‘Blood & Water’ Season 3: Ending, Explained – What Happens To Puleng And Fikile? Will There Be A Season 4?


Netflix’s South African teen drama thriller “Blood & Water” is back with its 3rd season, and the stakes are indeed higher this time around. While all the existing plot lines are resolved with previous mysteries revealed, this third season also has much more action and dire consequences than before. As Puleng and Fikile team up to find out the whole truth about their forced separation eighteen years ago, the real perpetrators and their allies in the entire matter are brought to light.

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary – What Happens In The Third Season?

The events of the new season begin around three weeks after the end of season 2, as it gets mentioned that Nwabisa Bhele is still missing. Students at Parkhurst College High School spend time by themselves during the session break before new classes resume in the new calendar year. This time around, Puleng’s younger brother Siya is also attending the same school after getting accepted. The Khumalo family also has a new visitor, in the form of Puleng’s cousin Lunga, who puts up at his aunt’s house while waiting for his college to provide accommodation. Most of the friends and batchmates from Parkhurst are back, too, carrying forward the unresolved drama they found themselves in last time. KB is still unconvinced that his parents had anything to do with the human trafficking ring, while Puleng and Fikile try to look for evidence that would prove the same. On the personal side of things, too, Puleng remains as clueless as before about who to choose as her boyfriend—Wade or KB. Despite these personal troubles and the presumably increasing pressure of now being in the eleventh grade, Puleng remains determined to look for answers that have been haunting her for the last two seasons. Although it had been confirmed that she and Fikile were half-sisters, the identity or story of Fikile’s biological father was still not known. Along with this, the criminals who had taken Fikile away as a baby were still out without facing any consequences. While it was suggested that Lisbeth Molapo was the main conspirator, nothing had been proved yet, and it is now that she comes into the scene, returning to her husband, Matla, and son KB. As can be expected from the buildup of the previous two seasons, Puleng and Fikile’s search for the truth is going to drag them into more danger than ever before, but the sisters remain focused on exposing the whole human trafficking racket once and for all.

Who Is Fikile’s Biological Father? Has Julius Khumalo Really Sold Baby Phume?

Going into the important questions that are answered in “Blood & Water” season 3, the very first one dealt with is what exactly happened between Julius and Thandeka before the birth of their first child. While both Puleng and Fikile, who has now been introduced to the Khumalo family well enough, are initially not given answers regarding this, both Julius and Thandeka gradually open up to them. Only two months after their marriage, Julius was scared and overwhelmed by the new responsibilities in life, and he wanted to take some time off the marriage. Despite not wanting to do so, Thandeka had to move away from his house and start staying by herself. During this time, she lived a carefree life, and out of many interactions, she had a romantic night out with a man named Anthony Gabisa. Thandeka’s pregnancy was a result of this night, but she and Julius had mended their relationship shortly afterwards. While Julius kept believing that the child growing inside his wife was his own, Thandeka had her doubts about it, and when she finally told him about Anthony, Julius did not want to keep the baby. It was during this time that he had asked Thandeka to get an abortion done, but she did not want to do so. Following this, Julius had indeed decided to sell the baby after its birth but had never said anything to Thandeka. He had contacted Point of Grace, who was probably known for dealing with abortions of this kind, in exchange for money and had cut out a deal with them. He had even received the bank cheque for the transaction when he saw the newborn baby Phumele, and Julius had an intense change of heart. The man probably realized what a terrible thing he was about to do, and he tried calling off the deal immediately. He called up his contact, telling him to take back the cheque since Julius still had not cashed it and instead let the baby stay. But it was all too late by then, and Lisbeth Molapo had taken the baby from the hospital ward before disappearing with it.

Although Julius Khumalo was indeed guilty of trying to sell off a baby, he had realized his mistake even before doing it but had unfortunately made the commitment for it. He keeps regretting this mistake even in present times, as he tearfully tells all of this to Puleng and Fikile. After it had been revealed in “Blood & Water” season 2 that Thandeka had effectively had an affair, Julius had left her once again, and now he returns to her. Julius asks for forgiveness and wishes to stay with his family, making the Khumalo household complete again. However, while this brings a sense of happiness and relief, tragedy soon strikes the family. An anti-bullying conference is held at Parkhurst, and Julius attends this meeting. He then drives Puleng back home when, suddenly, on the way, another vehicle rams against their car, causing a terrible accident. Although Puleng is able to survive the ordeal, Julius is found in a helpless condition, and the father passes away after being rushed to the hospital. While the family mourns this sudden loss, Puleng cannot help but feel responsible for this accident. Even while recovering at the hospital, she keeps thinking of how KB’s mom, Lisbeth, met them on the day before the accident, after the meeting at school was over, and had even made a suspicious remark saying that Puleng should be careful of what’s there on the road.

Who Are The Real Perpetrators Involved In The Human Trafficking Racket?

