‘Blasted’ Ending, Explained – Did Sebastian & Mikkel Save Their Friends From An Alien Attack?


“Blasted,” the new Norwegian Netflix film, is about two long-lost friends who are reunited to fight aliens with laser tags. Sebastian is an uptight man who works in finance. He desperately wants businessman Kasper Kielland to invest in his company, but convincing the man is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Even after trying to get the man on board for six years, Sebastian was unable to win his heart, so out of desperation, he offered him a one-of-a-kind weekend with him and his friends at Hessdalen valley. Kasper wanted to know Sebastian before investing, and spending the weekend together seemed perfect. The only problem was that Sebastian’s friends had arranged for the Hessdalen trip to throw him a bachelorette party, which Sebastian had converted into a business trip.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Blasted’ Plot Summary: What The Film Is About?

Hessdalen valley was not an ordinary place. There were rumors about the existence of aliens in the form of multiple green floating lights. Many believed it to be true, while the rest assumed it to be a misinterpretation. Stine Lyongo, one of the operators of the Hessdalen laboratory and the first female administrator there, believed that it was the bioluminescent reactions within microorganisms that gave rise to the unexplainable lights. But her theory was soon proved wrong when she went into a mine with a vlogger and chanced upon a secret room with alien devices. She touched a device and was shot with the green light. She was possessed by the alien, and she went ahead and converted the vlogger as well.

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s fianc√© invited his childhood best friend, Mikkel, to the bachelorette party. Sebastian has lost contact with Mikkel. They used to be laser champions when they were kids, but Mikkel refused to grow up. Even as an adult, he continued to play laser tag, and he was mostly friends with school kids. On the day of their trip, Sebastian was surprised to see Mikkel with his friends Audun and Pelle. Nonetheless, Sebastian had to put on a brave face to win Kasper’s heart. Kasper instantly grew fond of Mikkel as they discussed Sebastian’s childhood years. The two traveled to Hessdalen valley in Kasper’s high-end car, while the rest went in a van.

The next morning, Audun suggested they go on an organized trip to the Hessdalen laboratory and learn more about the unexplainable lights. Since Kasper was not interested in the science tour, Sebastian suggested they go for paintball instead. Upon reaching the location, they realized that the place was abandoned. They gathered the equipment and started a match, but soon things turned sour. Sebastian shot (with a paintball) a man whom he had assumed to be Mikkel. They went ahead to check his status and found that the man had green eyes. He tried to attack them, but Mikkel was able to hit the man and save the group. When they tried to escape in their van, they realized that the motor was taken away along with the phones that they had stored in there. Sebastian suggested that they walk to the Hessdalen laboratory to find a phone to call the police. They equipped themselves with paintball guns and laser gun toys that Mikkel had brought with him.

Did The Police Help Sebastian And His Friends? 

The Hessdalen laboratory was also left abandoned, to their surprise. Sebastian and Mikkel went inside while the rest waited for them. At the laboratory, they came across pictures of the green light and the area where it was spotted the most. They managed to find a working telephone and called the police. The police refused to believe Mikkel when he explained that aliens were after them. They heard people entering the lab and disconnected the call. They hid in the basement where Stine and one of the Gulhella brothers came to store dead bodies. While Mikkel and Sebastian were scared to death, the alien-possessed humans were unable to spot the two. Mikkel and Sebastian left the building soon after they were free from danger. 

As the group passed through the forest, they encountered Stine and her companions, who turned every human being on a bus into aliens. The aliens could communicate telepathically, and they were on a mission to multiply their kind. They were soon attacked by a group of aliens, and Mikkel’s laser gun was able to save Sebastian. They laser attacked the alien within the human body and forced it out. When Sebastian and Mikkel reached the police station, they asked police officer Hjordek for help. She could not believe what she was hearing, and her fellow policeman, who was out on a round, asked her to keep the boys locked up. The policeman entered with one of the Gulhella brothers, and Mikkel and Sebastian knew that they were highly possessed. They shot with the laser gun and caught hold of the brother. The policeman came back to life after the alien in his body was killed. The Gulhella brothers confessed that the light in them was a signal that they received from the intergalactic light pulse. When they tried to discuss the bodies in the basement of the laboratory, the man communicated the information to his kind, and they orchestrated a blast, destroying every evidence of murder. After the blast, Mikkel shot the man dead. Mikkel and Sebastian went ahead to save their friends who were trapped in the woods, and Hjordek went to her father’s shop, which had special protection, to find some help from higher authorities.

Sebastian and Mikkel drove the police car to their van, where they had stored their laser suits and guns. They were back to being the laser tag brothers that they used to be, only this time they had to fight the aliens.

‘Blasted’ Ending Explained: Did Sebastian & Mikkel Save Their Friends From An Alien Attack?

Kasper, Pelle, and Audun were taken away by the aliens. They noticed how the aliens were carrying washing machines and other gadgets with them. Kasper confessed that even if he survives, he does not have any friends out there. Pelle hugged Kasper, saying that they were his friends now. Even though Kasper was a wealthy businessman, he did not have many people whom he could call his friends, and on this absurd journey, he found people who accepted him. Meanwhile, Sebastian realized that the aliens were taking his friends to an abandoned mine that was right next to the Gulhella paintball park. The spot was marked at the laboratory, and he assumed that it was where they were gathering everyone.

Even though Sebastian and Mikkel did destroy several alien-possessed humans, they were too many in number. The two were soon discovered by the men in the mine, and they were put next to their friends. Without the laser guns, they were powerless, and Sebastian was eventually giving up. Meanwhile, Hjordek called for help, but nobody believed that an alien invasion was taking place. Even though Hjordek’s father believed he had a security system in place to protect his shop, it turned out to be a failure. Aliens started entering the store, and Hjordek started attacking them with laser gun toys and lightsaber toys.

Audun was first chosen from the group, and he was converted into an alien by Stine. Sebastian was losing all hope, but then he found the key to the flux repeater of Kasper’s car. Kasper requested Stine to spare his life, promising that he would provide them with as much power as they wanted. The aliens needed the energy to make their spaceship functional, and Kasper’s offer was beneficial to them. While Kasper wanted to save himself, Sebastian wanted to save all his friends. He pushed in the key to the flux repeater. The power generated helped in starting all the machines they had gathered there, and the main alien entered the space. All the alien-possessed humans bowed down to the figure that controlled them. The large, green, gooey alien with multiple eyes started to work on the spaceship. Sebastian and Mikkel decided that they had to use their laser suit that had a light-out feature. After managing to get hold of the suit, Sebastian shot it with a laser gun, and the lights-out feature was activated. The light generated injured the main alien and, as a result, the remaining possessed humans fell to the ground, freeing them of the possession. But soon after the main alien gathered strength and attempted to attack them, Audun, who was now free of alien possession, attacked it with the laser gun. He advised Sebastian and Mikkel to leave while he tackled the beast. Sebastian, Mikkel, and Pele safely left the spot, and they saw the spaceship take off. Kasper remained on the spaceship and was attacked by the alien. Meanwhile, Audun and Stine (now free of alien possession), grouped to attack the aliens once they landed on their planet.

After three months, Sebastian got married, but this time Mikkel was by his side. He had a laser tag-themed wedding which they planned to turn into a business that they dedicated to Audun. In the end, the friends were reunited, and they were in the business of what they loved the most- laser tag!    

“Blasted” is a 2022 Drama Science Fiction film directed by Martin Sofiedal.

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