‘Black Cake’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next From Hulu Series?


There has not been an experience like Black Cake in recent times. The best part about the story was that there were so many hidden layers in its surface-level simplicity. It is never easy to translate emotions from the pages of a book to the screen, especially when so much is left unsaid, but Black Cake does it masterfully. The audience knows that the story is far from over, which means that season 2 is required. However, it hasn’t been announced yet. While we wait for it to come, it may be worth speculating on what we can expect to happen with the story in the future.

Spoiler Alert

What is Mabel’s past?

Mabel’s past can be categorized into two categories: one that was affected by her mother, and the other is what happened to her husband. In the tape left to Mabel by Eleanor, she says that Lee had an important role to play in her story. That must mean that he knew about his granddaughter. Eleanor has told her children all of her story till the time she gave birth to Mabel, and everything from there until she met Gibbs again has been categorized as a ‘waiting period.’ Here are a few things that make us think that it was more complicated than that. Eleanor did not have a penny to her name, and after she was discharged, where could she possibly have gone? While it is too far-fetched to consider, perhaps Eleanor wrote to her father for help. Maybe financial help was not the complete objective, but Eleanor may also have wanted to know about her mother, whom she had come to forgive during her own pregnancy.

In hindsight, it makes more sense that Eleanor contacted Honey instead of Lee. We saw that Honey was leaving Lee’s employment, and her excuse was that she was tired of him. Is it possible that she was going to meet Eleanor to help her? Honey was being followed by Little Man’s men, so maybe they suspected that she knew something or were just messing with her. Either way, in case they hurt her, perhaps Honey made the decision to tell Lee about Eleanor so that the girl had someone with her. Once Lee met Eleanor, he would have come to know everything about what she went through, including her ordeal in Scotland and the adoption of her child. Is it possible that Lee tried to take Mabel back from her adoptive family? The man had lost everything because of his recklessness, and he may have wanted to do something for his daughter before he died. Is it possible that Mabel has some memory of her biological grandfather? If Mabel grew up with her adoptive parents, was it Eleanor who made the decision to let them be her parents? The last time Eleanor saw Mabel, she was convinced that her love would be enough to raise her child. Then why did she decide one day that it wasn’t?

Coming to Mabel’s marriage, we know that there are secrets about her dead husband that she hasn’t told her son. Mabel also wasn’t allowed to attend his funeral, and that can only happen if she is blamed for his death. Was Mabel’s husband a colored man, and was she guilty in some measure of the racism he may have endured? Is she actually protecting her son from the secret or hiding her own shame? Also, if she chooses to come out with her history, that won’t give her the validation she is craving because Mabel has led the life of a white woman. She did not grow up in a multicultural setting, so at the end of the day, genes are a very weak argument to support her claims of authenticity. Maybe Black Cake season 2 would be from Mabel’s perspective, as she questions her life, privileges, and choices so far with the truths in front of her.

What happened to Bunny?

On the face of it, Bunny’s arc seems to be complete. Yet, we suspect that there is more to it. Bunny had to hide her identity for a large part of her life. After Eleanor disappeared, Bunny was forced to be with a man to divert the rumors. When and how did she leave all that behind to completely focus on her career? Did the little man not target her at all? Also, what did Eleanor know about that, and what was in the tape she left for her? Bunny’s story may not have affected Eleanor in the long run, but it is worth being told.

What happened in Gibbs’ past?

Right before Eleanor and Gibbs got married, she told him that she had secrets, and Gibbs’ answer was that everyone did. Did Gibbs have any secrets that he was hiding from Eleanor? After all, he left Covey behind on the island to fight her own battles, and then he proceeded to become the leader of many protests organized to speak up against discrimination. There seems to have been a shift in personality here. Was it the shame of his cowardice that brought about the change, or did something else happen? Did Gibbs never get involved with any other girl at the time Eleanor was missing from his life? The bigger question was, were any of his exes white girls? Was Gibbs’ story really as simple as it looked in season 1?

What will happen to Byron and Benny?

Benny struggles with a lot of self-esteem issues, and the only way forward is to take it one day at a time. She is restarting her YouTube channel and working on creating more art. Steve will once again try to come back into her life because he cannot tolerate that she can make something of herself without him. That takes away his leverage. If Steve starts slandering her in the community, it would be the words of a white man against a black woman, and the power imbalance is too great in that situation.

As for Byron, he has decided to openly talk about the racism he has faced in his workplace. While that would affect the direction of his career, it may earn him Lynette’s forgiveness, and she might agree to have a family with him. These two still have a journey to go through, and their story is not nearly done.

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