‘Beyond The Universe’ Ending, Explained: How Did Gabriel Change Nina’s life?


Love was not something Nina ever had the time for. Her life took a toll on her when she was diagnosed with lupus, a disease in which the immune system attacks the body’s tissues and organs. Nina was a gifted pianist. She had dreamt of playing in the Symphony Orchestra since childhood, but the more she understood the disease, the more unachievable her dream seemed to be. “Beyond the Universe” is about Nina and how she found her soulmate in a person who taught her to enjoy life. The constant rain and the director’s obsession with neon lights could not save this sappy romance.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Beyond The Universe’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Nina was diagnosed with lupus when she was 13. While playing the piano on stage, her nose started to bleed. She knew from an early age that the disease would attack her organs and joints, making it all the more difficult to pursue her dream. As an adult, Nina learned that her kidney function had fallen drastically. She needed a kidney transplant, but unless she found a donor, she needed hemodialysis thrice a week to function properly. Due to the imbalance in the donor-patient ratio, Nina’s name was nearly at the bottom of the waiting list. Just when nothing seemed to be going her way, she noticed an advertisement in the newspaper-an audition to be a part of the Symphony Orchestra. She started to practice wherever she could find a piano, including a railway station. Gabriel was cycling to the hospital, and he chanced upon Nina at the station. Even though he was in a hurry, Nina’s musical sensibility captivated him.

Nina met Gabriel once again at the hospital. It turned out he was a residential doctor at the hospital where Nina was supposed to undergo hemodialysis. Gabriel was an optimist, while Nina was a pessimist. Nina believed she barely had anything to look forward to in life, whereas Gabriel wanted to show her all the things that she still had around her to appreciate. Even though they were different from each other, they formed a bond of friendship. Gabriel knew he had feelings for Nina, but he was a doctor, and she was his patient; such a relationship was prohibited. Knowing how dangerous the territory was, Gabriel took a risk because he cared for Nina and wanted to be her sunshine in life. Nina was unaware of the doctor’s code; Gabriel made her happy, and she was finally living her life. He found her a piano when the conservatory she worked at fired her. He made sure that Nina filled out the audition form and did not give up on her dream. He believed in her, and that pushed Nina to never give up.

While Nina was learning to appreciate her life, her health deteriorated. Her kidneys stopped functioning completely. She desperately needed a donor to live a better life, but the waiting list was too long. Will Gabriel step up to save Nina’s life? Will Nina excel in the Symphony Orchestra audition? Did the two confess their love for each other in the end? Let us find out.

Why Was Gabriel Under Investigation? Did Nina Manage To Get A Place In The Symphony Orchestra?

Even though the joint pain troubled her, Nina managed to play Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with ease. She was selected for the final round. Gabriel was supposed to be there at the audition, but his father, Alberto, who was the head of the hospital, burdened him with work on that day. Alberto knew about Gabriel and Nina’s relationship. Even though Gabriel tried to remain friends with Nina, he found it almost impossible. They loved and desired each other. Gabriel and Nina made love the day he invited her to his house. When Gabriel learned that Nina’s kidney had stopped functioning, he secretly conducted a compatibility test and found out that they were not compatible. Gabriel’s father had found out about the test. He explained that there were rules that Gabriel had to respect no matter what. Gabriel was not ready to give up on his relationship with Nina, and he was ready to face the residency committee. Gabriel did not share a healthy relationship with his father. He blamed Alberto for not being there by his mother’s side when she was suffering from breast cancer. He even kept Gabriel away from his mother during the treatment. Gabriel could never forgive his father for his mother’s death. Therefore, when his father tried to interfere in his relationship with Nina, he decided to choose love over rules.

On the day of the final audition, Nina waited for Gabriel, but he was caught up with work. He managed to leave the hospital as soon as he could and cycled his way to the auditorium. As he was speeding up, he met with an accident. Meanwhile, Nina, too, could not continue with her performance. Her nose started to bleed, and she collapsed on the floor. Nina was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and she woke up after three days. She lost all hope of ever performing at the Symphony Orchestra, but Gabriel believed that if they requested, citing Nina’s condition, then they might conduct another round of auditions. As Nina gradually recovered, Gabriel shared with her the dream of traveling to the spot in the mountains where he once went with his mother. He showed her the pictures on his phone and left to attend to one of his patients. While scrolling through the pictures, Nina noticed an email notification. It stated that Gabriel was under investigation for his relationship with a patient. Nina decided to end her relationship with him to save him from getting fired. She discussed her relationship with another patient, Amanda. Amanda believed that she must not give up on love based on what might happen in the future. They both loved each other and would surely figure out a way to stay together. Nina interrupted the residential committee meeting and vouched for Gabriel’s professionalism. Nina’s efforts helped Gabriel retain his position at the hospital.

Gabriel decorated the hospital church and invited Nina to a surprise event. Gabriel had called all the important people in Nina’s life. A piano was kept for Nina to play. It was a special concert that Gabriel had arranged. Nina’s magical performance impressed the judge, and she was asked to attend a special audition.

‘Beyond The Universe’ Ending Explained: How Did Nina Cope With The Tragic Loss Of Gabriel?

Gabriel was determined to travel to the spot in the mountains where he once went with his mother. As Nina practiced on her piano back home, Gabriel was taking in the picturesque landscape. He placed the picture of his mother on the ground, but it flew away. He decided to grab it even though it was dangerous. While Gabriel did manage to get hold of the picture, the rope he used to climb could not hold the weight any longer and broke free. Gabriel was admitted to the hospital, but he did not survive. Nina was devastated by Gabriel’s loss. She and Alberto bonded over the memories of Gabriel. Alberto knew that Nina needed a kidney donor, and he decided to undergo a compatibility test. The result was positive, and Alberto decided to go ahead with the process. Nina was delighted by the possibility. When she asked Alberto the reason why he chose to donate his kidney, he explained that medicine is about giving comfort, and he knew he could provide that to Nina. After the procedure, Nina was selected to perform with the Symphony Orchestra. She dedicated a song to Gabriel, who was the love of her life. He taught her to be optimistic. Even though he was not with her at the moment, she believed that he was watching over her and that their love was beyond the universe.

In the end, Nina traveled to the mountains where Gabriel dreamt of taking her. Even though she was alone, she could feel his love for her. “Beyond the Universe” is about Nina learning to never give up on life and appreciate the things she is surrounded by.

“Beyond the Universe” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Diego Freitas.

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