‘Black Cake’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Little Man?


The writing of Black Cake screams ‘sensitivity and grace’. The way we are all addicted to our screens with the story of Covey and her children in the present day is something we couldn’t have expected. The following is a recap of their journey in this episode.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Bunny?

One of the last messages left by Eleanor for her children was that she had baked a black cake for them, and they could eat it when they were ready. Benedetta figures out that it holds a clue, and as expected, there is a recording in the cake left for Bunny. It was the last cake made by Eleanor, and it is also a clue to what may have happened in the past. Benny was named after Bunny, whose full name was Benedetta, and the kids find that Benedetta is the famous swimmer, Etta, whom their mother followed religiously all her life. The next step was for Byron, Benny, and Mabel to meet her with the recording, and Bunny was shocked to find that Covey had been alive this whole time. She believed that Covey had died in the train crash, and she had moved on from her with great difficulty. Bunny is justifiably angry that her best friend did not reach out to her even once in all these years, and because of that, she refuses to listen to the recording, though she takes it with her. Benny is desperate for Bunny to listen to the tape, but Byron tells her that they can’t force her because of what she has been through in her own life. Covey was not the only one whose life was altered by what happened on the night of her wedding. 

What happens at Eleanor’s funeral?

Eleanor’s funeral is not easy for her children. On one hand, they want to celebrate and honor the real Eleanor, but that would mean revealing the truth of her life. That also means that they cannot acknowledge Mabel as their family. Regardless, Byron promises to handle it all, but he has a shock waiting for him. Lynette meets him, and she has something to talk about, though she wants to wait until after the funeral. However, upon Byron’s insistence, she reveals that she is pregnant. She had known that ever since she came back but couldn’t tell Byron because he was dealing with the tapes, Benny, and then Mabel. But she simply couldn’t hold back any longer. Byron is very happy with the news and is excited to start his own family, but Lynette begs to differ. She is not sure if she wants children, and if she does, then if she wants Byron to be their father. He may have shown courage on the panel, but it is an entirely different thing to be consistent with the courage. There are many things yet for Lynetter to consider, and Byron starts feeling the full weight of them. He realizes that his life of compromises has cost him the one thing he so dearly wanted. Therefore, his adherence to the truth started that day, when he refused to read out his mother’s eulogy, which was nothing but a lie. Mr. Mitch steps in for him, and to his grace, he is able to do justice for Eleanor. Instead of talking about her life, he spoke about the kind of person she was and how she had an impact on the people around her. That was a great way to honor her memory.

Who killed Little Man?

In the past, Covey had made Bunny promise that she would go as far as she could in her career. This was at a time when she still believed that her father would come through for her and save her from the marriage. But as the date got closer and it did not seem likely that Covey could be saved, Bunny went to ask Gibbs to step up. Gibbs had pretty much given up at that point, and he had taken a step back. He later told Covey that when he saw her smiling at her wedding, he assumed that she had moved on. We would have cussed him out a little bit more if he had not admitted that he had made that assumption out of his own cowardice. His self-awareness earned him ours and Covey’s forgiveness on the basis of the fact that everyone was doing what they could, and most of them were generally powerless.

Coming back to the night of the wedding, Pearl is planning on getting Little Ma extremely drunk and then helping Covey escape to London. It is a thin plan, but the only one they have. When Bunny realizes that perhaps Covey cannot be saved after all, that is when she steps up to the plate and gives a poisoned drink to Little Man. She was the one who killed her best friend’s husband and saved her.

In the present day, Bunny admits that Covey made up with her long back for telling her to hide herself. She had taken her out for a ride and said that though Bunny’s love for women may be dangerous because of the times, it wasn’t wrong. Anything else in the recording was between Bunny and Covey. Right now, Benny is wondering whether she will be left all alone once her family gets back to their lives. But she is assured by Byron, Bunny, and even Mabel that they are always there for her.

At the end of Black Cake Episode 8, Bunny has started singing for her YouTube channel, and she is trying to create her own art. Byron has decided to talk about his experiences with racism, and Mabel has returned home and is listening to the tape left behind by Eleanor, who tells her that her grandfather is a part of her story. The series has yet to tell us what happened to Eleanor’s mother and her father. Maybe they found her at some point, or maybe they influenced her life in some way, which ended up affecting Mabel in her life. That is for the final episode to tell us.

Final Thoughts

In a previous episode, Pearl was being followed by Little Man’s goons, and we want confirmation that she was unharmed. Also, Mathilda certainly suffered a lot, and so far, according to the series, she disappeared after abandoning Covey as a child. In the present day, we come to know that Mabel was banned from her husband’s funeral when she was pregnant, so we want to know where all this is leading.

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