‘Blood Free’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is After Yoon Jayu?


When a company becomes so massive for doing something completely out of the box, there are bound to be eyebrows raised from within and outside. Blood Free tells the story of a cultured meat company led by a woman named Yoon Jayu (played by an impressive Han Hyo-Joo). The show has started off like a thriller that will keep you hooked to know what’s coming next, but seeing that it’s a Disney+ original, I’m going to keep my expectations low for the time being. “The Impossible Heir” almost had me getting rid of my subscription. It’s strange, though, why Disney+ is failing to capture an audience for K-dramas when most of its shows have such star power that not even Netflix can pull sometimes. Anyway, Blood Free is one of those shows that has a fantastic cast, and so I’m going to manage my expectations while still looking forward to what’s coming next. With that said, let’s recap Blood Free episode 1.

Spoiler Alert

What is BF? 

“Blood Free,” or “BF,” is a company that sells cultured meat and fur products. Episode 1 begins with a video of how the meat industry is so destructive and has wrecked the planet. The CEO of the company, Yoon Jayu, is giving a presentation to an elite group of people to show them a new product the company’s about to launch. She talks about how BF’s goal is to prevent the planet from destruction through food production, and how she plans on launching other food items like grains, etc. so that the world becomes free of harm from food production. However, today, the launch is of cultured seafood. BF has cultured the most highly consumed seafood, i.e., tuna, salmon, mackerel, and shrimp, which will be on the market soon. At the end of the presentation, the guests are served the new product, and Jayu leaves the venue. Kim Shin-Gu, a BF research team leader, takes over for her and announces that he’s soon going to be retiring from the company. 

Woo Chae-Woon, a soldier, attends this meeting and scans the room for everyone present related to BF. It’s pretty clear that he suffers from PTSD from an incident from a few years ago. We learn later in the episode that Jayu was also present at said incident, but we’ll know more about it a bit later. Jayu is surrounded by bodyguards, and outside, there are protestors and supporters of the company surrounding the building. The protestors call Jayu a murderer, while the supporters are trying to get the government to support BF for all the good that it’s doing. The police have to come by to make sure her three cars get out of the venue safely after her car gets pelted with food (what a waste) while she listens to classical music unhinged. 

It’s Christmas time, and there’s a lot of traffic on the highway that Jayu is taking. They’re in front of a building, and the bodyguard apologizes to her for the traffic but says this was the only route they could’ve taken out of the venue. Everybody is shocked when a man falls on top of Jayu’s car, leaving her with a broken neck. Woo Chae-Woon has followed Jayu out of the event, and he’s at the car immediately at the site of the crisis. He checks if the man is still alive and stops Jayu’s assistant from pulling her out of the car because it could lead to permanent spinal damage. A man in the street with a scar on his face watches on as the events unfold. 

Who sent an invitation to Chae-Woon? 

Jayu wakes up in the hospital with a brace on her neck. She watches the dashcam footage of the man falling on her car repeatedly to try and understand how this incident occurred. Some things are clear: this was a orchestrated incident, and the man knew Jayu would be on that highway and waited for her to arrive before jumping. Also, Jayu’s assistant has seen the stranger (Chae-Woon) before, and Jayu thinks he might be involved in the incident. 

On the other hand, there’s a controversy regarding BF meat. Apparently, the culture fluid is full of germs. When Shin-Gu makes his way to the lab, he learns that the computers have been hacked and all the files are encrypted by a “CitizenX.” A few core members of the team come to the lab, including Jayu, to figure out what’s happened. CitizenX is using ransomware to get 80 billion won from the company in Bitcoin. The assistant makes her way to a cooperative journalist, who shows her the mail that spread the rumor of the fluid with the germs. It’s marked with the same logo as the hack, meaning CitizenX is behind the articles as well. Jayu tells the few people in the room to keep this information about the hack to themselves and tells them to close the lab for two days. They will not report the incident. In the meantime, she learns about Chae-Woon and thinks he might be CitizenX. However, she also talks about wanting to hire him herself or using his skills. 

It turns out the person who sent Chae-Woon an invite to the launch event anonymously was the ex-president of the country. It seems he was the target of the terrorist attack on the day of the incident a couple of years ago (from which Chae-Woon has PTSD), and there were a few people he suspected of it. At the time, the president was traveling with some CEOs, including Jayu. The plan to go to a base outside the country was a secret, and only the CEOs knew, along with the president. Within half an hour, there was an attempted terrorist attack. According to the survivors, the president now believes it’s Jayu who did it. She’ll be looking for a permanent bodyguard now (I feel like this implies that the suicide was the ex-president’s doing as well), and the ex-president is going to get Chae-Woon the job, so he gets close to Jayu and figures out what she’s doing behind the face of BF. 

At the end of Blood Free episode 1, we learn that Jayu became successful after the ex-president had to step down from power because he lost his legs in the incident that day. She had previously asked him to change the law that put cultured meats under genetic modification, like in bigger countries such as America and France. Now, she’s sponsoring the new president, and her company is more successful than ever. The ex-president gets a visit from the current prime minister, and they discuss whether Chae-Woon will believe the ex-president. Since he’s a soldier, the ex-president trusts that Chae-Woon will listen to his superior and follow his order.

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