‘Big Nunu Little Heist’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To The Delivery Man?


The Netflix South Africa film Big Nunu Little Heist revolves around a gangster named Puntsununu and his dimwitted gang members who are determined to bring in a revolution. Puntsununu, respectfully called Big Nunu by his gang members, was on the lookout for a shooter, and when he came across the Delivery Man, he knew he was the one. The Delivery Man was an ex-soldier who drove to Sgodiphola to deliver a stove, and unfortunately, the minute he got off his van, it was stolen. The Delivery Man doubted that the men who went past his van were responsible for stealing the stove. If he failed to deliver the stove, he would lose his job, and the ex-soldier was resolute in bringing back the stove by hook or by crook.

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Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

The bar owner warned the Delivery Man that Puntsununu and his gang were dangerous. They ruled Sgodiphola and were responsible for all the thuggish activities that went on in the area. The moment he entered Big Nunu’s territory, a gun was pointed at him. The Delivery Man was not afraid of guns, and instead of running away, he got hold of the weapon and showed off his shooting skills. Big Nunu took note of the Delivery Man and met him in private. He offered him the job of teaching his bumbling gang the art of shooting. While the Delivery Man was hesitant at first, the money offered was too good to say no.

We also get to know the backstory of Puntsununu and the factory town of Sgodiphola. There used to be a functional factory that once employed hundreds of locals. Life was good during that time, but the moment the factory was shut down, everything changed. It was Big Nunu who stepped up and came up with a plan to provide for the entire town. He started his own factory and employed all those who lost their jobs. But he was afraid of the ‘desperados’, and he needed someone to help him protect his employees. While the deal was too good to be true, the ex-soldier agreed to help Big Nunu. Not all of the gang members were happy with Big Nunu’s decision; after all, the Delivery Man was a stranger, and they were skeptical about him.

Before the shooting lessons began, the Delivery Man was asked to accompany the gang to collect the guns. The plan was to raid a factory and steal all the weapons, and the Delivery Man was caught a little off guard. As the gang prepared to collect all the weapons, a patrolling police car stopped by to question the factory guard. The police knew the guard and became a little suspicious when they saw a new guard there. The constant walkie-talkie conversation raised their doubts all the more. Bulletproof tried his best to convince the police that he was the new guard, but they eventually realized that he was lying. He ran for his life but ultimately succumbed to the bullet injuries. The robbery was successful, as the gang managed to burn the entire factory down on their way out. After helping the gang pull off the plan, the Delivery Man received a bonus, and Big Nunu gave him a new title: Service Delivery.

What Was Puntsununu’s Plan?

Big Nunu’s girl, Innocentia, was attracted to the Delivery man, and she disclosed that Big Nunu had a bigger plan. He was not learning to shoot to protect his gang; he was training for revolution. The kingpin’s plan was to seize the factory and allow the Sgodiphola residents to take over its management. Big Nunu believed in Notch’s dreams, and he was confident that taking over the factory was the future. Before the revolution, he also intended to carry out some cash robberies. The Delivery Man decided to not just train the gang members but also participate in the robberies to earn extra money. He negotiated with Big Nunu and came to an agreement.

Notch believed he was guided by his ancestors, and they showed him the future, where there would be a functional factory that would provide enough for everyone in Sgodiphola. To make that dream come true, the gang carried out another robbery. They dressed up as workers and attacked an armored van carrying money to the bank. The police were on the scene, and shots were fired, but once again, Big Nunu and his gang were successfully. The Delivery Man realized that Innocentia could not be trusted since it seemed that it was Big Nunu who asked her to convince him to take part in the robbery. He was triggered by the possibility, announced that he wanted to leave, and asked Big Nunu to pay his share. Big Nunu felt insulted when the Delivery Man called his revolutionary vision a fake struggle, and he went on to show him a secret. It turns out that the bags of money they stole were boobytrapped, and the minute they opened the bag, ink spilled on the money, making it impossible to get rid of. He hired a professor to help him clean up the money, and that was the reason why he could not pay the Delivery Man instantly. The system wanted him to fail, but he planned on coming up with a more advanced plan.