As has been suggested for all this time, it is indeed the Molapo parents, Matla and Lisbeth, who were the masterminds behind the whole trafficking racket. Especially Lisbeth was the one who seems more at blame, as the woman is quite ruthless when it comes to maintaining her business duties. Matla seems to present himself as merely the lawyer who professionally represents Point of Grace and is not really linked to it as such, but towards the end, Lisbeth exclaims how he, too, is involved in selling off their victims. Lisbeth had still been running the business from afar and keeping track of the whole Puleng-Fikile situation, and her active presence in “Blood & Water” season 3 makes matters more difficult for the two girls. Meanwhile, Janet and Sam, who were placed under the police’s witness protection, had started to talk about how Point of Grace operated as a trafficking agency. As a result, Lisbeth sends her trusted henchman, Gabriel, to break them out of the police’s protection and to get Janet back to working for the traffickers. However, their location was known to only a select few police officials, and this makes it clear that someone from the top authority is also involved with this crime. While “Blood & Water” season 2 had Lisbeth having to make various plans to stop Puleng, this time around, she hatches one effective scheme to separate the girl from the rest of her friends. As the students have a party, the police barge into the scene on suspicion of illegal drugs being sold and used and line up all the teenagers. Puleng, meanwhile, had been taking a break in the washroom, and she is instead taken captive by Gabriel, who takes Puleng away. When the girl regains consciousness, she finds herself held hostage inside a warehouse run by the traffickers.

The fact that Puleng goes missing at the same time that the police arrive on the scene makes most of her friends suspect that the police were corrupt too. Besides this, many of the characters had also started to believe that the police were not investigating any of the matters, such as Nwabisa Bhele still being missing or the allegations against the Molapos, with any seriousness. The driver who had crashed his vehicle into Julius’, leading to his death, had also turned himself in and accepted to pay money for the loss, making the situation all the more suspicious. Finally, after a point of patience is crossed, Fikile makes a public statement in a media press conference calling out the police’s inability. She then also mentions how she believes Matla and Lisbeth Molapo to be the main perpetrators for having kidnapped her mother and now her half-sister. This makes the police have to almost forcibly investigate the couple, but nothing substantial comes out of it either. While Puleng still remains missing, KB now finally joins his friends in trying to find some evidence or clue against his parents, and it is only after this that the real characters of Lisbeth and Matla are revealed. Realizing that they would come under more public and police scrutiny, Lisbeth wants to leave the city, possibly the country, with her son and husband, but she finds out that her son has already got to know Puleng’s location and has also told his friends of it. She gets Fikile and Chris kidnapped by one of her men and holds them captive in the house along with KB. It is now that Fikile confronts her about her mother, Nwabisa, and Lisbeth just casually says that she is dead. A fight breaks out, with the henchman losing his gun; the weapon is then picked up by Lisbeth. The woman then coldly shoots Fikile with more commotion following. One of her guards shoots at KB, who is shielded by Matla just in time, and it is the father who gets shot instead. Lisbeth is stunned by this, and she shoots the guard dead, before fleeing the scene.

The difference between Matla and Lisbeth as parents is made clear here, and it also explains how Lisbeth had easily gone away from the country eighteen years earlier, leaving her baby boy, and why Matla had stayed back. Matla is not as ruthless or desperate as his wife is to clean up the whole situation. When it comes to business, Lisbeth does not care about leaving any loose ends, and she certainly does not possess the patience to make KB understand. As desperation builds, she shoots Fikile without any hesitation, and clears her own and her family’s path. Both Matla and Fikile are rushed to the hospital, where both have to be operated on. Matla now also acknowledges his son’s wish to save his friend, and he finally tells KB where Puleng is being taken.

In the meantime, Wade and Lunga had also been trying to track Puleng. It was especially Wade who bravely sneaked into the traffickers’ outpost to look for his friend. The boy grows increasingly suspicious of the lead detective handling the case, Detective Vaans, and decides to follow him around to reach Puleng. Taking Lunga along, he reaches the harbor where Puleng is indeed being held, and Vaans is now revealed to be a part of the whole trafficking plot as well. Inside the harbor, Janet continues to work with the traffickers, as the crew now decides to sell off Puleng as well. The girl tries to convince Janet to work for the right people numerous times, but the woman is too scared of the consequences of betraying these dangerous people. Her son, Sam, had gone missing from captivity, and she feared that he would be harmed if she did not cooperate. However, Janet does finally switch sides, and she manages to lead Puleng to the exit, but the girl decides to return to save all the other women and men held captive. This noble step, unfortunately, does not work out too well, and she is taken captive again.

What Has Been Going On At Parkhurst College And Its Students?

