Did Birdie Die In ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3? Character, Explained


The talented geneticist named Dr. Gertrude Miller, aka Birdie in the Sweet Tooth franchise, who worked at Fort Smith, was one of those who had in-depth knowledge about the virus known as The Sick since she was the one who was researching it. She made some path-breaking discoveries, and she had a huge role to play in the creation of the hybrid that we all came to know as Gus. Birdie loved Gus, but she could never spend any time with him, a fact that later haunted her. Birdie left for Alaska because she had a lot of faith in her ability and her knowledge, and she knew somewhere that if there was a person who could actually find a cure for the Sick, then it was her. However, the woman lost a lot in the process, and moreover, she didn’t know if the path she had taken would lead her anywhere.

Birdie worked closely with Siana and her other associates, and many times in the past, she felt that she was on the verge of making a breakthrough, but nothing of the sort happened. While Birdie worked tirelessly in her lab, chaos erupted in the entire world. The Last Men wreaked havoc on the poor hybrids as they blamed them for the spread of the virus. But nobody knew if the virus could be cured or not. Nobody knew what caused it to spread or what James Thacker found in the cave back in the day. Dr. Aditya Singh was also working closely with the hybrids, and it almost made him lose his mind. There came a point in Sweet Tooth Season 3 when Birdie decided that she had had enough. She accepted her defeat, and she realized that maybe she wouldn’t be able to find a cure for the infection. Another reason why she wanted to call it quits was the fact that she realized the amount of time she could have spent with Gus if she hadn’t come to Alaska. Life was unpredictable, and in the post-apocalyptic era, there was even more uncertainty. People were dying every day, and Birdie didn’t want to die with the regret of not being able to see her baby even once. She wanted to be close to him, and the love she had for him made her take that huge step. 

The legend of the Master of Caribou proved to be true when Birdie was taken in by the giant hybrid after she was attacked by a man. Manuq, the giant hybrid, would have never saved her because of how much he despised humans. He would have never taken her to his home because of the way he was tortured by humans back in the day. But he saw Gus’ picture in her possession, and he realized that she was a mother. Manuq was reminded of how much remorse and grief he felt when his mother passed away. The giant man did not have a lot of fond memories, and the only ones he clung to were the ones where he spent time with his mother. Manuq kept Birdie with her, and then later on in Sweet Tooth season 3, he even saved Gus and brought him to his home. Birdie and Gus were reunited because a hybrid who was ostracized from society and who was tortured, beaten, and ridiculed had some humanity left in him even after that. After Manuq succumbed to his injuries, Birdie and Gus left for the secret cave, as they found out where it was located through an engraving made on the tusk that Manuq had in his possession. Big Man also joined Birdie and Gus, and together, they entered the cave and found the tree that was the source of the sickness. 

Birdie had a change in her ideologies just when she was about to pull the axe that was stuck in a tree. For a moment, the scientist stopped and re-evaluated what she was about to do. The words of wisdom of the giant man were reverberated in her ears. She experienced an enlightenment of sorts in that moment, and she realized whatever Manuq had said was probably the right thing. Manuq said that humans were the diseases and “the Sick” was nature’s way of making everything right once again. Birdie saw the kind of chaos human beings had caused. She knew how the destructive and self-centered approach of human beings had a catastrophic impact on nature. That’s when she asked Gus not to pull out the axe and let nature take its course. 

Birdie could never fulfill the dream of living with her son as she took her last breath in that cave after Dr. Aditya Singh’s knife pierced into her body. Birdie died fighting for what was right; she died fighting to save her son; and her demise was proof of the fact that there were still a few good humans left on the planet. Unfortunately, Gus wasn’t able to create a lot of memories with her mother, but he kept her alive through his stories, and he knew that she would still be looking out for him from heaven.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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