth wife will leave him because of his terminal illness, which might influence his decision to hide the information from the robbers of The Royal Mint. In the fifth part of Money Heist, Berlin asked the same question to Tatiana when she decided to end her relationship with him. The insecurity crept in, and Berlin believed that she was leaving him because of his terminal illness, which hints at the possibility that he had been dumped earlier for the same.

Every time a woman would break Berlin’s heart, he would commit a heist that would make him feel alive. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the heist eased Berlin’s pain, and eventually, he found his existence in the same. Perhaps it was after Tatiana broke Berlin’s heart that the man decided to team up with The Professor to commit the biggest heist of his lifetime. He knew from the very beginning that money wouldn’t be able to save his life anymore, yet he decided to band with The Professor just to overcome his heartbreak and find some thrill in the remaining days of his life. Additionally, Berlin could meet The Professor in the next season and share with him his greatest desire to steal from the Bank of Spain. The third part of Money Heist made us aware of the fact that infiltrating the aforementioned bank had always been Berlin’s master plan; however, the man couldn’t gather a team to execute the same. Interestingly, Berlin never stole cash in his lifetime, but only the jewels. He had been arrested only once, and that too because he lost his cool after finding out about Tatiana’s betrayal. So Berlin did things for love, and Berlin ended his life for the same.

In the second part of Money Heist, the cold thief had a change of heart and decided to sacrifice his life to help his team escape the police. At this juncture, Berlin’s terminal illness was not a secret anymore. Perhaps he made the ultimate sacrifice after accepting the fact that he wouldn’t find true love in this lifetime. He decided to let go so that he could start over in the next life. It was the moment when Berlin finally gave up his pursuit of love, and it was all over for him, too. As someone once said, love is in the efforts one makes every single day. The day they stop making those efforts, love dies. Without love, Berlin was nothing, but he did his best to find one in his lifetime. In an alternate universe, maybe Berlin would grow old with a woman and spend the rest of his days in the countryside. But this isn’t that story. The Money Heist series had already established his death, and for the cursed lover, there was no hope left. What we can expect next in the upcoming season is just another heartbreak that is going to make our thief turn colder and colder.

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