‘Black Knight’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Netflix K-Drama Series?


Black Knight season 1 didn’t leave us on a cliffhanger, and it pretty much had a happy ending for most of the characters, but there were so many things that were not explained in the screenplay that we think that if there is a season 2, then the makers would do their best to fill in the gaps and make us understand the reason why the characters were acting in a particular manner. So, let’s see what we can expect from Black Knight season 2 (if there is one) and try to speculate where the lives of the characters will lead them.

Spoilers Alert

Why Didn’t The President Intervene Before?

Chae Jin-Gyeong was the President of Korea, and she should have been the most powerful person on the peninsula, but instead, Black Knight Season 1 made us feel like she couldn’t act according to her will and was forced to follow the orders of the Cheonmyeong group. What we didn’t understand was why she didn’t raise the issue of the refugees’ relocation earlier. We know that the Cheonmyeong Group were the architects of the entire place, and they had to strategize everything, but still, it felt like the President didn’t have any issue with the refugees staying outside the districts. It might be possible that the creators didn’t intend to make her look like that, but due to a weak screenplay, we got that image.

In Black Knight season 2, we would like to know more about the most powerful person on the peninsula and her ideologies and beliefs. We want to see what kind of policies she makes and whether she is able to carry on that socialist approach or not. Now that Chairman Ryu and Ryu Seok are not at the helm of affairs (at least temporarily), we want to see what kind of administrator the President is and if she is able to provide for the entire population. Had it been anybody else, we could have ignored it, but being in the position she is, anybody would ask about what her role was in the entire facade and why she didn’t have the reins in her hands. Black Knight Season 1 did this with a lot of other characters as well, and till the end, we were not able to find their motives. Season 1 left a lot of things for us to ascertain by ourselves, and we hope that Season 2 fills that gap and links the characters to their motivations, justifying their presence and actions.

Why Did 5-8 Save Refugees? Was His Family Killed By The Cheonmyeong Group?

5-8 was shown to be this legendary figure that the entire Korean peninsula knew about. But the weird thing was that we never got to know what gave him that status—was it something that had happened in the past, or was he physically more powerful than the other deliverymen? As far as we understood, there were many delivery men who faced danger on a day-to-day basis. The hunters targeted almost every cargo, and all the delivery men fought valiantly; that is why they were referred to as Black Knights at times. We failed to understand why 5-8 was idolized and what made him better than the others. We hope that Season 2 takes us into the past and makes us privy to 5-8’s life when he was just a refugee kid living with his family. That would provide us with a reference point, and we would understand the reason behind him being the way he was. 5-8 mostly stayed to himself, and for some reason we never saw him smiling or interacting much with others.

Based on the information provided to us in season 1, we are inclined to believe that some sort of tragedy might have taken place in his life. Maybe his parents and family members were massacred by the Cheonmyeong group, and that is why he was after them. We also didn’t understand why he was biased toward Sa-wol and why he agreed to take him under his wing. As said before, there were hundreds of people who idolized him, and we didn’t understand the reason behind the special treatment Sa-wol received. Maybe it was because 5-8 knew that he was a mutant and that he would play a key role in bringing down the Cheonmyeong empire. Or maybe he felt sympathetic towards Sa-wol when he found him lying unconscious in Major Seol-ah’s house. Maybe a similar thing would have happened in 5-8’s life, and that is why he could relate to Sa-Wol and understand what he must be going through. In Black Knight season 2, though, we would like some concrete answers so that we don’t have to keep speculating about basic things about the characters’ lives that we should have known.

Will Ryu Seok Come Back?

We think that Ryu-Seok will return in Black Knight season 2 and that he is not done yet. Though season 1 never told us in detail how mutants are made or what exactly their powers are, we think that Ryu-Seok will not die because he transformed into a mutant after taking the blood of Sa-wol. Towards the end of Black Knight, we saw that even after 5-8 shot him point blank, he was still alive. There was an explosion soon after that, but we believe that he survived that too. Now, this is where we want the writers to fill in the blanks in Season 2. We want to know if the mutants were immortal, what their weaknesses were, what exactly happened in the mines, and how radioactive elements had such an impact on them.

It would be interesting to see if Ui Seok Cho decided to bring him back, how he would structure his character arc, and if he is able to take charge of things once again or starts living like a commoner, harboring the feeling of revenge inside him. Season 2 will also tell us if the President once again makes Ryu Seok the CEO of the Cheonmyeong Group considering the company still has a majority of things under their control or if she makes someone else sit in the chairman’s seat.

In the end, we just hope that Black Knight Season 2 makes up for the debacles that happened in Season 1, fills in the gaps that strengthens the screenplay, and, at the cost of sounding repetitive, provides the characters with a motive so that their actions at least look justified.

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