‘Billy The Kid’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened Between Garrett And Billy? 


In the previous episode of Billy the Kid season 2, we saw how Jesse reached the Tobosco household and killed each and every member of the family. Dulcinea was able to escape from there somehow, and she met Billy and told him about all that had transpired. Billy knew that playing the game with a defensive approach was not an option anymore. He knew that he would have to go all guns blazing if he wanted to stand a chance against Riley and Murphy. Dulcinea also agreed to whatever Billy told her. There was a point in time when she felt that Billy was unnecessarily putting his life at risk when he could easily walk away from the conflicts and have a happy life. Dulcinea made it very clear to Billy earlier that she wouldn’t be a part of his life if all he wanted was revenge. But her stance had changed after going through what she did. She knew that not doing anything was not an option. She told Billy, before he left to take over Lincoln City, that she would wait for him and that she would pray that he came back to her unharmed. With a fire in his heart and determination in his eyes, Billy went to wage a war against Jesse’s group, hoping that he would be able to turn the odds in his favor or die trying on the battlefield.

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Was Billy able to take over the city? 

Billy took over a shop in the city and made it his base. He asked all his shooters to take positions and be prepared for the battle. Billy was a sensible man, and he wanted to give Murphy’s men a chance to reconcile and make peace. He went to their base and ordered his men to shoot at Billy. Billy realized in episode 6 that there was no point in trying to negotiate with his enemies, as they had clearly made up their minds to wage a war. Riley’s men were in an advantageous position since the local sheriff, Pat Garrett, was on their side. Jesse went to meet Pat and the latter provided him with deputies to help his cause. Pat was probably not against Billy, but he felt that Murphy and Riley were on the right side of things. He had a warrant against Billy, and he wanted to carry out his duties in the capacity of a sheriff. McSween told Billy that Warren Angel, the special agent who was given the responsibility to carry out an investigation against Murphy and Riley, was still in the process of completing his fact-finding. McSween told Billy that he shouldn’t rely on Warren Angel, as there was no certainty that he would help their cause. There were a couple of shootouts that happened during the day, and both parties suffered injuries. Billy knew that he would have to stay a step ahead of his adversaries if he wanted to stay in control of the city. Jesse and others, on the other hand, realized that maybe they didn’t have enough skilled men to fight against Billy’s army. The locals were also helping Billy, and he had 60 odd men who were ready to give their lives for him. So Billy was not really able to take over the city in the first couple of days, but he held his position, and he made sure that he made the rival gang realize that they were not going to surrender without putting up a fight. 

Why did Garrett go to meet Colonel Dudley? 

Pat Garrett told Jesse and others that a chunk of the people in the Billy Gang were extremely skilled shooters, which is why they had an edge over them. Pat had something in mind, and he told Jesse that he was going to try his level best to make that happen. Pat Garrett went to meet Colonel Nathan Dudley, and he asked him to provide his troops to him and be on their side in the battle against Billy. The colonel in Billy the Kid episode 6 made it very clear that he was not authorized to do any such thing. He told Pat that the army could not interfere in civil matters and that he would not do anything that tarnished the reputation of the national army or made them look biased. Pat Garrett tried his level best, but when the colonel didn’t change his decision, he left, feeling frustrated. But the next day, Colonel Dudley had a change of heart, and he reached the city with his troops. He told the two parties that he was not there to take sides and that he only wanted to ensure that peace prevailed. Colonel Dudley didn’t want the civilians to lose their lives, and he wanted to look out for the women and kids. The colonel told everybody that there was a curfew in place, and if he found anybody breaking the rules he set, he would be compelled to take action against them. Colonel Dudley went away, but I believe that the gangs aren’t going to stop. They will go against each other irrespective of the rules, and it was a matter of time before they engaged with each other. 

What happened between Garrett and Billy? 

At the end of Billy the Kid season 2, episode 6, Billy went to meet Pat Garrett at his station. Pat had a very good relationship with Billy back in the day, and so there was a lot of mutual respect between them. Pat told Billy that his intention was not to go against him and that he was only trying to maintain law and order. Billy told him that Murphy and Riley weren’t exactly innocent people, but it seemed as if Garrett had already made up his mind. Pat and Billy were not able to reach any conclusion, and only time would tell what would happen between them. Also, in episode 6, it became apparent that Murphy and Riley were not exactly on good terms. Murphy told Riley quite bluntly that had Colonel Dudley not interfered; his men would have been obliterated by Billy’s gang. Murphy told Riley that he had a near-escape and that the odds wouldn’t always favor him. I believe that the animosity between Murphy and Riley would play a crucial role in the scheme of things, along with Garrett’s actions. If Garrett decided to side with Billy, then the tables would turn, and Billy would be able to destroy his enemies without a doubt. But if that does not happen, then Billy would be in a very problematic situation. 

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