‘Blood Free’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is The Spy?


Episodes 7 and 8 of Blood Free are the most complicated and also somewhat boring episodes of the show thus far. The series that follows the biotechnological experiments of the BF Group and its CEO is, of course, for the most part, a political drama. Ja-Yu has single-handedly monopolized the cultured meat industry, and so it’s a given that she has many enemies. However, interestingly, people are also keen on knowing about her research and getting in on whatever she’s doing under the guise of her company. Last week, we learned that she’s been culturing human organs, and Chae-Woon is now the first successful patient who has survived a blood transfusion in the hidden basement of BF. We’re now moving into the superhero category, as episode 7 shows us that any kind of mutation equals some sort of change in the human body. In Chae-Woon’s case, I suppose since he’s a bodyguard, it’s super strength. Let’s get further into this in a bit.

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Who Is The Spy At BF? 

Blood Free episode 7 begins with Chae-Woon’s arrest after he watches his friend and fellow bodyguard, Ho-Seung, die. Secretary Jung is sent to deliver the terrible news to Ho-Seung’s family. Interestingly, Jung informs Seonu Geun of the events of the day immediately, revealing that she’s been the spy all along. She learns that the engineer Sang-Min (the man with the scar) has escaped after killing the innocent bodyguard and is now nowhere to be seen. This frightens her, as she realizes that Ja-Yu will soon catch on to what is happening. Sang-Min makes a clean escape in disguise and burns his car to make sure not to leave any traces. On the other hand, Seonu’s anxiousness leads him to ask his son, the prime minister, to investigate Sang-Min’s whereabouts. In the meantime, the prime minister learns of Chae-Woon’s superstrength, seeing footage from the police of Chae-Woon breaking open his handcuffs and easily flinging a man against the wall like he weighs nothing. This makes him realize that Ja-Yu has finally succeeded in her little project and that it’s time to take over. 

Ja-Yu arrives at the police station, clears Chae-Woon’s name, and learns that he felt a burning sensation when he got angry and broke his handcuffs. Once he’s out, Ja-Yu tells him to get checked, but he’s insistent on finding the killer first. Ja-Yu has on special glasses when she meets with the chief of police, and he shows her all the images related to the incident of the day. The glasses have a camera that directs all the images straight to San and Yongshil, BF’s AI system. Through this, San’s able to identify the man’s face and also that there was a blast in a factory where he got rid of his car. Ja-Yu informs the police and leaves. 

Chae-Woon gets released, and it’s the prime minister who sets him free to talk to him about his super strength. Chae-Woon then uses his presence of mind to change the subject to Kir and the blast in Azoran. He’s finally suspecting the right guy. They get into a physical altercation after the prime minister gets angry for being suspected by a mere bodyguard. Chae-Woon then punches him hard in the nose and learns of the PM’s hemophilia. When Ja-Yu arrives, the prime minister immediately gets talking about how he deserves whatever cultured organs she’s creating because, as a prime minister, he should have super strength, etc. He basically tells her that only the rich deserve the right to transcend into the dominant species, and she should experiment on him the way she did on Chae-Woon. Ja-Yu immediately denied his requests because we knew the reason she made the organs in the first place was to make them available to the poor. On their way out, Chae-Woon tells Ja-Yu that the spy is Jung. He knew that Ho-Seung had told her the location, so only she could’ve told Seonu Geun what had happened between the two bodyguards and her. Ultimately, San gives Jung fake information about Sang-Min and catches her in the act of informing Seonu Geun. 

At the end of the episode, Jung denies all allegations against her and tells the team to inform the police if they think she’s a spy. Frustrated by the time wasted as Jung denies everything, Chae-Woon decides to take matters into his own hands, physically assaults her, and reveals to everyone that he was sent to BF by the ex-president, and Jung must’ve put him on the list so that he could become the bodyguard. Ja-Yu is absolutely shocked by the revelation, but she stops him from harming Jung further. 

What Does Ja-Yu Announce to the Country? 

Blood Free episode 8 begins with a montage of Jung’s connection with Seonu Geun, the former president and the current PM. She is behind all of the problems Ja-Yu’s been going through since Chae-Woon’s arrival. In the present day, Ja-Yu asks Chae-Woon if he knew about the ransomware before joining, but he says he’s not certain how the order of things went down. He admits that he joined the company in order to find out if Ja-Yu was responsible for the Azoran debacle; however, Ja-Yu is disillusioned by the situation and tells Chae-Woon that he’s fired. Nevertheless, Chae-Woon plans to catch the culprit who killed his 26-year-old colleague, Ho-Seung. 

In your typical sci-fi manner, San and Seo try to get information out of Jung through images in her brain. Apparently, if they send certain images into her mind, the subliminal messaging will trigger thoughts of things related to those images. In the meantime, since the PM’s pleas to Ja-Yu didn’t work, he decided to take a more public approach and told his ministers to dig into BF’s monopoly on the market. He claims that they should help make BF a company that serves the country, not Ja-Yu’s hunger for profits. On the other hand, Chae-Woon meets San at Ho-Seung’s funeral and tells him that Professor Kim was brainwashed by Sang-Min in only three visits to the support group. 

It’s been a couple of days, and Jung still hasn’t folded. She tries to use her charm on San, who takes pity on her and gives her some food, but she lies to him about who the woman is whom she was texting before getting caught. On the other hand, Ja-Yu realizes she has to act quickly against the PM and Seonu Geun’s company. She decides to bring down the price of the company’s stocks, but more importantly, she’s got a bigger plan in mind to pull the rug from under the PM’s feet. 

Ja-Yu decides to make it known to the public that BF has been culturing human organs and has successfully formulated all the important organs of the body. There are massive holograms of Ja-Yu across the country so that everyone can hear what she’s saying (her face is on every massive screen on the streets, so I didn’t see why this was needed, but I suppose it’s gimmicky). Finally, Ja-Yu reveals that she’s going to be the first subject of the organ experiment because she needs the help of the public to make this product available. She asks her fellow countrymen to help her company and, in turn, themselves by offering up their sick bodies for BF to experiment on. The PM immediately holds a press conference, trying to counter Ja-Yu’s pleas by claiming that she’s simply a money-hungry CEO who doesn’t care for anybody in the country. Even San didn’t know of Ja-Yu’s plans, and he was furious to hear about them with the crowd. 

At the end of Blood Free episode 8, Chae-Woon tells Ja-Yu that he’ll be the proof she needs for the success of her cultured organs. He tells her that she shouldn’t put herself through the wringer when he’s living proof. She tells him that she needs to show the rich their place and bring them down, and this is the only way to do so. Despite her persistence, Chae-Woon tells her that he’s going to succeed in his own plan before she can make a rash decision, and he won’t stop until his mission is complete. Chae-Woon then meets with the ex-president and tells him that Ja-Yu wasn’t behind the incident in Azoran. Instead, he tells him that the former president’s daughter (Seonu Geun’s ex-wife) might have been responsible. The ex-president is appalled by the idea and banishes Chae-Woon. However, this doesn’t stop the bodyguard, and he immediately meets with the ex-president’s daughter.

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