Betty And Veronica In Netflix’s ‘The Archies’: Why Were They Not Jealous Of Each Other Like In The Comics?


The simple and straightforward answer to Betty and Veronica’s enduring friendship is common sense and logic. In the comic books, Betty and Veronica were always engaged in some rivalry, which mostly revolved around Archie. Betty was the quintessential ‘girl next door,’ whereas Veronica was the ‘head-turner.’ But both of them were subject to the same fallacies if they kept getting played by Archie the same way. In The Archies movie, Veronica dates Archie before she leaves for London. In the two years she was not there, Archie has pretty much been a ‘philanderer,’ as Ethel puts it. Betty had a crush on Archie since forever, and once Veronica left, she felt that she could finally have a chance. Betty was not breaking any girl code here, at least at first, because she believed that Veronica was over him. But when things became clear later, Betty had the grace to know exactly who to point fingers at.

The thing to understand about female friendships is that women’s love always comes with a shade of admiration. As much as we seek commonality within friends, we also seek aspiration, and Betty and Veronica were no different. Betty admired Veronica’s confidence and her strong individuality, whereas Veronica adored how her friend was so sensitive and intelligent. Even when the girls were fighting in the comic books, they treated it with good sportsmanship rather than making it a game of hate. In The Archies movie, the girls take it a step further and decide that Archie isn’t even worth the silly game, and they aren’t wrong.

Betty and Veronica understood each other. When Archie and Reggie blamed Veronica for her father’s mistakes, Betty was the one who stood by her and refused to allow Archie to slander her or call her selfish. This may feel odd since, in a previous scene, Betty was the one to yell at Veronica about the redevelopment. But perhaps it would help to remember that Betty made it clear even then that she was not blaming Veronica for her father’s doing. Betty said some very hurtful things, but it was clear that she was just venting. Additionally, the two friends had very different opinions about the redevelopment. Betty’s life was changing, whereas Veronica had a more business-minded angle about it, saying that it shouldn’t be personal. No doubt Veronica’s opinion came from a place of privilege, and while it wasn’t strictly wrong, Betty couldn’t help reacting, considering what she was about to lose. Veronica comes through for her friend, and Betty also realizes that she may have been a little too harsh. This one interaction tells us a lot. Betty did not misunderstand Veronica at any point. She was simply frustrated and annoyed, and she took it out on the wrong person. As for Archie, he claimed to like Veronica, but he never understood the kind of person she was, which is why he misunderstood her in an instant.

Along with understanding and loving each other, Betty and Veronica were also not under any illusions about the kind of boy Archie was. The thing about crushes, whether teenage or adult, is that they don’t make you blind to the flaws of the person you like. It is just that the rose-tinted glasses delude you into believing that you are not as irritated by them as you would have thought. Be it in the comics or in the movie, it is never clear why Archie is such a catch. He is pretty average in literally everything, and when it comes to feelings, maybe he is sweet and charming, but he is selfishly dense. The thing to remember is that Betty and Veronica (in the comics) fighting over Archie was the running gag, which is why it continued over so many comics. If it had been real life, both the girls would have moved on after a little bit of circus, which is what happened in the movie. That is why Betty and Veronica not blaming each other for Archie’s actions makes a lot of sense, and it is the most realistic thing portrayed in The Archies movie.

When Betty and Archie kissed on her birthday, Veronica had just told Archie that they should be friends, and Archie told Betty that. If we had to get strictly technical, Betty did not make a mistake. However, it is still a valid argument that she should have told Veronica before allowing a move to happen. So yes, Betty did breach the girl code. As for Veronica, she liked Archie, but when he thoughtlessly blamed her for the article being taken off, she realized how much he did not understand her. Also, being in school and talking to others had made her realize that Archie was capable of subtle manipulations. Therefore, she may have been upset at first, but she realized that Archie was the one at fault. The girls confirmed it with Jughead, and there was no doubt any longer about who she should choose.

Perhaps another reason why Betty and Veronica could see through this petty rivalry is also because they were facing real problems. Betty’s family had been on the verge of losing their livelihood, and Veronica had lost all her friends and realized that her parents would always prioritize their work over her. At these times, it wasn’t a silly boy like Archie who became their source of comfort or understanding; it was the girls who stood by each other.

Men love saying that women are the more ‘emotional gender.’ But it would help to remember that with emotions comes emotional intelligence, and that is the one thing keeping the world afloat at this point. It was that very EQ that helped Betty and Veronica look past their mistakes and choose each other over Archie. Strictly speaking, all Archie did in the entire The Archies movie was sing a song at the end. That added nothing to their cause. Even throughout the fight for Green Park, it was Reggie and Dilton who did the lion’s share of the work. Betty and Veronica were invaluable soldiers, both to the narrative of the film and to the fight for Green Park as well. They can obviously do better than Archie or spend better ways to spend time than to fight over him. We bet he wouldn’t even make an interesting point of discussion. Of course, they choose friendship over love every time.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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