‘Blood Free’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is The Hack An Inside Job?


Blood Free is Disney+’s newest addition to its roster of K-dramas. I really do hope it joins the ranks of Moving and Revenant rather than The Impossible Heir. The first episode introduced us to the CEO, Yoon Jayu, of BF, or Blood Free, a company that makes cultured meats. The company has taken over the world at this point in 2025, and Jayu is basically a household name in the country. The company is also synonymous with the country, as a tarnished reputation for them would impact the whole country. Episode 1 ends with the possibility of Chae-Woon becoming Jayu’s bodyguard with the backing of the ex-president of the country in order to figure out if she had terrorists attack the president so her company could get to where it is in the present day. Let’s see if Chae-Woon becomes the bodyguard or not in episode 2 of Blood Free.

Spoiler Alert

Does Chae-Woon get appointed as Jayu’s bodyguard? 

At this point, Disney+ is only showing off its assets because Blood Free episode 2 begins with Chae-Woon going through a VR experience to show off his skills to become Jayu’s bodyguard. This is quite a curated experience, and other fellow candidates fight each other. When the VR thing is done, Chae-Woon joins On San for an interview. San is the leader of the second research group, and he’s meant to be a person really close to Jayu, a possible lover too, but I don’t believe it. I suppose now it makes sense why Jayu wanted Chae-Woon on her side, because he’s an ex-soldier, a bodyguard, and a Naval Intelligence Agent. San wonders why Chae-Woon quit his previous bodyguard assignment, and Chae-Woon bluntly tells him it’s because Jayu is the person who is really under threat and needs his help. Though impressive, he’s rather too perfect for the job, which irks Jayu after she listens to San describe the guy. 

Assistant Jung tells Jayu that she has to meet the prime minister regarding the germs in their culture fluid; however, there’s more bad news: a South American gang is threatening to kill Jayu because she’s disrupting a primary market with her new product. That’s how big BF’s global presence is. Jayu’s already been attacked a couple of times, and she’s been reminded of one such incident, so she tells Jung that she’s actually afraid. There’s something seriously strange about Jung and the way she speaks to Jayu, but maybe I’m just being paranoid about her. 

Chae-Woon gets attacked in his house by two men who want him to bring them Jayu. They threaten his family, and a picture of them in America is on his laptop home screen. They offer him money, but he knows it’s part of the test and holds a knife to one of their throats for to get them to admit the truth. Chae-Woon becomes Jayu’s bodyguard. He tells her to stay away from windows, and she then shows him the hack. Chae-Woon had seen this ransomware before because CitizenX had hacked into the Navy system he had worked on once. However, nobody has been able to catch them before. Chae-Woon tells Jayu the best thing to do right now is to pay the amount because their lab documents will be decrypted. She wonders if the hackers will erase all the files or something worse, but Chae-Woon assures her that that would be bad for their own business. She gets Jang to make the payment through Bitcoin, and Chae-Woon asks her to report the incident anyway. However, this might make it seem like she’s admitting to the controversy. 

What Happens With the Prime Minister? 

Jayu asks the PM to help her catch the ransomware organization. If he got Interpol involved, according to Jayu, he’d become the first politician to catch ransomware hackers. She’s made the payment, so someone needs to track every Bitcoin transaction that could be traced back to that, something a private company like hers can’t do. On the other hand, he’s concerned that the rumors about the culture fluid are true and confronts her. He says he was hoping for some sort of fightback, but Jayu has only been quiet so far. They also worry that the information about the fluid has been sold to other people by now if CitizenX has been through the lab reports. Though this is highly unlikely, because of some facts we learn a little bit later.  

Jayu learns that one of her lab employees, Hong, is in the hospital after a car accident in the rain. This prompts Jayu to consider the idea that the hack was an inside job. Additionally, Chae-Woon shows her that CitizenX is a Russian organization; however, some Korean people impersonated them to hide their identity. This means her guess is the best guess at the moment.

At the end of Blood Free episode 2, Chae-Woon and Jayu go to the lab to figure out who might be behind the hack within the company. There are five people closest to Jayu in the office who could do such a thing, but why? Jayu suspects all of them currently, and they include the woman who met with the accident, Hong, the two research leaders, her assistant, and the person in charge of lab security. Which one of them is it? I personally think it could be a case of “teamwork makes the dream work.” At this point, it’s easy to suspect all of them, and it looks like Chae-Woon is really invested in the case. What if he actually becomes Jayu’s right-hand man? Additionally, there’s got to be something wrong with cultured meat for it to have garnered such massive attention across the globe. However, for now, it looks like Jayu might genuinely be a decent person, so why are the ex-prez and current PM trying to kick her to the curb? We’ll find out soon enough on Blood Free.

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