‘Billy The Kid’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Billy And Dulcinea Reunite?


In Billy the Kid season 2, part 1, we saw that Pat Garrett was made the sheriff of Lincoln City after Bradley was killed in broad daylight by Billy. Billy and Jesse also came face-to-face, but they abstained from fighting with each other. Jesse, no matter what he said, had a lot of affection for Billy. He saw him as a friend, and even Billy valued their friendship. People knew about the equation they shared and that’s why, a lot of times, their allegiance was questioned. Billy, after the death of Tunstall, made it his life’s mission to take revenge on Murphy and Riley, and he very truthfully went to Dulcinea del Tobosco and told her about it. She loved Billy, and that’s why she asked him not to go back to the life he had left. She didn’t want him to become an outlaw, but Billy didn’t have an option. He knew that if he didn’t wage a war, he would be killed. Staying low and not doing anything was not an option, and so, as much as Billy would have liked to stay with Dulcinea, he was not able to do that. So, let’s find out what happened in the fifth episode and if Billy was able to survive the odds and get the better of his nemesis.

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How did Buckshot Roberts get killed? 

Buckshot Roberts was an exceptional shooter, but he was too full of himself. His pride became the reason for his downfall and had he acted with a little bit of prudence; things would have been different for him. Buckshot promised Riley and Murphy that he would kill Billy for them, and in his ego, he went alone on the hunt. He had gotten to know where Billy and his gang members were hiding, so he reached there on his horse. Everybody in the camp was surprised to see Buckshot there, and George went ahead and asked him the reason for his visit. Not even in their wildest dreams had anybody imagined that the man had come to capture Billy. Buckshot started firing at everybody, and as a result, Brewer and Middleton perished on the battlefield. But soon Billy was able to get the better of the man, and he shot him in cold blood. It was a very foolish decision on Buckshot’s end, as no matter how good he was at what he did, he should have never gone against an entire gang.

The news of Buckshot’s death reached Pat Garrett, who asked his men to give him a proper burial and inform his family about him. Billy, in episode 5, got to know that Pat was the new sheriff of the town, so he decided to go and pay him a visit. Billy’s gang members told him that it was not safe for him to go to the town, so he decided to write to Pat Garrett. Billy still believed that he could reason with Pat, and he probably thought that through the years, the man hadn’t changed a bit. I personally didn’t think that it was the same old Pat who once used to ride with Jesse and the gang. Billy wrote in his letter that Pat shouldn’t listen to what the House told him. Billy told Pat that Riley and Murphy would try to brainwash him, but the reality was that they were the ones who were doing all sorts of crimes and killing anybody who came in their way. Pat read the letter, but he didn’t reveal what he thought about it or on whose side he was. 

What did Thomas Catron want from Mr. Del Tobosco? 

Catron, all of a sudden, paid a visit to Mr. Del Tobosco, and he told him that he had 28 days to pay off whatever loans he had taken from Catron’s bank. Tobosco told him that he had lots of properties in Spain that he had kept as security and that he wouldn’t default on his payments. But Catron had come there with a very different agenda. He wanted to take over Tobosco’s estate, and that is why he didn’t want to give him more than 28 days. Tobosco told Catron to get out of his House, as he didn’t appreciate the tone in which he talked to him. Edgar Walz, later that day, went to meet Murphy and Jesse and told them about Catron’s intentions. Murphy’s gang owed a huge sum of money to Catron, and the offer that Edgar made was that if Murphy and his men helped them take control of Tobosco’s estate, then not only would their debt be considered paid, but they would also get a share of the profit. It was a lucrative offer, and Murphy asked Jesse if they could do anything about it. Jesse knew that Billy was quite close to Dulcinea, and he told Edgar and others about it. Jesse knew that if they attacked Tobosco, then it would bring Billy out of hiding. So it was decided that the Murphy gang was going to kill two birds with one stone, and so Jesse took his men and went to carry out the task. 

Did Billy and Dulcinea reunite? 

Each and every member of the Tobosco family was killed in cold blood. Mr. Deltobosco came out, and he asked Jesse to take everything but not enter their House. But obviously, Jesse was not going to listen to him. Jesse came face-to-face with Dulcinea, and she shot him and escaped from there. It was not a fatal wound and Jesse survived. When Dulcinea was holding a gun to his head, he told her not to shoot at him, as he was a friend of Billy. Later, when she reached Billy’s camp, Dulcinea told her about the encounter, and Billy knew exactly who the man could be.

Dulcinea, at the end of episode 5, understood why it was necessary for Billy to wage a war and go after Murphy and his gang. She told Billy to promise her that he would come back alive. Billy told her that he would do that because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. In the subsequent episodes, there will be a war between Billy and Jesse, and it would be interesting to see if they pull the trigger on each other or still refrain from doing so. Pat Garrett will also play a crucial role in the scheme of things He made it very clear that he was going to go after Billy, as no matter who it was, he needed to follow the law and do his duty. Also, another man named Frank Warren Angel was appointed as the special agent for looking into Murphy’s case, and it is yet to be revealed if he does his duty to his family or if he also gets on the payroll of Murphy and puts his conscience on sale.

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