Before delving into the finale, a brief look can be taken at the events at the Parkhurst College school and the various characters we have been following since “Blood & Water” season 1. Incidentally, Puleng’s best friend Zama does not return this season, as she is away on a camping trip with her grandmother, and her presence is limited to text chats with her dear friend. Chris had earlier found romantic interest in Wendy, and he now pursues the girl before getting to know that Wendy has to go away for an academic trip to Spain. Despite this, the two decide to maintain a long-distance relationship, but Chris gets a bit distracted by the new boy in town, Lunga. There comes a time when he is about to hook up with Lunga after not receiving any texts or calls from Wendy but ultimately decides against it when his girlfriend returns to South Africa and expresses her desire to start a serious relationship with him. It seems Chris has finally found the companion he has been looking for all this time.

Puleng and Wade’s relationship does not, unfortunately, see such a good end, though, as Wade finally decides to break up with her. However, this separation is not the result of any negative thoughts or unwanted situations but rather a very calm and composed decision. Wade admits that he does not feel much physical attraction towards Puleng and has always just been a close friend to her. In the end, the two continue to be friends. KB, too initially in the season, had expressed how he wanted to get back with Puleng, but for now, at least seems to settle with being in a friendly relation with her.

Reece had, in the earlier seasons, gotten caught up in the whole drug-peddling business to be able to afford her mother’s medical and rehab bills. This had cost her massively when her teacher at school, Mr. Ferreira, fled with all this money after having promised to whitewash it through the matric dance funds. At the end of “Blood & Water” season 2, Reece had confessed to Principal Daniels about all this, and it was the latter who had somewhat covered up this whole thing. The reason why Nicole Daniels had kept all this a secret was that she understood Reece’s education would come to an end if she was expelled from the school and had so decided to give her a chance. In “Blood & Water” season 3, the board of directors for the school sends in an investigator, Mr. Grootboom, to look into the scandalous events of the previous year. It seems that either these directors or the investigator himself have a direct agenda of removing Nicole Daniels from her post. Even one of the directors herself mentions that they were just looking for a reason to replace Principal Daniels and had now found one. Mr. Grootboom makes use of Tahira Kahn, who had been removed from her post as the Head Girl, to investigate the money laundering scandal, saying that Tahira would be reinstated to the post again. In the end, Tahira herself also tries to protect Principal Daniels but is unable to do so. Nicole Daniels is finally forced to step down from her duties.

What Happens To Puleng, Fikile, And The Molapos?

After Puleng is taken hostage again, she manages to flee once more, also riling up the rest of the women and men to do so too. By this time, the second detective in charge, Detective Petersen, had overheard KB and Chris mention the name of the place Puleng was supposedly being taken (they learned of this name from Matla), and she informed Detective Vaans about this as well. Vaans, who was already in the place making sure that the trafficking operation was successfully carried out, starts to plan his own escape. By the time the police arrive, he pretends as if he got there as part of his investigation, shoots the traffickers dead, and acts like he was the one who saved Puleng. The detective does get off for the time being, and he even gets awarded for bringing down the whole operation. Puleng is taken to the same hospital where Fikile is being treated, and she gradually recovers. Meanwhile, Fikile had required a liver transplant, and her biological father, Anthony Gabisa, stepped up to do this. While Anthony did not really make the decision the very first time of asking, it was Thandeka who convinced him to do so.

With most of the main dilemmas solved, “Blood & Water” set out to then punish the last remaining perpetrator. Lisbeth Molapo had gifted two pairs of headphones to KB and Siya Khumalo, and both of these devices had tracking and recording instruments inside them. However, in Siya’s pair, it sometimes malfunctioned by recording some of the conversations of the person listening on the device. It was through these sound recordings that Detective Vaans’ role in the trafficking ring was revealed, and he was immediately arrested by his own police department, now led by Detective Petersen. These tapes also seem to have saved Matla’s life, as his wife had wanted him killed off by someone to tie up loose ends, and they also incriminated Lisbeth Molapo herself. The police start a search for her and then eventually arrest her from a truck she was using to flee the country. Sam Nkosana is also rescued in time, and although the boy looks beaten up, he is reunited with his mother, Janet, who had been saved at the harbor earlier.

What To Expect From ‘Blood & Water’ Season 4?

Although there is no official confirmation of the fourth season of any sort, “Blood & Water” still does not want to be done with itself. The main plots that the series had begun with are indeed resolved and ended, but some more plots are introduced through a cryptic scene at the very end. The headquarters of the trafficking gang are shown, and it is clear that these criminals use their victims to make pornography videos along with selling them off as sex slaves and cheap labor. A man, who seems to be the kingpin of the whole operation, reveals that the investors are not happy with such a setback, and a new recruit of his is revealed, who had earlier even interacted with some of the Parkhurst students at a pub. Finally, as screens are zoomed in, and the company name of New Horizons (which is a new form of the Point of Grace agency) becomes visible, the primary target of these criminals now seems to be Sam Nkosana. While the boy had been returned to safety at the very end of “Blood & Water” season 3 and had met with his girlfriend Fikile too, could it be that he will be the focus of the drama next time out? I guess we’ll have to wait and watch.

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