Big Nunu brought his mother and her friends on board to help him clean the notes. Since the chemical created by the professor was only effective for an hour, he needed more people to help him. As soon as the cash bag was opened, the trackers alerted the police, but before they could narrow down the location, Big Nunu and his team got rid of it. The gang managed to clean up a good amount of cash, but two bags full of uncleaned money remained. While Big Nunu wanted to get rid of the money, his mother insisted he keep it. A party was thrown that night, and the Delivery Man took Innocentia aside. As they left the party, a man followed them (sent by the Mafia) with the intent of killing the Delivery man, but thankfully the ex-soldier knocked him out before he could even attack.

Ending Explained: What Happened To Big Nunu & The Delivery Man?

The next morning, when Big Nunu woke up, he noticed that the two bags full of dirty money were gone. At the laboratory, Notch stated that Bulletproof’s spirit showed him that the Delivery Man would cause them great harm and that he was the one who stole the dirty money. He also pointed to a bag, stating that it would bring them a great fortune. The Delivery Man never trusted Notch’s vision and dismissed all his claims. When the bag was opened, they found that it only had small bills. Not only that, but the bag also had an almost indestructible tracker that the police used to reach the location. The Delivery Man decided to get rid of the tracker, but Big Nunu continued to have doubts about the new member. The Delivery Man fixed the tracker to a bunch of balloons and fooled the police. Meanwhile, Big Nunu found the two dirty cash bags in The Delivery Man’s van. The Mafia convinced Big Nunu that the Delivery Man was trying to loot them while they prepared for revolution.

As soon as the Delivery Man returned, he was knocked out of his senses. When he woke up, Big Nunu questioned his intent but Mafia wanted him to take stern action. Mafia never liked the Delivery Man. He believed the new recruit had taken over his position, and he wanted to get back at him. The Delivery Man agreed that he had secrets, and he asked Big Nunu to deduct money from his share before he joined the gang. He went on to reveal that he and Innocentia were romantically and physically intimate. Innocentia accused Big Nunu of all the mess; had he not stolen the Delivery Man’s stove, the situation would not have escalated. The moment Delivery Man found out that it was Big Nunu who stole his stove, he decided he had had enough. He pointed a gun at the gangster, and Big Nunu went on to reveal that he expropriated all the stoves in Sgodiphola because they used the gas the government provided, and it was killing their coal business. That was primarily why he wanted to take over the factory. Big Nunu offered to return the stove, but the Delivery Man wanted his share of the heist as well. He added that the Mafia and Notch had conspired to prove him guilty, and they were the ones who planted the bags of dirty money in his van. Mafia and Notch pretended to be innocent, but the act did not last for long.

During Big Nunu, Little Heist‘s ending Notch and the Mafia attacked the Delivery Man, and he shot open one of the cash bags, and a red gas was emitted. He shot Mafia down and pointed his gun at Big Nunu. He left with Innocentia, and before leaving, he turned on the vent in the factory. Most of the money was sucked out of the factory, and the common people of Sgodiphola ultimately got it. While Big Nunu tried to be the hero and the savior of the people of Sgodiphola, he was ultimately a selfish man who cared nothing more than making his business big. The Delivery Man left with his fair share of money, the stove, and Innocentia. Strangely enough, at the end of the day, everything worked in his favor.

Big Nunu collected the remaining money as he planned to escape with his mother and the gang. From the red gas emissions, the police figured out the location of the robbers. Big Nunu and his gang members were arrested. The sky was red, as predicted by Notch, but instead of a luxurious life, they were treated to life in prison. Before being sent to prison, Nunu learned that the old factory was being taken down and a wind farm would be built instead. The world was progressing towards green energy, and he realized that his ideas and plans for Sgodiphola were unachievable. While he was thinking of upgrading to gas, the world moved on to renewable energy. He was living in a dream bubble while a corporate had already signed an agreement to take over the old factory. The world no longer cared about the ones with the guns. As soon as the factory collapsed, he and his gang managed to escape, thanks to the dusty atmosphere.

The mayor announced that for a day, the purple money would be used for transactions and encouraged the people of Sgodiphola to buy a property in the nearby Forest Dream Home (created by EnergInc, the windfarm company, and the local government). The house would be used as a holiday getaway, and the Delivery Man was one of the many owners. The Delivery man no longer has to worry about making deliveries. Meanwhile, we can expect Big Nunu and his gang to come back with a better plan.

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Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni Rudra
Srijoni has worked as a film researcher on a government-sponsored project and is currently employed as a film studies teacher at a private institute. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Film Studies. Film History and feminist reading of cinema are her areas of interest.

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