Black Beauty (2020 Film) Review – You Can Never Break A Mustang’s Spirit!

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Black Beauty (film) directed by Ashley Avis and led by Mackenzie Foy and Kate Winslet, is a story about a fierce and beautiful mustang “Black Beauty” and her story from birth till she finally galloped towards the sky. The story is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Anna Sewell.

Black Beauty (film) takes us on a journey of a mustang from the wilderness of American West to the different owners she was sold to. Kate Winslet has given her voice to Black Beauty. The first owner she is sold to is Birtwick Stables’ owner and is taken care of by John Manly. Jo, John’s niece comes to stay with him after her parents’ death. In the times of loneliness for both John and Jo, Beauty develops a bond with Jo, as she was herself separated from her herd and family.

In no time, Beauty became the whole world of Jo and Jo vowed never to leave Beauty alone. Meanwhile, Jo fell in love with George and worked part-time in his house to be able to buy Beauty and rescue her. But fate had something else planned for the two of them. Due to inevitable losses, Birtwick Stables got shut down, and Beauty was sold to a rescue worker, Terry. After serving Terry for many years, she was subsequently sold to a farmer and then to a few carriage drivers.

After being separated from Beauty, Jo set out to find her, thus saving many horses from the cruel owners. The movie is narrated from the mustang’s point of view and includes many instances of humans giving cruel treatment to animals, from the men who capture the herd of horses including Beauty from the wild and “break” them to be used for their purpose, to the men who finally discard these horses and mustangs when they cease to be any use for them.

Beauty never gave up on hope and love and waited for Jo to finally find her. She never let anyone break her mustang spirit, which was tested many times by her owners.

Black Beauty (film) beautifully captures the hardships that Beauty endures, losing her mother at a young age, losing Jo whom she can blindly trust and losing her friends. The most tragic scene of the movie is where Beauty sees her friend Ginger, a horse she befriended while in Birtwick, being taken away dead. She gives in to the suffering, no more being able to stand.

Black Beauty (2020 Film) Review

Mackenzie Foy, as Jo Green has done a commendable job and connects with the mustang instantly. She rode Beauty gracefully and is able to deliver all emotions of heartbreak and separation vividly. Kate Winslet has also given an amazing performance, giving her bold voice to the mustang and it feels that the mustang is speaking herself. Iain Glen, as John Manly, also acted remarkably who knows his way with the animals.

Black Beauty (film) is streaming in Disney+Hotstar.

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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
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