‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Is Pat Garret? Does Billy Save Segura?


“Billy The Kid” Episode 6 introduces us to Pat Garrett, who takes Billy back to the Seven Rivers Gang in El Paso, Texas. Together, they rustle a herd for cattle king John Chisum. But while the gang plans its next journey to Lincoln County, Billy receives news of his friend Melquiades Segura’s capture in Chihuahua and decides to free his friend.

A New Face

It’s nighttime with a downpour. Billy walks into a pub somewhere near Texas, all wet. He is by himself and orders whiskey. While having his drink, he notices a guy sitting at one of the tables at the far end of the pub, staring at him. He finishes his drink and walks over to the guy to find out why. The guy reveals that he finds Billy’s face familiar to the one on the posters hung all around town. He also says that he rides with a “good friend” of Billy’s, Jesse Evans. He asks if Billy will want to ride with him and go and meet Jesse, who apparently doesn’t have any grudges against Billy. This is when Billy asks him for his name. The guy is Pat Garrett.

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The Old Familiar Feeling

The next day, Pat and Billy ride together and arrive at the Seven Rivers gang’s new hideout. Jesse welcomes Billy and states that he is really glad to see him again. He also offers him an opportunity to earn money by rustling John Chisum’s cattle, who is the cattle king of America, alongside the gang and selling the cattle to the army. Billy agrees.

That night, Billy asks Jesse about Pat. Jesse reveals that smart and fearless Pat worked as a buffalo hunter in Texas and then as a cowboy and cowpuncher in New Mexico. Something terrible has happened to him as well. Billy then asks Jesse about Barbara and finds out that she has become a schoolteacher.

The next day, Billy rides with the Seven Rivers gang, and they successfully rustle another herd of cattle, making more money. They celebrate this success with women and revelry that night. Among all the fun, a hand-to-hand fight breaks out between Billy and Bob Olinger, one of the members of the Seven Rivers gang, who tries to demean him. Billy emerges the winner and tries to maintain “no hard feelings,” offering his hand to Olinger, who is on the ground. But Olinger is in no mood for that. He pulls himself up and walks away. Later that night, Billy has a talk with Pat and asks him about the terrible thing that Jesse told him about. Pat says that he once had a wife who died giving birth along with their baby. But when Pat tries to talk about Billy and his new-earned notoriety, Billy brushes it off, saying it’s none of his business.

The next day, the Seven Rivers gang is back rustling, but this time, they are attacked by John Chisum’s cowboys. A gunfight follows, with the gang killing five of the cowboys. At the end of the fight, Billy finds himself deserted and being shot at by one of Chisum’s cowboys. One-shot injures the guy, but Billy decides to spare his life. Unfortunately, he tries to shoot Billy again, but this time Billy kills him.

In the evening, Pat brings in the day’s newspaper that has a mention of the Seven Rivers Gang and their recent row with Chisum’s cowboys and the death of five of the latter, including that of Chisum’s nephew. While everyone listens intently, Billy realizes that his nephew is the very guy he killed. The news also has a special mention of William H. Bonney, who is described as a “desperado,” “reckless,” and one of the “most dangerous” and “lawless” criminals in America. The room is quiet as Billy walks out and sits by the fire, staring at the piece of paper with his name on it for a few seconds before throwing it into the fire. Inside the room, Jesse declares that they have to leave the place as soon as possible. He and Pat come out of the room and find Billy playing his violin by the fire, all to himself.

A New Job in Lincoln County

The next day, a guy named Frank Baker, an old friend of Jessie’s, arrives and offers the Seven Rivers Gang a much better job that pays more. It is to provide protection to Lawrence P. Murphy, a big “player” in Lincoln County, and his businesses. However, Baker assures Billy that he will receive the highest pay. This doesn’t go down well with Jesse. After all, he leads the Seven Rivers Gang. Surprisingly, this time, Billy takes a stand for himself, telling Jesse to stand down. He says that with a reputation like his, people need to pay him more for his services. Jesse isn’t satisfied with this arrangement but stays put.

While the gang prepares to leave, one of the members arrives with a Mexican kid who says that he has a message for William Bonney. When Billy asks him about the message, the boy, Guillermo, tells him that his friend Melquiades Segura has been captured by the police for the killing of Don Ortiz and will be hanged in three days (in Chihuahua). Segura needs Billy’s help. Billy decides to help him, telling Jesse to go ahead to Lincoln County, and he will meet the gang there. 

‘Billy The Kid’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Is Billy Able to Free Segura? What’s In Store in Lincoln County?

Billy rides to Chihuahua, and it’s nighttime when he reaches there. The whole place is drowned in silence as Billy makes his way to the police station where Segura is being held. Using one of the officers as his guard, he walks upstairs to Segura’s cell and frees him, killing two officers and striking down a third one unconscious in the process. Segura is taken aback by this new attitude of Billy and tells him that he is “different.” Both of them take refuge for the night at Segura’s friend Jesus’ place. But when Jesus asks if they were able to leave without any trail, Segura tells him that Billy killed two guards. This is when Jesus tells Billy that he has to leave before sunrise while Segura can leave in the morning because the authorities know that Jesus knows Segura. They will come to him after they find out that Segura has escaped. And that is exactly what happened. Billy and Segura leave Jesus’ place before sunrise, but it’s too late for Jesus. We hear gunshots in the background while the two stare into the darkness of the fields that lie in front of them. Their friend is dead, and they are next. “Billy The Kid” Episode 6 ends with two “brothers” parting ways as Billy and Melquiades Segura come to the conclusion that they cannot ride together again.

Historically speaking, Pat Garret, who is introduced in Episode 6, is the very guy who killed Billy the Kid. Furthermore, that Billy will now head to Lincoln County makes sense because that is where he will take part in the famous Lincoln County War that began in 1878 and ended in 1881, which is also the year of the death of Billy the Kid.

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