‘Big Shot’ Season 1: Summary & Ending, Explained


Big Shot is a 2021 comedy-drama series streaming on Disney plus. It stars John Stamos (Full House fame), a temperamental Basketball coach and also sour main protagonist. The show plays on emotions in and around the basketball court, revealing the vulnerabilities of characters you may find engaging.

Plot Summary

Marvyn Korn (John Stamos) is ousted from the NCAA Men’s basketball team for his outrageous behavior and is demoted (kind of) to the high school girl’s basketball team, Westbrook. It ignites a feeling of dejection, and Marvyn is trying to redeem himself as a coach. He learns the first day itself that it is not going to be an easy deal. Marvyn gets on the wrong side by firing the star player Louise Gruzunisky (whose super-rich dad hired him first). He also fat shames a player named Destiny to lose a few pounds to harness her full potential on the court.

Marvyn manages to rub off the faculty wrong as well. However, he can connect with his assistant coach Holly, who takes him out for a beer to get to know him better. They learn that their life is quite similar especially when it comes to failed marriages. Marvyn admits that his life and emotions only revolve around Basketball. In contrast, Holly realizes that her marriage broke as a consequence of her cheating on her husband.

Marvyn has an on and off relationship with Principal Sherilyn, who is straightforward and knows where to close the conversation. He begins on a rough note with the team and school staff but slowly, by bringing the team to a winning streak, starts to repair his image.

On a personal Front, Marvyn struggles to settle scores with his daughter, who is staying away with her mother and is willing to move in with him. Marvyn fails to meet her emotional needs. As she moves in with her father, she understands how he is all about basketball and match strategies.

‘Big Shot’ Season 1 Review – A Gen Z Drama With Cliche Plot

John Stamos played this “Wounded” man with an intense face and stoic self. There are mushy glimpses of his behavior yielding from his estranged father and his aggressive behavior issues. Still, his Tough To Soft Go attitude fluctuations create confusion, and the character loses its complexity. The characters graciously move with beautiful lines like Holly advises, “I’m tempted to say just treat them like boys”, And Marvyn, on one occasion, says, “If all I do is compliment them, the complement loses its value.

David E.Kelley has managed to create a drama that will work well for Gen Z very well. An excellent supportive cast works like a charm. Stamos, however, shines in moments with intense monologues. When he brings his daughter to live with him, his vulnerabilities are crystal clear. His reserved mannerisms make him more appealing.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Big Shot’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Towards the ending of season 1, we see each and every character coming to terms with their complexes. Marvyn realizes that Basketball cannot be his priority forever. His daughter Emma gets through an audition for a play. Marvyn learns to strike a balance between his work and life. The team is on his side, and he manages to attract the attention of UCSB, who wants to hire him as his new coach.

The ending is somewhat predictable as Westbrook’s team wins the deciding match despite all troubles (The bee-attack scene was a lousy way to show the game without an audience.) Emma emerges as a winner with a transformed father and a selection in the Play. Overall, a closure is given to Season 1 while keeping some open ends for season 2.

What to expect in Big Shot Season 2?

John Stamos, The Hot-Headed Coach who throws a chair, definitely deserves a second chance to redeem himself. While it is still unclear if Disney plus is bringing season 2, Season 1 leaves many cues and buds to bloom in Season 2.

With Holly getting an offer to join Carlsbad as head coach, we can see a face-off with the Westbrook team. Marvyn may have many more complex situations in personal life with Emma in picture and priority. His career can touch some new achievements while his face-off situations can worsen, leading to season 3. Looking at the venue of the show, new scenarios can be endless.

Big Shot is a 2021 Sports Drama Television Series created by David E. Kelley, Dean Lorey, and Brad Garrett. It is streaming on Disney+ Hostar.

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